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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Truth is Not Out There (in Medialand)

My last entry titled National Lobotomy Day: Superbowl Sunday addressed the subject of the social conditioning aspects of mass media, especially television and more specifically sports programming on TV. I am of the opinion that almost all media, whether TV or print or on the internet serves the purpose of conditioning people into accepting a version of reality that is far from real. As a rule I do not watch TV and have not done so for many years now, I couldn’t tell you what the hit shows are on TV today or who the so-called stars are, why do people call ‘actors’ stars? However not all programming on TV is unintelligent but all of it is biased towards an anti biblical, antichristian viewpoint. I enjoy Sci-Fi TV programs and movies, and historical ones. I enjoy history, and I believe it is important for us to have an understanding of our past. ‘History repeats itself’ is an altogether true adage, the fundamental reason for this is that people just don’t know history, even recent history so they all too often repeat the mistakes of their forefathers. I have learnt a lot from Science Fiction programming, have received confirmation of truths I have discovered elsewhere, most often in the Bible.

Sci-Fi books and shows conceal a great deal of truth that is visible to those who have eyes to see. These programs really and truly have a ‘PROGRAMMING’ or ‘CONDITIONING’ aspect to them, in that they condition the viewers to first of all accept a false history of the Universe’s past and secondly they portray a false ‘United Nations’ type future for man and the Earth. In this future there is no mention of ‘good and evil’ but all creatures exist in a loose ‘federation’ regardless of any moral considerations. Star Trek is the big daddy in this genre as are the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars saga is essentially the story of Lucifer; of his transformation from a powerful angelic ‘light bearing’ cherubim to the prince of darkness. The transformation of Senator Palatine to the ‘Evil Emperor’ closely parallels the story of Lucifer including his attempt to build a Universal Empire in opposition to God. George Lucas twists this story by portraying God as a ‘Hinduised’, “Brahma’ like force instead of an individual, a person who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Jesus Christ is the invisible immaterial God made visible and material who came to bring man the KNOWLEDGE of Himself (God) so that we may KNOW and UNDERSTAND our Creator both with our minds and hearts. Lucas twists this reality on its head and portrays God as ‘THE FORCE’ that can only be felt not understood. His prophet ‘Yoda’ is much like the mystics and holy men of India that keep promoting the concept of emptying our minds and just ‘feeling’ which is what they classify as being spiritual. However biblically speaking God gave us a mind to be able to understand all knowledge that is available to man (not ALL KNOWLEDGE is yet available to man.) If you can’t understand it don’t accept it as gospel truth without researching for yourself and establishing the veracity of the information. Sometimes the truth of the information being presented, as for instance by this writer, is not readily apparent, so put it on back shelf, in time the understanding will come.

Sci-Fi shows and movies besides ‘predicting’ future events and technologies keep the populace deluded into accepting the ‘evolutionary’ model of the universe. If this myth can be continually perpetrated that we just don’t know what’s out there then we have no real explanation for our origins. This is why insiders like the late ‘Carl Sagan’ are always shown as listening or watching with their giant radio telescopes for ‘signs’ of intelligent life ‘OUT THERE’. I wonder what real purpose is served by the giant satellite dishes in Arizona and other places around the globe. It is the same with the UFO phenomenon, the alien abduction stories and crop circles. The propagation of the false paradigm that other ‘intelligences’ in the universe just don’t know who man is and therefore need to do ‘experiments’, to ‘study’ us in order to understand us is the real purpose of the UFO mythology as promoted by shows like X-Files and the whole UFO movement. The fact of the matter is that other than God the most known species in the entire universe is man. When God the Creator of all things chose to incarnate Himself He did it as ‘MAN’ not as an angel or any other ‘intelligent’ creature in the universe of which there exist an infinite number in shape, in form and in degree of intelligence. 1 Timothy 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.Man and the Earth are known by ‘ALL’ intelligences in all constellations, galaxies and planets. Those ‘intelligent’ creatures that come here surreptitiously know exactly who we are but portray themselves in a false light, as for example, the devil showing himself to an angel in order to deceive man; not to reveal the truth to him.

Something in ‘Battlestar Galactica’ that caught my ear was a dialogue between a 'CYLON' woman (an organic machine) and a 'human;' the cylon explained to the human that some intelligence other than an individual's own can actually exist in a person’s mind without it being a hallucination. This dialogue was in reference to the possibility of a computer chip having been implanted in the human’s brain. There exist technologies not necessarily operated by man that can project images of just about anything into the minds of men. This task I suppose becomes a lot easier if there is a chip that the computer that is being used to generate the image can interface with in the brain of the implantee. “IMAGINATION’ itself is derived from the word IMAGE or picture. Any image that comes into the mind of man must exist somewhere on this earth or in the universe or it cannot be ‘IMAGINED.’ This is how the designers of the creatures depicted in the Sci-Fi / fantasy genres ‘PICTURE’ what these creatures ought to look like; the IMAGE is literally projected on to their brains not from within themselves but rather from without. The same is true of the stories they write, they just don’t imagine or create the ‘worlds’ but rather tap into or channel into or dial into sources that provide them with information that is always based on ‘reality’ but which is almost always twisted to promote an anti God, anti Christian, anti-biblical bias! If the Bible is not true why do they go to such lengths to try and prove that it is false? Whenever a psycho lunatic is to be portrayed he is shown spouting verses of Biblical scripture, usually from the King James Bible. On the other hand, when a wise or gentle soul is to be portrayed he is depicted as a Buddhaesque figure, as for instance Yoda in the Star Wars movies, David Carradine in Kung-Fu, the Karate teacher in The Karate Kid movies, the ‘gifted’ children in Matrix and too many other shows and movies to name.

I learn a lot from Sci-Fi and fantasy programs such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies and I find that these shows and movies validate that which I know to be true from the Bible. But one has to look beyond their unbiblical bias in order to not become programmed into their thinking. The X-Files had a lot of information revealed that had to be read between the lines but that proved that the truth is not ‘out there’ but rather right in front of our faces if we only chose to look at it. One truth that became obvious in that show is that the differences between the ‘public’ and ‘private’ sector are fictions created to keep the public blinded to the fact that Big Business and Government are not at logger heads with each other but Big Business is Government and Government is Big Business. Even from within government agencies, people like Mulder were held hostage to the system that is antithetical to individual freedom and morality. The X-Files also revealed the ‘conspiratorial’ nature of society but as is often the case, the truth is mixed with so much that is outlandish in some instances, and just plain ridiculous in others, that even the plain truth becomes fiction by the time the show or season is over.

One show that is intelligent especially in the later seasons is Stargate SG-1, it is a well acted and well produced show that like the X-Files reveals secret technologies and programs that almost certainly are not all fictional. However like almost all Sci-Fi shows it has a very heavy eastern mystic philosophical bend. I suppose the god of this world (Satan) only finances shows that point to him as a savior rather than Jesus who died for our sins and rose from the dead to bring us life (John 3:16). An offshoot of Stargate SG-1 is 'Stargate Atlantis' which is a visually spectacular show, especially the flying city of Atlantis. The Bible speaks about the ‘New Heaven’ coming down to earth; this show reminded me of those scriptures (Rev. 21:10). The 'Atlantis' adventure begins with the discovery of an 'ancient' outpost buried in the ice fields of 'Antarctica' (I wonder if this is what Orwell alluded to in his book 1984.) This 'outpost' which is more like a city contains technological marvels the kinds of which are still the domain of Sci-Fi, at least for us average folks. I am convinced that this is the real reason for the 'fascination' of various ‘occult’ societies with Antarctica. It has one or more ancient cities that contain ancient ‘advanced’ technologies that were built in the days of Noah or perhaps even before Adam. An Atlantis like city may well exist down there and so may the Atlanteans whom the bible terms 'sons of God' (physical flesh and blood humans that came from other planets.) I just can't see any other reason for the magnetic attraction this frozen godless wilderness would hold for the Thules, the Nazis and their modern day successors. The producers of ‘Stargate Atlantis’ credit the DOD, the US Space command (does this name not sound like its military, yet we are told there are no weapons in space) and another agency in the production of their show so we can rest assured that this information is not just coming from someone’s imagination, is not purely fictional.

James Bond movies are always treasure troves of secret technologies that sooner or later find their way into the mainstream. Goldfinger showed GPS technology in the sixties, On Her Majesty`s Service showed radioactive lint, Goldeneye had space based energy weapons, For Your Eyes Only had remote controlled flying craft in the 80’s, and much more. The storylines too have much secret information that has to be gleaned if one has knowledge of the real history of modern intelligence agencies. ‘They Live’ is an 80’s John Carpenter offering that revealed the hidden agenda of modern media, especially television, how media is used as a control mechanism, though seemingly benign it is far more insidious than most people realize. The Matrix movies, though promoting eastern mysticism, were nonetheless interesting in their portrayal of the ‘crafted’ reality that most people believe to be the real world. Many movies are made that have a predictive and conditioning agenda such as Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 that predict future events as well as mold public opinion by presenting flawed hypotheses. Others are based on information and technologies that may exist but not in the public domain such as 10.5 and 10.5 Apocalypse about catastrophic seismic activity in North America, particularly on the west coast. Another one titled ‘Killer Wave’ showed the possibility of tsunamis being artificially created.

Let me conclude by saying that the biblical view of the Universe is not that of an empty wasteland but rather of ‘worlds’ teeming with intelligent life and technologies far surpassing anything that we see on Earth (at least in the public domain.) Space travel between worlds in various constellations, galaxies and solar systems may be like intercontinental travel on Earth today; it may be far more common than we can visualize. The inhabitants of those worlds know very well what’s out there and they know full well what’s down here on Earth. It is man alone of all intelligent species, both good and evil whose mind is clouded with misinformation and disinformation. Man’s mind is clouded because man’s heart is corrupt and he therefore welcomes all explanations for his existence that support the viewpoint that there is no Creator that will one day hold him accountable for his actions. The hidden wizards behind the curtain, the powers that be that shape our world are all too willing to comply with the masses and create for them a 'Hollywood' reality that has no basis in reality. Jeremiah 5:31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? People are fooled because they want to be fooled, if they really wanted the truth, they would certainly find it. So if you are waiting for the aliens to come down and show you what’s out there; let it be known that the aliens are already down here (the bible calls them ‘devils’) and what they will show you may dazzle the eyes but will only cloud your minds further, much as the chemtrails cloud a clear blue sky and fill it with a smoky haze through which the heavens are impossible to view.



  1. Lindsey Willams makes a good point... The elite will always tell you what they are about to do before they do it. Despite it being proclaimed prior and mountains of evidence indicating its validity the majority do not want to believe it. God help us.

  2. The entire battle here on earth is spiritual. Mankind has been here six millenia and satan and his fallen angels since before that. They initially saw our creators purpose for man, being eventually made higher than them and were jealous and fell. They have messed with scripture, archaeology, history books and everything else to trip us up from knowing the truth. The true Gospel of our future and the ultimate plan for the millenial kingdom and opportunity for all who have ever lived to share in it, was hidden. Consider reading: book of Enoch, scripture from original hebrew text (i am not jewish) restored church of god literature, fossilized customs as to our pagan assimilation of sun god tradition into religion. see YHWH, YA, Elohim and original sabbath...seventh day which is his mark of true followers. No wonder there is so much confusion and satan holds the world in his sway. With love, Annie

  3. My favorite bumper sticker reads:

    WARNING: Television contains psycho-political programming and subliminal thought alteration.

    I got rid of cable television over 15 years ago. Now, all that I have is 5 channels via a rabbit ear antenna. Since the conversion to digital My reception has improved two-fold. I get an ABC affiliate and a PBS. With the internet who needs TV, and I'm lucky to get that here, I'm talking the boon-docks where you have to pump in sunshine!

    This site is very informative.