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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Flat Earth Truth is not out there in The X-Files

This video is based on the episode titled Biogeneis which was episode 22 of season 6 of the X-Files. The X-Files has been the most influential Sci-Fi program to date, viewed by 100 of millions of people worldwide. In this video I want to show that the purpose of all Information Systems (Education, Movies, Television, Music, Sports, News, Organized Religion, even cartoons) is not just to educate or entertain or to provide Spiritual nourishment but rather to indoctrinate, to manipulate and control the thought processes and minds of people, to obfuscate the truth, Since Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH; the ultimate goal of all information, other than from the Bible, especially the King James Version of the English Bible is to hide the Plain Truth of our Creator, of God our Maker and of Jesus Christ our Saviour. The Bible tells us that the god of this world, Satan, has blinded the minds of those who do not believe in Jesus, and Satan does this using the information systems listed above. Sometimes, as in the case of The X-Files the deception is hidden in the form of clever entertainment but nonetheless there is a very clever agenda at work, which becomes easier to spot as the shroud of darkness is lifted off our minds through faith in Christ Jesus.