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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Andy Hoffman discusses his Economic Predictions for 2014 on Wake up and Live Radio - YouTube

Published on Jan 28, 2014
Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin
appeared on Wake up and Live Radio with Paul Sandhu to discuss his
predictions for 2014. Andy predicts:

1. Rising Interest Rates
2. More Central Bank interventions to suppress interest rates
3. Obamacare's initial devastating impact
4. Gasoline prices to go higher
5. Multiple currencies to decline in relation to the US dollar
6. Worldwide Social Unrest will expand
7. The gap between Paper and Physical Gold prices will expand
8. The true US unemployment picture will become clear
9. Interest in alternative currencies like Bitcoin will increase
10. The Gold-Silver ratio will decline

Andy Hoffman 2014 Predictions Article:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marc Faber Warns "Insiders Are Selling Like Crazy... Short US Stocks, Buy Treasuries & Gold" | Zero Hedge

Beginning by disavowing Mario Gabelli of any belief that rising stock prices help 'most' people ("Fed data suggests half the US population has seen a 40% drop in wealth since 2007"), Marc Faber discusses his increasingly imminent fears of the markets in this recent Barron's interview.

Quoting Hussman as a caveat, "The problem with bubbles is
that they force one to decide whether to look like an idiot before the
peak, or an idiot after the peak. There's no calling the top
Faber warns there are a lot of questions about the quality of earnings
(from buybacks to unfunded pensions) but "statistics show that company insiders are selling their shares like crazy."

His first recommendation - short the Russell 2000, buy 10-year US
Treasuries ("there will be no magnificent US recovery"), and miners and
adds "own physical gold because the old system will implode. Those who own paper assets are doomed."

Via Barron's,

Faber: This morning, I said most people don't benefit from rising stock prices.
This handsome young man on my left said I was incorrect. [Gabelli
starts preening.] Yet, here are some statistics from Gallup's annual
economy and personal-finance survey on the percentage of U.S. adults
invested in the market. The survey, whose results were published in May,
asks whether respondents personally or jointly with a spouse have any money invested in the market,
either in individual stock accounts, stock mutual funds, self-directed
401(k) retirement accounts, or individual retirement accounts. Only 52% responded positively.

Gabelli: They didn't ask about company-sponsored 401(k)s, so it is a faulty question.

Faber: An analysis of Federal Reserve data suggests that half the U.S. population has seen a 40% decrease in wealth since 2007.

Read More: Marc Faber Warns "Insiders Are Selling Like Crazy... Short US Stocks, Buy Treasuries & Gold" | Zero Hedge

Monday, January 27, 2014

HSBC and Chase Send Clear Signals That a Bank Run Is Near | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

he HSBC bank is limiting withdrawals in both the United States and in Britain.

For the life of me, I have no idea why anyone would want to bank in
this criminal enterprise bank. Regardless, isn’t the money your money?
Shouldn’t you be able to do with your money what you want without
justifying the purpose to the bank that you designate to hold your

John Cruz is a former vice president and relationship manager at HSBC. Cruz has made two guest appearances on The Common Sense Show
in which he alleged that he uncovered that HSBC was laundering money
for the Mexican drug cartels through phony shell corporations. He
brought this to the attention of his supervisors  at HSBC and was told
to “leave it alone”. When he did not leave it alone, he was fired. Cruz
went to prosecutors in the New York City area. They acknowledged that
they knew what was going at HSBC, but they refused to investigate and
prosecute and DHS and the FBI told Cruz the same thing.  

The Cruz revelations leave no doubt that the entire banking system is nothing but a criminal enterprise system.

The Banking System Is Nearing Collapse

Read More

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Climate Change & Global Warming' facts with Sheila Zilinsky and Dr. Tim Ball on SOTE Radio

Join me for an exciting and informative 2 hours with hosts of The Weekend Vigilante show featuring Sheila Zilinsky and renowned Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. Topics covered are Climate Change and Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? We will be waging 'War on Corruption' as per the slogan of The Weekend Vigilantes!

Guest website: The Weekend Vigilante
Dr. Tim Ball

The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science Paperback
by Tim Ball (Author) /

Guests' Bio:

The Weekend Vigilante with Sheila Zilinsky examines what you're not being told on the 6 O'clock news; Hailed as the 'female Alex Jones', she exposes the emergence of the New World Order, world totalitarian government, the steady erosion of the Constitution, national sovereignty and Christian values. She wages war on establishment corruption, corporate fascism, eugenics, martial law and the encroaching police state as well as the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events.

Dr. Tim Ball, co-author of 'Slaying the Sky Dragon', is a renowned climatologist, environmental consultant and former professor of climatology. He has served on many national committees and speaks internationally, discussing how issues like climate change, water resources, and biodiesels are being politicized and exploited. He was instrumental in exposing Al Gore and others in Climategate.

Tim & Sheila join forces to wage war against corruption on The WEEKEND VIGILANTE

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A "Davos" World In Which The 85 Richest People Have The Same Wealth As Half The World's Population | Zero Hedge

There is something morbidly gruesome and ironic in having the world's
wealthiest people, among them the presidents and central bank heads of
the world's most "advanced" nations, as well as the CEOs of the biggest
corporations, sitting down in Davos - a place where the press passes alone cost thousands of dollars - and discussing global inequality:
the same inequality that their policies and principles are responsible
for. It is even more morbid when one considers that according to a
recent Oxfam report, one that will be used in Davos itself, the
disparity in wealth between the haves and the have nots has reached
absolutely record proportions, surpassing any previous inequality gaps
seen before and during the Great Depression.

Which brings us to the topic of wealth.

By now everyone is familiar with the popular wealth pyramid, which shows that "29 million, or 0.6% of those with any actual assets under their name, own $87.4 trillion, or 39.3% of all global assets."

One can extend that rule of thumb to say that almost half of the world’s wealth is now owned by just one percent of the population, and seven out of ten people live in countries where economic inequality has increased in the last 30 years.
However, for the best visual of the disparity between the haves and the have nots we go to Oxfam once more, which just penned the soundbite of the day, and possibly, of the week for suddenly very bleeding-heart Davos:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

V: The Guerrilla Economist on Signs of the End Radio Jan. 14, 2014 - You Tube

Signs of the End Radio Episode 1 / Host Paul Sandhu speaks with V: The Guerrilla Economist. In this programs 'V' shares his extensive knowledge and experience of the Financial World in regards to the true state of affairs in the Economic world, both in the US and around the globe. The Rise of China, the fall of Japan and the US, possible conflict between US-NATO and Russia-China and other current events are discussed in this program,

Guerrilla Economist Website:

Episode 2 / Next week's program on Tue. 01-21-14 features the hosts of the Weekend Vigilante program, Sheila Zilinsky and Dr. Tim Ball. Topic is Earth Changes and Weather Warfare /

Weekend Vigilante website:

Signs of the End Website:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Four years after earthquake, many in Haiti remain displaced | The Extinction Protocol

Four years after earthquake, many in Haiti remain displaced | The Extinction Protocol /Posted on by
January 13, 2013 HAITI - Four years ago Sunday, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, destroying its capital of Port-au-Prince and killing more than 200,000 people. Today, much of Port-au-Prince looks like it did before the quake. Most of the tent camps in the city itself are gone, and streets are loaded with overcrowded buses and women selling vegetables. Most of those whose lives were upended by the quake are back in some kind of home. Most of the rubble has been cleared from the streets. The severely damaged presidential palace has finally been razed. And the government is rebuilding its ministries downtown. But for nearly 150,000 people, life hasn’t moved on. They still live in the temporary plastic and plywood structures erected after the disaster. “It’s the worst place to be in Haiti,” says Gregoire Goodstein, mission chief for the International Organization for Migration. “We’re talking about the higher-hanging fruit; people who are unable to get out of the tent camp system because they really don’t have any other solutions for themselves.” Goodstein says it’s possible the final resettling efforts could wrap up next year, but that depends on major factors, like hurricane season. Haiti is also planning parliamentary elections, and there’s fear electoral violence could overtake the city, slowing down all government functions. The government says there’s one major obstacle to resettling the final 150,000 people: money. “It will take $800 per person to get them out of the camps,” says Harry Adam, who heads the Haitian government agency that’s spearheading the reconstruction. “It’s quite a big amount of money.”
Some of that $800 goes to residents as rent subsidies — cash to help them get into a safe home. Meanwhile, 271 official tent camps dot the region. The Haitian government recognizes these sites, and each tenant has been registered by NGOs. They’re perched on dangerously steep mountainsides and pack busy street corners. There’s a cluster of tents in view of a Porsche dealership. Rosemary Durvessaint lives with her two children in a three-room hodgepodge of corrugated tin, cardboard and tarps that reads, “USAID. From the American People.” Since May she’s lived in Titanyen, a cluster of tents and ramshackle houses growing up north of Port-au-Prince. Titanyen is one of the unsanctioned camps on land the government declared free to the public, and thousands have taken advantage — creating new homes along the dusty, dry mountainsides. As the wind rips through and the structure struggles to hang on, it’s hard to see this as safer than before the quake, but Durvessaint says the government has done nothing for the people out here. “We don’t have water, we don’t have light,” she says. “We don’t have electricity.” Peter de Clercq is the new humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations. He says international donors have moved on to other crises, and Haiti needs to transition away from relying on outsiders. Water and sanitation aren’t even guaranteed in Port-au-Prince, let alone Titanyen, yet residents say they’re likely to stay permanently. –NPR

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Economic Collapse News 011014 - Global Economy Sinking - You Tube Update

Real Labor and Employment figures indicate unemployment rates of 14-15% in the US not the phony 6.7%  reported by BLS (Bureau of Lying Statistics /  Tyler Durden's picture
People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels -

The Baltic Dy Index that measures shipping activity indicating Global trade volume is sinking dramatically, worse than 2009. How long can the PTB hold this phony baloney Economy with duct tape and band-aid of QE. -

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

▶ HSBC Bank promoting mark of the beast IDs in India! Genocide planned???

REVELATION 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Quote from following HSBC Ad: THEY ARE USING FINGERPRINT AND IRIS SCAN BIOMETRICS to create an ID database for 1.3 billion people. This is being done apparently to provide banking services to all Indians, the majority of whom do not make enough to buy food for the day let alone to save and invest. 400 million Indians have already been 'Marked', issued IDs which will ultimately be of no use to them. The goal is to issue 600 million such IDs over the next two years. So what is the real agenda since most of these people will never have a dime to save let alone invest? I believe this is a method of marking these people for elimination, for depopulation just like the Jews were marked in Nazi Germany! Just like the Jewish Genocide, the Armenian Genocide, the Ukrainian Genocide, the Chinese Genocide, the Cambodian Genocide and other mass Genocides of the 20th Century did not happen without pre-planning, so too will the 21st century Genocides be pre-planned and executed in time. I believe this ID program in India that is being financed and promoted by one of the world's largest banks is one such program to mark hundreds of millions of people for Genocidal elimination in the next few years!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Has Fukushima radiation already reached the U.S. West Coast?

Has Fukushima radiation already reached the U.S. West Coast?

January 6, 2014CALIFORNIAPredictions that Fukushima’s radioactive ocean plume would hit the west coast of the U.S. sometime in 2014 may have already come to pass, with a new video showing Geiger counter readings of background radiation at a beach in San Francisco over five times the safe level. Days after a YouTube video emerged showing background radiation at a Coastside beach reaching over 150 micro-REM per hour, Health officials in San Mateo County confirmed the spike but said they were “befuddled” as to its cause. However, officials dismissed the possibility that the readings could be linked to Fukushima radiation reaching the west coast despite forecasts by experts last summer that radioactive particles from Fukushima would reach U.S. coastal waters in 2014. The video shows a man measuring radiation readings at different spots on a beach south of Pillar Point Harbor. Background radiation in the areas immediately surrounding the beach are normal, but once the man approaches the water itself, the radiation spikes to at least 500 per cent safe levels and the Geiger counter’s alarm goes off. The man behind the video claims that on his previous visit to the same beach, radiation readings were 13 times the safe level. “In the following days, other amateurs with Geiger counters began posting similar videos online,” reports the Half Moon Bay Review. “The videos follow other alarming news last month that starfish were mysteriously disintegrating along the West Coast, a trend that has not been linked yet to any cause.”  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Swine Flu Returns - Is this the beginning of the prophesied Pandemics?

Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences (DISEASES, PANDEMICS), and earthquakes, in divers places.
24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
 January 4, 2014HEALTHCases of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, across Canada and the U.S. are increasing at the approach of the peak flu season of February. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in the U.S., the flu season has hit southeastern states Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas the hardest so far, and it is expected to spread across the nation in the coming weeks. Swine flu has not just affected the southern part of the United States. According the seasonal map issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), many states are seeing widespread flu activity. In Wisconsin, 81 people have been admitted to a hospital over a period of a week with a majority of the cases attributed to the H1N1 virus. The biggest concern is the increase in the number of H1N1 incidences, which has doubled in the past two weeks, according to a Jan. 2 WBay report. A death from swine flu was just reported in Santa Clara, CA, as well. In Michigan, emergency departments are filled with hundreds of patients with flu-like symptoms. However, infants on life support because of the H1N1 virus are causing the most concern. North of the border in Toronto, the Montreal Gazette reports that 36 percent of 210 confirmed cases of influenza were H1N1. One swine flu victim has died. This is an increase of 33 percent from this point last year in Canada’s largest city.  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Expert Economic Collapse Predictions 2014 - Gerald Celente

Published on Jan 3, 2014
In this interview with David Knight on Gerald Celente lays out his predictions for 2014.