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Friday, February 12, 2010

2012: The End of the World? Pt.3 / Climate Catastrophes in 2010

         Record Snowfalls & other Extreme Weather in 2010
I wrote about the subject of ‘Extreme Weather’ and ‘Climate Change’ in some of my previous entries, Playing God with the Weather (11/11/09), Extreme Weather Events (10/19/09) and Weather Modification (10/10/09). It seems that the weather in 2010 is no less extreme than in 2009 and this may indeed turn out to be the most catastrophic year of the century so far, with the Haitian earthquake already claiming nearly the same number of lives as 2004 tsunami with hundreds of thousands more injured and maimed.  
In Matthew 24 Jesus’ disciples asked him to give them signs to look for that would reveal that the end of the world was near. He gave them a whole list of signs; prominent among the list are weather related signs. Beside the most devastating earthquake that this world has experienced in modern times, this winter has seen extreme snowfall from Washington to London to Russia to Mongolia to China, and extreme heat at the same time in the southern hemisphere. Whole villages have been buried in Mongolia, Russia has witnessed ‘SNOW CYCLONES’, there are devastating floods in Australia and Brazil, California has been hit by tornadoes, a rarity on the west coast and the list goes on and on. Weather in 2009 was extreme to say the least and if the beginning of 2010 is any indication, this year will be more extreme yet. As proven in some of my previous entries on the subject of extreme weather and weather manipulation, this change in climate may not all be due to natural causes or even manmade ones as reported in the mainstream media. Man has unlocked the Pandora’s box of weather control, we may just find out that man may not be as much in control as he thought he was, that the side effects of weather manipulation may be ‘severe’ indeed, catastrophic, as for instance the Haiti earthquake. Over a million livestock have been killed in Mongolia, a catastrophe for the poverty stricken nation. Stock up on food, water, batteries, and other necessities, you may need them sooner than you think. And pray – lots! Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
The following are links to news reports that show the extent of the severity of the ‘weather’ problem worldwide.

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