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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Purpose of Creation - Part 1

In previous articles and radio shows, I have written and spoken at length on the chronology and history of creation. Almost all these articles and shows addressed the topic of HOW all things that are VISIBLE to our eyes were created by the INVISIBLE GOD. I would now like to address the subject of the purpose of creation; why did God create anything at all? When we look at the state of the world today, it would be a fair question to ask that if God is omnipotent and omniscient, for what purpose was this seemingly imperfect world created? And what purpose does this fragile, mortal, and not to mention grossly evil creature called man serve? The answers to these questions are to be found in the following scripture:
Revelation 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. This scripture clearly explains that God created all things for His own pleasure; the question is how does he derive pleasure from his creation?

All things were created for God’s pleasure, how He derives pleasure from His creation is by experiencing life through His creation, man in particular. Regrettably the present age is not yet the age of pleasure, so for the present time God suffers through His creation, man in particular but it was necessary to for such suffering to be endured by God; for without having had the experience of pain He could not enjoy the fullness of pleasure in the age to come. God’s sentience is experienced through His creation, but in this age man exists primarily to inflict pain on His Maker; this is the reason for so much pain and suffering in this world. The entire spectrum of pain suffered by man, from a tiny pinprick to the most brutal death, is suffered by God through man. By suffering all the pain that has ever been inflicted upon any creature, God is equipping Himself to enjoy the pleasures of life forever and ever beginning with the age that is soon coming. God who is all Consciousness has literally divided His consciousness into countless individual consciousnesses, not just in man but all living things, and the sum of the experience of each individual consciousness constitutes His total experience; how else could God experience Life? This is the reason why the Bible tells us that all things have been created for God’s pleasure. Even those whose sole purpose of existence in this life is to inflict pain upon others, mostly the rich and powerful people of this world, serve a purpose for God. So you see there is a reason for the way the world is the way it is, God did not make any mistakes that He is now attempting to correct, His planning and execution of those plans has been flawless from the beginning. This is a complex subject that will require much meditation, prayer, and study of God’s Word for readers and listeners to fully grasp but God has given us His Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth, so it is possible for us to understand the deep things of God.
To fulfill the greater purpose of creation as briefly described above, God had to first of all make Himself visible; God the Father is an invisible being as the Bible tells us in numerous scriptures such as the ones listed below:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


2012: End of the World? Pt. 6 / THE END IS NEAR

I began writing a series of articles relating to the ‘End Times’ about a year ago. The original articles in the series were titled ‘Signs of the End’ and ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. The ‘2012: End of the World?’ series of articles are a continuation of the first two articles. The first five articles in the series are linked below.
I  don’t mean the end of ‘The World Series’, as in the baseball championships, although those too will likely end if the world ends, so if you are a baseball fan you might want to start rooting for another champion, I can recommend one who has never lost, and never will lose. He triumphed even in death; how much will He be victorious in life? No, I meant signs of the end of the world. It’s the end of the world as we know it… there’s more truth in the title of that song than even the songwriter might have realized. As explained in the ‘Signs of the End’ article, the signs we are looking for are the signs that would indicate the imminent return of Jesus Christ to Earth (the promised second coming) when he triumphantly returns to set up His eternal Kingdom.  As noted in the article, the end of the world does not mean the end of the planet, which will come later. Please read the article for an explanation on what Jesus meant by the phrase ‘the end of the world’. The signs that Jesus gave fit into five major categories:

This is a brief article to estimate where we might be on the End of the Age calendar. One thing seems certain that there are more ‘Signs’ every year that the heat is being turned up on the world; how long will it be before it blows up?
I am not sure where we are on the economic front except the situation appears to be more dire than we can fathom. Like a balloon being constantly pumped with more and more air has to blow up sooner or later, so too is the economy, it cannot be inflated with so – called ‘Money’ that is nothing more than paper with no intrinsic value; the economy too must explode sooner or later. We have witnessed mini explosions that would have been considered catastrophic in any other age where real money was in circulation, meaning gold and silver.  I wrote an article last winter titled from 700 billion to 12 trillion. The bailout package back in 2008 was supposed to fix everything and would cost 700 billion. Since that time ‘Billion’ has become an extinct number in the cult of high finance, how many trillions have been thrown on this fire of the Economic crisis, yet like Hydra growing two heads for each one cut off, the problems keep on escalating. Maybe the solution the ‘Powers that be’ have proposed is in reality gasoline that stokes the fire rather than water that puts it out. Are they that clueless that they cannot foresee these problems that people like Bill Donner of The Daily Reckoning have been writing about for decades?. Why aren’t such well informed economic advisors on the President’s economic advisory committee? I am not telling people that the economy is going to disintegrate in a catastrophic manner that will make the ‘Great Depression’ seem the biggest economic boom of all time. All I can see is that the numbers just don’t add up, round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows! Actually God does know exactly where the buck will stop and all the signs indicate that it will end up being worth more as fuel than as money; by ‘Buck’ I mean all paper currencies of all nations. For the rest of 2010, look for the stock market to keep going down, the imaginary ‘recovery’ to evaporate, and the next stage of the decline that began in 2008 to take firm root. Here’s a short video titled, ‘What’s next for our economy? ‘; this commentator expects a complete collapse by 2012. All I know is that the Bible prophesies that this must happen; are we in the days of the fulfillment of such prophesies, we’ll just have to wait and see?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Serpent Seed / Satan's children / Illuminati bloodlines???

  •  Did Eve have sexual relations with the serpent?
  • Was Cain Satan's offspring?
  • Is there a satanic bloodline on earth today (The Illuminati) that rules the world?
  • Does God judge people based on their ancestry / bloodlines?
  • Was Noah's flood a result of contaminated bloodlines?
The answers to these questions and more are in this article:

Serpent Seed / Illuminati Bloodlines

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vox Draconis: The Matrix of the Consciousness of Evil V838 Monocerotis: Hubble Space Telescope/NASA (February 8, 2004) Ouroboros from A. Eleazar, Donum Dei, Erfurt, 1735— in Alexander Roob, Alchemy & Mysticism,

As proven in ‘What is the Real Matrix?’ series there is an invisible network of negative intelligent energies that covers our planet and extends possibly far beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere. The symbol of the Milky Way is the Ouroboros, which is a dragon or serpent biting its own tail, so Satan’s sphere of influence may extend all the way across the Milky Way galaxy. As an aside this symbol has great meaning, as do all symbols, that evil ultimately destroys itself. God told the anointed cherub (Lucifer) in Ezekiel 28:18, therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee...” If left unchecked evil would ultimately be the cause of its own demise.
The Bible identifies this network of negative intelligent energies as evil spirits. In mythology and in native cultures, the concept of invisible influences, sometimes called guardian angels, spirit guides or totem is very well developed. With the advent of Christianity that actually identified these evil influences as satanic, and provided people with the hierarchy and methodology by which these devils work their magic on people, these dark arts became occult or hidden in the western world. In the Eastern world, in countries such as India and China, and throughout Africa these beliefs have continued unabated for 4000 years or more. In this article I want to expound in greater detail on the technology of this network and how it functions in our world to maintain Satan’s kingship over it. I also want to elaborate on Satan’s existence as an evil consciousness; Satan maintains his hold on power by keeping people focused on outward appearances while he himself is busy controlling their minds by controlling their access to information. So we want to understand Satan, as a mind, as an intelligence that is crafty and devious without being concerned whether he has horns and a tail or not.  
To understand this network of intelligence that not just influences but actually controls the world, we need to understand that this intelligence has a consciousness, so our world is surrounded by an invisible consciousness that is evil, crafty and very subtle. This consciousness is not just satanic, Satan is this consciousness; all of the spirits that are subordinate to the individual spirit that we call Satan are daemons. So though there may be an infinite number of daemons, each one a consciousness of evil, all these individual consciousnesses together constitute the whole that is one single consciousness that permeates our world from pole to pole. This is where the concept of Borg originates; the following definition is from Wikipedia: The Borg manifest as cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind...
Though there are countless individual evil spirits, each with their own mind that constitute the Satanic Borg (in this context spirits would be defined as minds without a body), yet these evil minds are all networked together to form an evil super mind, which is a collective of all the minds in the Borg of evil. It is this Evil Super Mind that is the Matrix which is everywhere as Morpheus correctly surmised in the movie. The Matrix mind constantly transmits its evil thoughts without ceasing to keep mankind perpetually enslaved. To quote Morpheus, “the Matrix is everywhere, even in this room...”, this evil super mind is all around us, in the natural realm there is no place that a person can hide from it, not at the bottom of the sea or even in outer space.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prehistoric Civilizations Part 1

Mythological and Biblical Ages
The idea of AGES of time predating the present one is common to mythology and the Bible. As a rule mythologies are a collection of myths and legends of the exploits of certain renowned individuals or powerful groups that play a prominent role in past ages whereas the Bible provides a panoramic view of all ages including the future ones; but most of all the Bible is a detailed history of the present age that may be termed the Age of Man or the Age of Adam, the age which began about 6000 years ago in the Garden of Eden. Ancient writings such as the Hindu ‘Vedas’ make record that at least three ages have preceded the present age of time in which intelligent beings have inhabited not only this planet but other worlds also. Their claim that modern man is not the first intelligent inhabitant of Earth is a recurring theme in the myths and legends of all cultures, both in the old world and the new.
The Bible also speaks of ages of Time, it uses the Greek word ‘EON’, whose meaning will be discussed later, which indicates that periods of time have predated the age of modern man, the age of Adam. The Greeks gave names to four ages as did the Hindus in India. The first age termed the Golden Age by the Greeks was considered to be the best with each succeeding age getting progressively worse. The names of the four ages according to the Greeks are listed below with the names of the ages assigned by the Hindus in parentheses.
1.        Golden Age (Satya Yuga)
2.        Silver Age (Krita Yuga)
3.        Bronze Age (Dvapara Yuga)
4.        Iron Age (Kali Yuga)

Mythology and The Bible as History
In my opinion Mythology is history written by Satan, and the Bible is history written by God. Myths and legends, written or oral, are based on actual events of the past, not necessarily the recent past but dating back thousands to possibly millions of years ago.  Most mythology, like the history of man, is the retelling in a glorified manner of the lives and times of rich and powerful people. Man’s history is a record of the accounts of kings and conquerors, of famous and renowned people like the Pharaohs or Alexander or Caesar and other such empire builders and conquerors. Scribes in ancient times, and historians in modern times do not write of the little people; and frankly hardly anyone would care to read about a plain old farmer from India or China, but perceived movers and shakers such as Obama or Hitler hold people’s interest, and therefore much is written about them. However, most of that which is written about such people and their accomplishments is ‘fiction’ not the real truth. The Caesars of Rome may have been conquerors but they were wicked and evil men, official historians, especially state sanctioned ones have a tendency to downplay the failings and exaggerate the accomplishments of such men. Official history is revisionist history; almost everything reported in the mainstream media and recorded by officially approved historians is a glorified version of real events, not actual unbiased reporting. Revision of history was a major part of the narrative in Orwell’s 1984, not because he suspected that it could happen in the future but because he was aware that it was happening already in his time. Rich and powerful people as a rule are very corrupt and since they control the flow of information, they write the histories, and therefore their official histories are also corrupt.
Mythology is the history of the rich and powerful people of another age or ages that predate the present age, and therefore just as corrupt as that of modern day historians. Therefore mythology cannot to be trusted as a completely accurate account of past ages. However, it is almost certain that such people like Zeus and Poseidon of the Greeks, or Indra and Rama of Hindu mythology were in fact real people that existed in an earlier age, prior to Adam. Some of these stories may be glorified accounts of the ‘mighty men’, the ‘men of renown’, in other words of heroes that existed in the days prior to the flood of Noah, and which the Bible mentions in Genesis 6:4. Not all of the stories, however, can be dated to the days of Noah; most of the tales of the gods, such as the Titans and Olympians almost certainly cover a period of time far more ancient than the days since Adam was formed on the Earth. Most, if not all of the creatures that existed in those ages, whether they were called ‘gods’ or ‘demigods’ or ‘mortals’, were just as corrupt if not more so than the leaders of our day. They were power hungry megalomaniacs, like Zeus and the other Greek gods, in possession of advanced technologies with which they wreaked havoc not just on Earth but on a cosmic scale. Myths and legends are stories of the wars and conquests of these ancient creatures, and there is much that can be learnt about prehistory from these tales. We can retrace with a fair amount of accuracy the events that brought these ancient civilizations into existence; and the causes of their demise.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nephilim / Giants in the Bible: Separating fact from fiction


WEBSITES RELATED TO THE SUBJECT OF GIANTS: I cannot vouch for veracity of the information on these sites but there is much data collected here that is factual even if the conclusions of the authors may be subjective.

The existence of ‘Giants’ on Earth is an indisputable fact, there is Biblical, mythological, and archaeological evidence that there have existed in the past human like creatures of gigantic stature upon our planet. The Bible alone has dozens of references that are tabled at the bottom of this article. The question that divides people is not whether giants existed or not but how they originated. The NEPHILIM’ school of thought insists that the giants originated as a result of the union between fallen angels and human women. This conclusion is based mainly on a single verse of Biblical scripture, Genesis 6, verse 4 that I will analyze in some detail later on in this article. This would tend to imply that giants did not exist until sometime after man was formed on the earth. However this view is not supported by scriptural, mythological and archaeological evidence.
  • Mythologically speaking the ‘Giants’ were created from Uranus’ blood as result of his castration by his son Cronos. This would imply some sort of genetic manipulation or mutation that originally gave rise to these creatures long before modern man was made custodian of the Earth. Giants have existed in all ages of mythology and therefore their origin is not as recent as the days of Noah; a mere 5000 or so years ago. Almost all cultures on all continents have myths of giants that predate their own civilization by hundreds and in some cases even by thousands of years. Many native myths of the Americas tell stories of their ancestors having witnessed and co – dwelt with giants for long periods of time. Such myths are also to be found in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Pacific islands.
  • Archaeological evidence also suggests that most of the megalithic structures found all over the world, on the surface and underwater predate all modern civilizations beginning in Sumer about 4500 years ago. Click the link to watch video evidence of these amazing structures on every continent that mainstream academia conveniently ignores because it does not fit their severely distorted explanations of Earth’s past history. These structures could not possibly have been built by modern man even with modern technology in many cases. The sheer scale of construction points to ‘Giant’ builders. For example, the world famous Baalbek temple in Lebanon is a marvel of ancient engineering that could not be built today, even with modern machinery. According to Arab legends, Baalbek’s first city was built before the Great Flood by Cain, the son of Adam, whom God banished to the ’land of Nod’ that lay ’east of Eden’ for murdering his good brother Abel, and he called it after his son Enoch. The citadel, they say, fell into ruins at the time of the deluge and was much later re-built by a race of giants under the command of Nimrod, the ’mighty hunter’ and ’king of Shinar’ of the Book of Genesis.
  • Biblical evidence would also suggest that ‘Giant’ civilizations predate modern civilizations, ever since the time of Adam. In Genesis 6:4 we are told that ‘there were giants in the earth in those days’....Though many people attempt to misquote this scripture to prove the origin of giants, the Biblical account does not even make mention of how they originated, simply that they were here, when and from where they arrived we do not know. There were giant civilizations in the Middle East dating back to the time of Abraham, around 2000 BC. At the time of the conquest of Canaan, about 1500 BC there were many flourishing ‘giant’ civilizations, for example in Petra in modern day Jordan, a technological wonder city carved out of the side of a mountain. By the time of the Canaanite conquest, many of these ‘giant’ civilizations had already been conquered, not by the Israelites but by the Edomites and the children of Lot. In almost all cases, Biblical and mythological ‘giant’ civilizations predate man; therefore it is incorrect to surmise that the giants were somehow an offspring or offshoot of modern man, that is of Adam and his children since they were on the Earth from almost the same time as Adam’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What is the Real Matrix – Part 6: The Macro Matrix

                                                        Series Conclusion 
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5                                                  
Real Matrix Radio Interviews – Part  1    Part 2    Part 3
*** Please note that these articles provide a Biblical perspective on the idea of the ‘Matrix’ as an alternate reality, an idea that has gone mainstream as a result of The Matrix movie trilogy. This is a multi part series based strictly on the first movie titled ‘The Matrix’. The other two films in the trilogy also had some interesting symbolism and ideology that will be explored separately at a later time.

The Hive Mind of The Borg

In part 4 and part 5 of this series, it was proven that on a micro level or on the level of individuals the Matrix is a Belief System that keeps the minds of the masses enslaved through voluntary submission to ideologies that few attempt to understand. The entire purpose of existence is reduced to (1) Economic advancement and (2) defense of tradition and religion handed down from previous generations even when such traditions and religion are harmful to the mental and spiritual welfare of the individual. A societal construct based on a Borg mentality or Hive mind is the world that the majority inhabit and believe to be the real world. A Hive Mind is a must for unquestioning acceptance of authority, Economic (the boss), Political (government leaders) and Religious (leaders of religion). The hive mind is growing exponentially these days in order to fulfill the prophesied ‘One Mind’ of the whole world united against God that precedes the return of Jesus Christ to this planet. O yes, He is returning, whether a single person on the earth believes it or not is of little consequence.
Revelation 17:13: These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

The hive mind has to be cultivated and how far it has progressed in this age of technology can be seen from ads such as this one from the UK.
A Borg mentality is not from God and there is an in built aversion to such a Huxleyian nightmarish lifestyle, an aversion built by God Himself into our person. Therefore such mentalities have to be enforced; enforced by those who set themselves up as authorities. Human authorities are all self – serving, and not at all concerned with the welfare of the individual; this may seem like a blanket statement but the evidence of past history and of modern times allows no other conclusion to be drawn. For the purpose of enforcing the hive mind, there are written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken threats or consequences that keep the individual fearful and therefore a compliant, if not willing, part of the System.  People uphold the System not because they are firm believers in it but rather because they are fearful of the consequences if they oppose it. These consequences can be deadly as evidenced in part 5, so the fears are real not just imaginary in many cases.