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Monday, September 30, 2013

News In Two Minutes - US Drone Strike - Hospital Superbug - Nigerian School Attack - CME - And Help Start World War III

Published on Sep 30, 2013
Nigerian School Attack -- Market Car Bomb -- US Drone Strike -- Typhoon Sinks Ships -- MERS -- Hospital Creating Superbugs -- Fukushima Cleanup -- Filament Eruption and CME -- QuakeWatch.
Published on Sep 9, 2013
President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

▶ News In Two Minutes - India Warns Pakistan - Greek Soft Coup - Ohio Comet - Comet Ison - NSA - YouTube

Published on Sep 28, 2013
India Warns Pakistan -- Greek Soft Coup -- Ohio Meteor -- Comet Ison Approaches Mars -- FDA Import Ban -- 2nd Nuclear Commander Placed Suspended --NSA Social Profiling -- Earthquake Swarm.

Friday, September 27, 2013

News In Two Minutes - Greek Coup - Pakistan Island Emits Gas - MERS - Giant Hornets in China - YouTube

Published on Sep 27, 2013
Greek Reservists Call For Government Coup -- Syrian Agreement -- Giant Hornets in China -- Breach in Fukushima Protection -- WHO Warns on MERS -- Pakistan Mud Island Emitting Flammable Gas -- Sudan Military -- Water On Mars -- NSA Location Tracking.

Confirmed: Electronic Harassment & Smart Meter Effects 


Published on Sep 27, 2013 The FBI stated today that Aaron Alexis left an electronic document that repeated what he had written on his gun that he believed was being electronically harassed by the government. They dismissed the idea as delusional. We look at the decades of government research by the military to do just that and documented physiological effects of Smart Meters.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greece has recovered - Well - not quite!!! Video: Athens battlefield as police clash with anti-fascist protesters - YouTube

Published on Sep 25, 2013
Police have clashed with anti-fascist protesters in Athens during a rally turned violent, triggered by the murder of a musician at the hands of a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi. READ MORE

▶ News In Two Minutes - India Pakistan Shooting - Crack in US Nuke Shielding - Violent Protests - EQ

Published on Sep 26, 2013
India Pakistan Fighting -- Pakistan Earthquake Video -- Cracks In Ohio Nuke Shielding -- Protest Violence - Bill To Limit NSA Data Holding -- IMF Gives 1 Billion To Ireland -- North Korea Close To Miniature Warhead -- Cholera In Iran.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Human is a computer that can be controlled electronically! ▶ ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall - YouTube

Published on Sep 25, 2013
David Knight welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of "Satellite Terrorism" to discuss the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment.

▶ News In Two Minutes - US Arms Treaty - Pakistan Earthquake - F16 Drones - Israel Polio - Protest - YouTube

Published on Sep 25, 2013
US To Sign Arms Treaty -- F16 Drones -- Pakistan Earthquake -- Large Bird Flu Outbreak in Nepal -- Radiation Dangers -- UK Warns of Israel Polio -- Filament Eruption -- Bangladesh and Sudan Protests

Monday, September 23, 2013

▶ News In Two Minutes - US Blackmails Russia - Sectarian Violence in Pakistan - Yellowstone EQ Swarm - YouTube

Christian Church Bombers In Pakistan -- US Blackmailing Russia -- Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm -- Taiwan Dengue Fever Warning -- Mandatory Military Service in Switzerland - Viral Encephalitis -- Dangerous Chemicals in Bottled Water -- Ice Melt Displays Forest -- QuakeWatch.

Friday, September 20, 2013

▶ Apple iOS 7 iPhone 5S Commercial - YouTube

Athough recorded as satire, this video, sadly, is anything but Satire!

Published on Sep 17, 2013
Introducing the new iPhone nSa, the best surveillance device to date. It aims to put your freedom... in the crosshairs.

▶ News In Two Minutes - US Denies Airspace - Crushed Bugs in Food - India Virus - Super Typhoon Usagi - YouTube

Published on Sep 19, 2013
Us Denies Airspace -- Crushed Bugs in Food - Fukushima Earthquake --MERS Mutations -- Vitamin Lowers Stroke Risk -- Bird Flu in Nepal - Super Typhoon Usagi -- Violent Greek Protests -- Oil Spill -- Indian Encephalitis -- QuakeWatch.

Is there a massive power grid failure and Cyberattack coming to America, Canada and Mexico? FEMA's Simulated Blackout Drill

Published on Sep 20, 2013
A multi-national terror drill is scheduled to take place in the coming months that supposedly aims to assess, test and validate vital infrastructure resources should they come under an unlikely cyberattack.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Canadian Billionaire Predicts The End Of The DollarReserve Currency; Warns "It's Likely To Get Ugly" | Zero Hedge

Beginning with how Kissinger and Nixon enabled the USD as the world's de facto reserve currency through oil, Canadian Billionaire Ned Goodman explains in the brief but far-reaching clip how it is both inevitable (and rapidly approaching) that the rest of the world will turn its back on the dollar. With China and Russia (among many others that we have detailed in the past) agreeing on non-USD swap terms for energy, the cracks are starting to show and as Goodman details, "in the 1930s, everyone wanted USD (backed by silver)," but today, backed by nothing, "everyone wants to get rid of them." Buying hard assets is crucial (he has never been more bullish of gold) as we head into a period of stagflation or even high inflation; and as Goodman previously commented "the world is totally upside down right now - it's completely crazy," in fact, he adds, "I'm keen on anything that's going to live with higher inflationary numbers, because I can't see the world getting out of the problems that it's in."
Read More: Canadian Billionaire Predicts The End Of The Dollar As Reserve Currency; Warns "It's Likely To Get Ugly" | Zero Hedge

Monday, September 16, 2013

▶ NATO Oil Attack (vid) - Mexico Flooding - Whale Deaths - Syria UN - Volcano - News In Two Minutes - YouTube

▶ NATO Oil Attack (vid) - Mexico Flooding - Whale Deaths - Syria UN - Volcano - News In Two Minutes - YouTube

NATO Oil Attack (video) -- Chinese Bailout -- Rare Volcano Erupts -- Whale Deaths - Mexico Flooding -- Vapor and Typhoon at Fukushima -- NASA Drones -- Massachusetts Bacteria -- UN -- QuakeWatch.

▶ Fears for Fukushima as powerful typhoon strikes Japan - YouTube

Published on Sep 15, 2013
"Yamamoto will explain that the tainted water is affecting 0.3 square kilometers of seawater inside the plant's port. He will say no significant levels of radiation are being detected in waters outside the port." Damaged Fukushima plant on typhoon alert
Damaged Fukushima plant on typhoon alert

Sunday, September 15, 2013

▶ News In Two Minutes - Philippine Disaster - Deadly Fungus Spores - Radioactive Lies - Survival News - YouTube

Published on Sep 14, 2013
Syrian Ultimatum -- Philippines Disaster - Warsaw Protests -- Radioactive Lies -- China Tells US to Stop Encouraging Japan -- Egypt Conspiracy -- Water Disease -- Fatal Fungus - Quakewatch.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

News In Two Minutes - Riots in Chile - Fukushima Die Off - Quarantine - Landslides - Survival News - YouTube

 Riots in Chile -- Protests in Mexico -- Fukushima Die Off -- Plant Out of Control - Brain Eating Amoeba in LA -- Quarantine in Hong Kong -- Fed Tapering -- Turkey Unrest -- Landslides -- QuakeWatch.

Monday, September 9, 2013

▶ Black Sabbath-War Pigs going to Syria

Editor's Note: The real reason for WAR is to spill blood - lots of it!!! Use whatever lie is necessary to cause war: Freedom, Democracy, Humanitarianism, Save the planet - BLAH BLAH BLAH cliches!!! The real reason for war is not Oil, it is not resources or anything at all to do with money! The real reason wars never end, and the biggest war machine in recorded history, the US-NATO War pigs are always looking for another war is to shed blood to feed their evil master, Satan, from whom their wealth and power is derived; Satan does not need money, he wants blood; in exchange for this blood he gives these war pigs, money and power - believe it or not! But The Day of Judgment is coming, and then we shall see who will save these war pigs!!!
The first video has the song lyrics and the second video has war and war pigs imagery! They are both the same song. 

▶ Black Sabbath-War Pigs (set to political footage) - YouTube

 Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'til their judgment day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgment, God is calling
On their knees the war pig's crawling
Begging mercy for their sins

Satan laughing spreads his wings
Oh lord yeah!

James 2:13
For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

World turned upside down - Russia defends rule of law while America eagerly flaunts it!

Russia needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview with First Channel and AP. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide on the next course of action, he said - READ MORE

Fukushima: The Nuclear Plants that keep on giving and giving and giving (More and more Radiation, that is!)

First it was "contained." Then we found out there was a "small leak." Then, after numerous media reports confirmed it, Japan admitted there was "a big leak," which only became bigger with time. Then the severity level of Fukushima was raised from level 1 to level 3, the highest since the March 2011 disaster. And now it is many leaks. According to AP, "Japan's top nuclear regulator raised safety concerns Monday about hastily built storage tanks and their foundations at the damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant after signs of new leaks of radioactive water. The latest leak was found over the weekend in a connecting pipe. The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said it suspects there may also have been leaks from three storage tanks because elevated radioactivity was detected near them. The levels were not considered deadly." Oh so it was not the 1.8 sieverts/hour reported over the weekend? Maybe in the case the honorable Prime Minister can take a big swig from the supposedly undeadly water.
But wait, it just gets better:

Read More: As More Fukushima Leaks Are "Discovered", Japan Vows "Quick Action" | Zero Hedge

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reuters TV | Third time unlucky for India's finance minister

Harvard-educated P Chidambaram is struggling to reverse India’s economic slide. But in a volatile political environment, can policymakers really ride to the rescue? Tara Joseph reports.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria- The Washington Post

The Washington Post

By , Published: August 31

MOSCOW – Russia dramatically escalated its denunciations of American threats to attack Syrian military targets on Saturday, with President Vladimir Putin saying it would have been “utter nonsense” for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons as the Obama administration alleges.
The Foreign Ministry, in a statement issued before President Obama said he would seek congressional authorization before ordering strikes on Syria, said a U.S. attack would be a “gross violation” of international law.
Speaking out for the first time since an apparent chemical weapons attack near Damascus on Aug. 21, Putin called on President Obama to find a nonviolent way out of the crisis.
“I would like to address Obama as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate: Before using force in Syria, it would be good to think about future casualties,” Putin told Russian news agencies in Vladivostok during a tour of the country’s flood-stricken Far East.
“Russia is urging you to think twice before making a decision on an operation in Syria,” he said.
The White House argued Friday that intelligence shows more than 1,400 people died from exposure to chemical weapons in an attack carried out by the Syrian military.
Putin said he was sure the attack was the work of rebels trying to provoke international — and especially American — involvement in the Syrian conflict. The government of Bashar al-Assad, he said, would have had no reason to use chemical weapons at a time when it had gained the upper hand in the fighting.
Doing so, he said, would have been “utter nonsense’’ – with the clear implication that that is how he would characterize the American allegations.
On top of that, he said, the Obama administration’s “claims that proof exists, but is classified and cannot be presented to anybody, are below criticism. This is plain disrespect for their partners.”
Putin’s comments were soon underlined by a stern statement from the Foreign Ministry. After U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul had finished a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Saturday, the ministry declared, “Russia has expressed its conviction that any forceful action against Syria that the U.S. could carry out in circumvention of the U.N. Security Council would be an act of aggression and a gross violation of international law.”
Putin said he was surprised by the vote in Britain’s Parliament on Thursday not to join a U.S. attack on Syrian military targets. “It shows that there are people guided by common sense there,” he said.
Putin said he and Obama have not discussed Syria since the alleged chemical weapons attack occurred.
The Russian president is fond of needling his opponents, often adopting a tone of apparent reasonableness tinged with a considerable amount of condescension. A U.S. assault on Assad’s government would do nothing to hurt his standing, at home or in many countries abroad, where his contempt for Washington tends to play very well.
“The U.S. president and I certainly discussed this problem at the G-8” summit in June in Northern Ireland, Putin said Saturday. “And, by the way, we agreed then that we would jointly facilitate peace negotiations in Geneva, and the Americans committed themselves to bringing the armed opposition to these negotiations. I understand this is a difficult process, and it looks like they haven't succeeded in this.”
Obama arrives in St. Petersburg for the G-20 meeting on Thursday and leaves on Friday. The purpose of the gathering is to discuss economic growth, but the White House acknowledges there will be plenty of conversation about Syria on the side. There are currently no plans for a one-on-one meeting between Putin and Obama, who earlier this month decided not to attend a Moscow summit with the Russian president.
On Friday, the head of the foreign affairs committee of the lower house of parliament, Alexei Pushkov, said the Nobel committee should strip Obama of his 2009 Peace Prize if he launches an attack on Syria.