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Monday, February 22, 2010

Return to Mount Olympus: Nothing New Under the Sun

Yesterday I took my 11 year old son to see the recently released movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning thief. Those who follow my writings are aware of my loathing of mass media because of its role in indoctrinating the populace, literally sedating them into a hypnotic state that makes them very open to suggestion. Who does the suggesting and for what purpose for covered in my last entry, Don’t Touch That Dial. As a rule I  not do not watch TV or go to the movies unless the show piques my curiosity because of its subject. Mythology, which I believe is the history of past epochs of creation has been a subject of study for me for many years now, and therefore it interests me a great deal to see the treatment that Hollywood gives to this important subject. I am also a student of Science – Fiction, which as evidenced by the history of the last two centuries has proven to very prophetic. That which we are first made aware of through Sci – Fi seems to become reality sooner than later. So the selective movies and TV programs that I do watch, I do so with the intent of analyzing them to see the ‘real world’ hidden in the world of make believe. Mythology and Sci – Fi have a close connection, and that I believe is based upon reality, upon real history of the past. The ages gone by were more advanced scientifically and technologically than our present age, this is the reason why there is a great deal of use of advanced technology documented in almost all mythologies. For instance, Zeus’ thunderbolt, Hades’ helmet of invisibility, Poseidon’s earthquake causing trident, Hermes’ winged sandals allowing flight at supersonic speeds, the Vimana flying craft of Hindu mythology, Merlin’s staff as an energy weapon, the flying chariot of Helios… the list is endless.
As documented by authors such as Erich von Däniken, our world is filled with mysterious objects and structures that could only have been built by the use of advanced technology. Some such structures cannot be built even today, for example the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon with its massive cut stones that no crane on our planet can move. There is way too much evidence that suggests a completely different history of our planet than that which is taught in the mass indoctrination factories that we call schools and colleges. Please read my article on the ‘Ages of Creation’ for more information on this subject. All religious texts including The Bible detail interactions of man with supernatural beings that travel to Earth from other worlds and dimensions. Once again due to the ‘Hollywood’ influence, the word ‘Supernatural’ has come to mean Night of the Living Dead, that we are all supposed to turn into shrieking teenagers just because we might encounter something ‘supernatural’. However the word ‘Supernatural’ really means something beyond that which is natural or terrestrial, beyond earth. In this vast, immeasurable and infinite Universe, for man to believe that he is the only intelligent being out there, that he has all the answers, that is, he has enough knowledge to explain everything, is beyond conceit.  We have barely begun to explain all that we encounter in the ‘Natural’ world, let alone the ‘Supernatural’ worlds. It stands to reason that whatever exists in the Universe will be far more ‘Supernatural’ than that which is ‘Natural’, that which is terrestrial; it is more reasonable to assume that the ‘Supernatural’ is the norm rather than the exception. Is that not exactly what religion and mythology teach us, that non – human intelligent beings, both corporeal and ethereal exist and predate man by eons? Who exactly are the gods and heroes of mythology and Biblical scripture if not intelligent beings that may or may not be corporeal, and even if they are corporeal, they may or may not look like man? Take for instance the hybrid creatures of mythology such as the centaur, minotaur, satyr, hydra, medusa and others too numerous to list here; are these all fictional creatures? Does not man not already have the technology to create such hybrids? Watch this BBC report to understand that hybridization is already a fact. If man with his primitive technology (by cosmic standards) can create such monstrosities, why could not ancient technologically advanced civilizations have done so already? Why might not have such advanced civilizations inhabited our planet in the distant past? Why could mythological accounts not be the history of these ancient civilizations? If such is the true history of the planet then it would serve us well to study it and decide for ourselves who these ancient ‘gods’ really were, and what their legacy has been for mankind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Touch That Dial!

                                                                                                                                           Listen to interview on TOBE radio

 TV Mind Control For Dummies
The word CINEMA is derived from the word Kinesis which means movement, and from which we get the term ‘Moving Pictures’, shortened to ‘Movies’. Kinesis or motion is a type of energy known as Kinetic Energy.  Movies, of which TV programs are a type, all have kinetic energy associated with them. Magic is defined as a form of energy and one of the effects of magic is ‘Mesmerization’. The art of mesmerizing is the ability to cast a spell, hold someone spellbound (BOUND OR MENTALLY IMPRISONED BY A SPELL). Mesmerizing is a hypnotizing technique that literally gives the hypnotist control over another person’s mind. Movies, including TV programs are often characterized as ‘Mesmerizing’, ‘Magical’ and ‘Spellbinding’. It is even the stated goal of any movie to hold their audience spellbound, to CAPTIVATE their minds, to embed a message into their conscious and subconscious mind that will remain long after the show is finished. This is relatively easy to prove; just think of how many times the image of a product that you saw advertised on TV has come into your mind without you consciously trying to think of that specific product. For example you may see the image of a Big Mac and fries when you are hungry or an ice cold bottle of Coca–Cola when you are thirsty. Someone creates these images with the intent of captivating your mind through them, of having them imprinted on your mind so that you will do their bidding at the appropriate time without questioning their motivation. The indoctrination effect of TV advertising is indisputable, what people are not aware of is the technique employed in overt advertising is also employed in a covert war going on for their minds to mesmerize them, to hold them spellbound to captivate their mind to do the bidding of unseen persons and powers. This is what really makes movies, whether theatrical films or TV programs, a powerful tool employed against the masses to keep them in docile subservience to the will of the wizards of the airwaves. This is why people have to be literally woken up from the dream world that they perceive to be the real world much as portrayed in the movie, Matrix. Those of us who have woken up can now look back and see how we ourselves were conditioned to think in a certain way, to believe in things that had no basis in reality. Movies, both theatrical films and TV programs are powerful tools employed by the powers that be in the crafting of this ‘dream world’ from which most people wake up only when it’s too late (like when they are dead!) Therefore Moving Pictures can be classified as mediums of hypnotic energy transmitted through the airwaves into the viewer’s mind to produce a desired effect that may not be at all desirable or beneficial for the viewer. So how do movies and TV (broad) cast their spell?
  • BROADCAST means (1) To sow over a wide area (2) Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and /or video through a transmission device.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mothmen and other (Not So) Extra–Terrestrial ETs

There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of UFO sightings reported each year across the world, although the majority of the reports seem to come from developed countries not the third world. On You Tube and Google there are thousands of videos of so–called UFO sightings. What surprises me about these videos and photographs is that in this age of high definition video cameras and mega pixel digital still cameras, no one can seem to shoot a good video or take a clear photograph to prove beyond doubt the existence of these flying craft, whether identifiable or not. The same is true for ‘Alien’ encounters; there are thousands of reports of abductions, and other forms of contacts with intelligent beings that are identified as Extra Terrestrials, but once again there is no video or photographic evidence to prove the reality of such encounters. The modern UFO movement began in the late 1940’s, so it is rather surprising that in 60 plus years there is so little hard evidence to prove the existence or non – existence of these entities. This website, The UFO Skeptics Page has some great information about the great amount of disinformation that is part and parcel of the UFO movement.

I personally believe that non – human intelligences are at work in our world, and have been so since man has been upon earth. Some of these intelligent entities may even be extra terrestrial but it would be more accurate to identify them as extra – dimensional. Whether they originate on Earth or in the stars, the fact remains that ‘they’ have an agenda, which is to discredit the Bible, to keep us forever in doubt as to the nature of the Universe and the purpose of our existence.

As far as this whole field of UFO / Alien / ET / demonic study is concerned it is interesting to note that most of the spokesmen for these ET / Alien sources that bring us information on this subject come from an intelligence / military background such as the grand daddy of the UFO movement, the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the author of the Mothmen books, the late John Keel and the late William Cooper. So these sources are suspect to begin with and so is the info they bring us. If we evaluate the information itself, we will discover that it is rarely, if ever positive or uplifting, but as a rule it serves negative, and perhaps even nefarious purposes.

  • It breeds uncertainty – do we really know what’s out there? We seem to be forever questioning is there really anyone else out there besides us? If we are not really sure, how can we be sure that God even exists?
  • It breeds superstition – these ‘unknown’ entities have historically been worshiped as gods or presented as being endowed with supernatural and frequently prophetic powers. Man always falls below these creatures in power and knowledge, or so the majority of famous ‘contactee’ authors such as Whitley Strieber would have us believe.
  • It supports the theory of evolution – as long as we are looking for intelligent life out there, like the late Carl Sagan with his mega radio telescopes searching for ET intelligence (SETI), then evolution remains a valid explanation for our origins and existence.
  • It makes us feel week and helpless as did all the people in the Mothmen Prophecies ,and as do people in the X-files and all alien abduction stories. The X-files is a classic example of this helplessness where even a guy from the FBI is powerless against these unknown but seemingly omnipotent forces, what chance would an average person have?

And that to me is the real agenda, to promote the view that we just don’t know what’s out there or if there is anything out there. To keep us forever guessing; to keep us in a constant state of uncertainty which makes us extremely easy to control and manipulate. If the facts of our origins can be obfuscated then any and all explanations as to how we got here become plausible. Then evolution becomes a real possibility. Sagan and his successors promote the viewpoint that we just don’t know if there is intelligent life out there so they present themselves as pioneers of the new frontiers looking into the unknown; boldly going where no man has gone before. Spielberg tells us that that there are other creatures out there but conveniently neglects to educate us to who they are, where they come from and what are their intentions. Lucas fills the galaxy with creatures of every imaginable shape and size but makes it abundantly clear that his vision has no basis in reality; that it is only fantasy. Then we have authors like John Keel and William Cooper and Whitley Strieber who introduce us to various alien entities such as the mothmen but once again we are unable to draw any concrete conclusions such as to the origin and intentions of these creatures. For example, were the mothmen good or evil? Many researchers would have us believe that they are just another incarnation of frequently appearing messiahs such as the Hindu Garuda birdman creature. If that indeed was the case, these messiahs have failed miserably in their missions, judging from the ever worsening condition of our present world. Or is this their real mission, to be harbingers of evil to the world, not good? They are frequently compared to Jesus Christ but unlike Jesus we have no information that they abolished death; that they brought life and immortality to light; that they destroyed him who had the power of death, that is the devil. So what kind of messiahs or avatars were they? We are none the wiser reading the books and literature of authors such as Strieber.

  • Hebrews 2:14: Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 15. And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Jesus’ mission and purpose are clearly stated, there are reams of historical evidence of his days on Earth. The Bible alone explains our existence in a logical and believable manner; whether one believes it or not! It is not ambiguous; it is very straightforward in its doctrine and in its prophecies. That perhaps is the problem that people have with the Bible that it is rather straightforward, does not leave any room for relativity in it, either one accepts it at face value or one does not. The ultimate reason that people have a problem with the God of the Bible is that He holds them morally accountable for their actions. In a world of relativity, from Einstein’s theories to Timothy Leary’s gospel of moral ambiguity, absolute morals do not suit the lifestyle of the well fed masses in wealthier nations who have the luxury of free time. They would rather fill their time ‘doing what they will’ rather than labor to gain knowledge of their own existence, and the purpose for which they were created.

We can read volumes of some very credible sounding and at times intriguing information coming from ‘Alien / UFO’ sources but it will invariably raise more questions than it will answer. Does this happen by accident or is there an agenda?

Since the top hierarchy of the New World Order is Satanic, they should have exact knowledge of the structure of the universe, and of other intelligent life out there, particularly within our own solar system. So the point then is not who are / were the mothmen or the men in black; whether UFOs are real or not; whether they are terrestrial or not, the point is do they exist or not? As along as the debate about the existence of intelligent life out there can be kept alive the ‘evolution’ model of the origins of life will stay entrenched in academia and in the general population. And thus by default the Bible will have supposedly been proven to be false.

Therefore in the back of their minds they can always justify their actions since it has not been scientifically proven that there is a higher ‘moral authority’ out there would hold them responsible for their actions. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" becomes their inspiration, and every action, no matter how hedonistic or morally repugnant is justified. Whether called ‘contactee’ in modern parlance or ‘occultist’ in yesteryears, the fact remains that interaction with extra dimensional intelligences has always promoted antichristian, anti biblical, and ungodly ideologies. These other worldly beings promote the self over the Creator, man somehow becomes his own creator and therefore capable of defining his own morality. Do what thou wilt cannot work in our own world, trying robbing a bank and explaining to the judge that you are a law unto yourself? Just as such an absurd idea cannot work in the natural world; neither does it work in the spiritual world. Laws of morality can only come from our Creator, from God alone and nowhere else. Therefore it is remarkable that these entities, whatever form they may present themselves in never draw our attention to such an obvious fact.

I have come to the conclusion that almost all information on paranormal subjects is carefully tailored for the purposes of disinformation, whether it is channeled through (supposedly) 35,000 year old entities such as Ramtha, or through face to face voluntary or involuntary contact with so–called aliens, the agenda is consistent, it promotes fear and uncertainty. Those who know the reality of life outside this planet, both corporeal and ethereal will never supply us with incontrovertible evidence of such life for they themselves are the biggest beneficiaries of this Matrix world that they have carefully crafted for us. It serves their purposes to keep us guessing but at the same time to make us feel that we are searching and ever so close to the truth like Mulder in the X-Files who was always knocking on the door but the door remained forever closed. It proves to me the veracity of the following scripture written to young Timothy by the apostle Paul.

2 Timothy 3:7: Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

I know that creatures in the service of God the Creator such as the holy angels will never come to earth and classify themselves as space brothers or mothmen or men in black or greys or Nordics or by any other such classification. I also know that all creatures who do classify themselves as such are not from God and therefore they are not my friends and certainly not my brothers. I know they do exist so I don’t have to wonder is there anybody out there, I don’t have to look for the truth out there; I have already found it in the pages of my Bible. I do have a natural curiosity to learn as much as I can about my earth and the heavens and therefore I study many such authors who write on these subjects and learn from them but rarely do I agree with their conclusions as to the origins and motives of said creatures. So until the day that the Lord God lifts the veil that is cast over all nations as prophesied in Isaiah 25:7 we will not clearly see what else is out there, at least not with our physical eyes.

  • Isaiah 25:7: And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations.

The days of Noah are fast approaching, in those days such entities openly mingled with men, so will it be once again; these mothmen and other aliens are precursors to the creatures we will actually see in the days ahead. This is the true motivation behind the modern UFO movement and the proliferation of ancient occult practices being put on display by mass media. Movies from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the Harry Potter movies to the new, supposedly kids movie, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, not to mention the countless TV cartoons and programs with an occult underpinning, are all mass conditioning tools. They are preparing the world for the return of the gods, who in fact have never left, they have just hidden from view. Midway through the book of Revelation, the mystery of God will be finished, and from that time on, the veil will be lifted and these ‘Alien gods’ will be revealed, brought into plain view for all to see.

  • Matthew 24:37: But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
  • Rev. 10:7: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Poseidon will indeed rise from the sea to deceive the world, and to lead many into perdition along with him. More than just conditioning tools, movies such as Harry Potter and the new ‘Olympians’ movie actually invoke the gods, they are acts of worship to these ancient enemies of God and those who follow them will go into perdition along with them.

  • Rev. 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea (POSEIDON, NEPTUNE), having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom invoked the goddesses Kali offering her a sacrifice, Apocalypto invoked Quetzalcoatl, the ancient Mayan god offering him a sacrifice, the Harry Potter movies invoke the Druidic deities, and now this new Percy Jackson series invokes the ancient Greco-Roman gods. Therefore it should not surprise us that the world being shaped by these ‘aliens’, these ancient gods will closely resemble ancient Greece and Rome where ritual bloodshed was an act of worship, not one of violence and murder. Even worse it will resemble antediluvian world of Noah in which violence filled the earth. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the judgments detailed in the book of Revelation will soon overtake the planet for the more overt interaction man has with these ‘alien gods’ the more the world will wax worse and worse. Men have to be conditioned and trained, desensitized to accept violence and bloodshed as normal and necessary and Hollywood has been a masterful tool for Satan in this department. The whole UFO / Alien ‘ET’ movement is simply a part of the larger deception that includes mass media, public education, organized religion and even most of the alternative media. We truly live in a world of magic crafted by wizards behind the curtain, the curtain is being parted faster and faster, what’s coming into view is not ‘My Favorite Martian’ but rather legions of ravenous beasts that will devour the land and its inhabitants.

  • Gen. 6:13: And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2012: The End of the World? Pt.3 / Climate Catastrophes in 2010

         Record Snowfalls & other Extreme Weather in 2010
I wrote about the subject of ‘Extreme Weather’ and ‘Climate Change’ in some of my previous entries, Playing God with the Weather (11/11/09), Extreme Weather Events (10/19/09) and Weather Modification (10/10/09). It seems that the weather in 2010 is no less extreme than in 2009 and this may indeed turn out to be the most catastrophic year of the century so far, with the Haitian earthquake already claiming nearly the same number of lives as 2004 tsunami with hundreds of thousands more injured and maimed.  
In Matthew 24 Jesus’ disciples asked him to give them signs to look for that would reveal that the end of the world was near. He gave them a whole list of signs; prominent among the list are weather related signs. Beside the most devastating earthquake that this world has experienced in modern times, this winter has seen extreme snowfall from Washington to London to Russia to Mongolia to China, and extreme heat at the same time in the southern hemisphere. Whole villages have been buried in Mongolia, Russia has witnessed ‘SNOW CYCLONES’, there are devastating floods in Australia and Brazil, California has been hit by tornadoes, a rarity on the west coast and the list goes on and on. Weather in 2009 was extreme to say the least and if the beginning of 2010 is any indication, this year will be more extreme yet. As proven in some of my previous entries on the subject of extreme weather and weather manipulation, this change in climate may not all be due to natural causes or even manmade ones as reported in the mainstream media. Man has unlocked the Pandora’s box of weather control, we may just find out that man may not be as much in control as he thought he was, that the side effects of weather manipulation may be ‘severe’ indeed, catastrophic, as for instance the Haiti earthquake. Over a million livestock have been killed in Mongolia, a catastrophe for the poverty stricken nation. Stock up on food, water, batteries, and other necessities, you may need them sooner than you think. And pray – lots! Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
The following are links to news reports that show the extent of the severity of the ‘weather’ problem worldwide.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Truth is Not Out There (in Medialand)

My last entry titled National Lobotomy Day: Superbowl Sunday addressed the subject of the social conditioning aspects of mass media, especially television and more specifically sports programming on TV. I am of the opinion that almost all media, whether TV or print or on the internet serves the purpose of conditioning people into accepting a version of reality that is far from real. As a rule I do not watch TV and have not done so for many years now, I couldn’t tell you what the hit shows are on TV today or who the so-called stars are, why do people call ‘actors’ stars? However not all programming on TV is unintelligent but all of it is biased towards an anti biblical, antichristian viewpoint. I enjoy Sci-Fi TV programs and movies, and historical ones. I enjoy history, and I believe it is important for us to have an understanding of our past. ‘History repeats itself’ is an altogether true adage, the fundamental reason for this is that people just don’t know history, even recent history so they all too often repeat the mistakes of their forefathers. I have learnt a lot from Science Fiction programming, have received confirmation of truths I have discovered elsewhere, most often in the Bible.

Sci-Fi books and shows conceal a great deal of truth that is visible to those who have eyes to see. These programs really and truly have a ‘PROGRAMMING’ or ‘CONDITIONING’ aspect to them, in that they condition the viewers to first of all accept a false history of the Universe’s past and secondly they portray a false ‘United Nations’ type future for man and the Earth. In this future there is no mention of ‘good and evil’ but all creatures exist in a loose ‘federation’ regardless of any moral considerations. Star Trek is the big daddy in this genre as are the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars saga is essentially the story of Lucifer; of his transformation from a powerful angelic ‘light bearing’ cherubim to the prince of darkness. The transformation of Senator Palatine to the ‘Evil Emperor’ closely parallels the story of Lucifer including his attempt to build a Universal Empire in opposition to God. George Lucas twists this story by portraying God as a ‘Hinduised’, “Brahma’ like force instead of an individual, a person who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Jesus Christ is the invisible immaterial God made visible and material who came to bring man the KNOWLEDGE of Himself (God) so that we may KNOW and UNDERSTAND our Creator both with our minds and hearts. Lucas twists this reality on its head and portrays God as ‘THE FORCE’ that can only be felt not understood. His prophet ‘Yoda’ is much like the mystics and holy men of India that keep promoting the concept of emptying our minds and just ‘feeling’ which is what they classify as being spiritual. However biblically speaking God gave us a mind to be able to understand all knowledge that is available to man (not ALL KNOWLEDGE is yet available to man.) If you can’t understand it don’t accept it as gospel truth without researching for yourself and establishing the veracity of the information. Sometimes the truth of the information being presented, as for instance by this writer, is not readily apparent, so put it on back shelf, in time the understanding will come.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

National Lobotomy Day / Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday Feb. 7 is Super Bowl Sunday, in case you are just arrived here from Mars and do not know what the ‘Super Bowl’ is, I congratulate you. The Championship game of the NFL attracts around a 100 million viewers in the US alone and millions more worldwide.  They sit glued to their TV sets not just for the duration of the game, but for much of the afternoon and evening on Super Bowl Sunday. What I find interesting is that the NFL (National Football League) numbers the Super Bowl with Roman numerals each year; this year in 2010 it is Super Bowl XLIV. I would venture a guess that 90%+ of the US population would be unaware of the fact that Latin is not the name of a coffee at Starbucks, or that Latin America is not the name of a country in Africa. As an aside before I became deprogrammed from years of TV conditioning, I was watching an episode of ‘Family Feud’ with Richard Dawson; a contestant was asked to name a country in South America, and the response was ‘Africa’, no I am not making this up. So why the NFL, National Football League, named for a sport that is played with the hands, bothers with Roman numerals is beyond me? Over 10 billion dollars is predicted to be gambled by more than 200 million people around the world on Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the biggest one-day sports betting event of every year. Though watching sports on TV is considered to be a harmless activity, few people realize that it is a carefully crafted opiate given to the masses to keep them enslaved to the will of their hidden masters.
I came across an excellent article titled ‘Sports is the opiate of the masses’ written by a gentleman named Warner Todd Huston. Here are some quotes from the article: We have all heard the canard that sports teaches ‘team work’, or sportsmanship. We have even heard that it helps one grow up. Nonsense! Teamwork? Hardly! It teaches that the star (player) is worth something and you are not. Instead of teamwork it teaches submission. Sportsmanship? Not even close. It shows children angry parents at sports parks, loud mouthed coaches that would rather beat you down than raise you up and sponsors envy should the other team win when yours does not. Helps you grow up? A good diet is better than a good game any day of the week. I myself have two young boys that play the religion of Canada, I meant Canada’s national sport, hockey. I can vouch that all that kids learn playing organized sports is jealousy, envy, and to win at any cost. Winning itself becomes the measure of a child’s self worth; and what is winning? Nothing more than proving that you are better than the next child, the next teenager, the next adult, that being #1 is the very purpose of life.  But God has not made us all equal; he has not given us all the same talents. Matthew 25:15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability... God has not made us all the same size, the same height, the same weight, the same color, nor has he given everyone the same amount of intelligence and understanding. Nor does he expect people to measure their self worth against each other. 2 Cor. 10:12.... but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2012: The End of the World? Pt.2 / Farms without Farmers & other WMDs

Death of the 'Family Farm' / Genocide for Profit / Part 1

THE FAMILY FARM: “A family farm1 is a farm owned and operated by a family, and passed down from generation to generation. It is the basic unit of the mostly agricultural economy of much of human history and continues to be so in developing nations. Alternatives to family farms include those run by agribusiness2, colloquially known as factory farms3, or by collective farming4.” Land ownership as symbolized by the Family Farm has meant individual freedom since the days of Cain and Abel. Immigrants from Europe flocked to the shores of America to pursue this impossible to achieve dream in the old world ruled by greedy feudal lords, kings and the Pope. They gladly suffered extreme hardship making America west of the Mississippi into the granary of the world. Family farms in most parts of the world were small tracts of land cultivated by one family that provided employment to the family but more importantly, fed them as well. Even a few acres of land yielded enough crops to feed the family with some left over for bartering purposes, and larger farms grew grains etc. for trade with neighboring countries. The economies in rural areas were self contained with little or no dependence on outside trade, at least where food stuffs were concerned. This was a model that lasted for nearly 5000 years and whilst it was far from perfect, it is the one model that was historically the most egalitarian. A man who does not have to rely upon another for his basic sustenance is an IN-DEPENDENT person and can live life with dignity due to all men that have been created ‘equal’. Ownership of land in the form of ‘family farms’ has been the only real avenue available to the masses for freedom and independence.
As a matter of fact till the Johnson administration changed the definition of poverty to a number linked to an arbitrary dollar amount, poverty meant not being a land owner, that’s it! Despite their high sounding egalitarian ideals, framers of the constitution firmly believed in ‘class’ and thought some classes of society to be less equal than others, and therefore not fit to be land owners, this is the real reason for the phrase, ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in the constitution. This phrase is so subjective as to be almost meaningless; there was much debate whether the original phrase, ‘The Right to Own Property’ should be included in the constitution. Tragically the norm in human society has been feudal slavery not independence and individual freedom. I believe we are now entering a ‘Brave New World’5 of Agribusiness2, factory farming not family farming that is not only bringing back the feudal societal structure of the dark ages but is a harbinger of even darker tidings. It would be safer to compare the transformation taking place in farming today with the Soviet Agro collectivist farming of the Stalin era. Even that comparison may not suitably reveal the dire situation confronting the world today where food production, and more importantly, food distribution is concerned. When the very reason for the production of food is to make a profit, fatten the bottom line, then production of food for sustenance of the population becomes of little or no concern to the agribusiness, but it should be of great concern to the population.