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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Truth about China's miracle Economy - It ain't a miracle, it's a mirage!

There is a lot of lopsidedly-bullish analysis on China in the mainstream press and in the "blogosphere". Less so today than two years ago, but still enough to suggest that China's problems are not generally understood. To do our bit to counter-balance the aforementioned bullish analysis, here is a list of 14 reasons to be a China bear:

1) We regularly read that China's economy is growing at 8%/year or 9%/year or some other impressive-sounding rate. These are simply numbers that China's government concocts for public consumption; they don't reflect what's really happening. It's possible that right now China's economy is not growing at all and it's certain that a significant part of the growth of the past several years is a monetary illusion rather than something sustainable.

Read More: 14 reasons to be a bear in a China shop

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

India's Economic powerhouse dreams shattered as reality bites hard!

Blogman's Notes:

In my Economic Collapse News Update on May 24, I had written the following in the introduction: "Most analysts who were not on the payroll of the banksters / gangsters that run the world warned that the emperor had no clothes, especially in regards to India." For several years now, India has been promoted as an Economy to rival China and the US. Some Indian people I spoke to a few months ago were so taken by this media illusion that they deluded themselves into believing that India would one day overtake China as the 2nd largest Economy in the world. I could only shake my head in disbelief at such ignorance of the facts. However the fact is that facts cannot be hidden forever, and only now is the truth of India's true and sorry Economic condition coming to light as the following CNBC report details. I stand by my conclusion that before the end of this decade, India will either be devastated by civil war or will be involved in a amjor war with Pakistan, and possibly even China; these wars will be the cover that will be used to deflect blame for the nation's Economic woes from the corrupt politicians and corporate leaders to foreign powers.

India's Tumbling Rupee Triggers Convertible Bond Turmoil

When promising tech company Subex sold $180 million in five-year convertible bonds in March 2007 to fund the acquisition of a Canadian technology company, India was at the height of an unprecedented market boom.
PhotosIndia | Getty Images

The economy was growing at more than 9 percent a year, the Indian rupee [INR=  55.71    0.525  (+0.95%)   ] was rallying towards a record high against the dollar and the Bombay Stock Exchange's main index had surged six-fold in the previous five years, even trumping the performance of China's much vaunted Shanghai stocks.
Today, India and Subex face a different reality altogether. The stock market has dropped by a fifth from the end of 2007 and the rupee in recent weeks has hit successive record lows — a costly combination for Indian companies which together face foreign currency convertible bond redemptions this year of nearly $5.5 billion.
"There will be some casualties," said Jacques Berghmans, a Brussels-based India convertibles manager with TreeTop Asset Management, which looks after about 1 billion euros in assets. "Some of the companies are already over-leveraged and they will find it tough raising fresh funding in this market," he said.
Investor fear about the fate of the euro zone is the latest factor to have hit confidence in India, undermining the currency.
But investors have raised a number of India-specific red flags to explain why the rupee is the biggest losing currency this year in Asia among those monitored daily by Reuters, including a swelling current account, heavy government spending particularly on subsidies such as oil, a rash of unpredictable regulations and tax and a coalition that is struggling to push through any reforms to bolster an economy now growing at just above 6 percent.

Monday, May 28, 2012

China executes young people for body organs!

Blogman's Notes:

Shocking as the title of this entry sounds, it is nonetheless the truth. This is the same China that is the darling of the Political / Financial elites of the world having built it up to the status of the #2 Economy in the world while destroying the economies of most of the developed world, the US in particular. In the following Guardian Report on the selling of Body organs, especially kidneys, of healthy people, for profit, what caught my eye was a small paragraph that states that China has promised to stop harvesting organs of executed prisoners by 2017. First of all why are they harvesting organs of people that they execute, and if they truly intend to stop this heinous practice, why wait till 2017? There have been accusations in the alternative media, never in the mainstream media, that China executes hundreds, possibly thousands of young, healthy people every year with the express intent of selling their organs! And then people wonder why God will send judgement upon this world?

Psalm 10:8 He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages: in the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the poor.

A medical source with knowledge of the situation said: "While commercial transplantation is now forbidden by law in China, that's difficult to enforce; there's been a resurgence there in the last two or three years.
"Foreigners from the Middle East, Asia and sometimes Europe come and are paying $100,000 to $200,000 for a transplant. Often they are Chinese expats or patients of Chinese descent."
Some of China's army hospitals were believed to be carrying out the transplants, the source added.
The persistence of the trade is embarrassing for China. The health ministry in Beijing has outlawed it and has also promised to stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners by 2017, a practice that has brought international condemnation.

Organ donor Hu Jie
Organ donor Hu Jie, 25, a Chinese migrant worker, who changed his mind about selling his kidney but could not escape surgery once he had signed for it. Photograph: Nicola Davison

Zombie Apocalypse???

Maybe there is some significance to all those Zombie movies that have been Hollywood fare for 40+ years now. 

Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ face off victim - Miami-Dade -

Economic Collapse News - Death of the dollar

Published on May 27, 2012 by 
From a Hemingway story: How did you go bankrupt? Slowly at first, then all at once! Seems like the slow death of the dollar and the slow bankruptcy of America is moving from the slow stage to the all at once stage...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Earth Changes accelerating - Mega earthquakes, storms ahead?

Excellent article from The Extinction Protocol Blog

Rumblings of the Apocalypse: the day all hell breaks loose on Earth

“I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the Earth, holding the four winds of the Earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth…till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads.” Revelation 7:1-3
May 28, 2011 – The Bible gives us a frightening and apocalyptic glimpse into what degree Earthchanges will ultimately devastate the planet in the near future. Until recently, the dimensional horror of just how bad things could get as described in the book of Revelation was dismissed by modern critics as nothing more than a religious fairy tale. Some historians considered the plagues  in the 16thChapter of the Book of Revelation to be impossible by all the natural laws of science just 20 years ago. As we look around at the devastating toll earthchanges have already taken on our planet just this year, it seems now no one is laughing anymore. 2nd plague- Every living thing dies in the sea (Revelation 16:3). When millions of marine animals across the globe begin washing up on beaches in 2011, most for reasons still unknown, people begin to believe this plague is not only possible but now more probable than ever given the deteriorating health and pollution of our oceans. 4th Plague: “Power was given unto him (the Sun) to scorch men with fire.” (Revelation 16:8). The present solar cycle 24 (2012-2013) is already showing signs that it may be progressively one of the most turbulent in more than a millennia. NASA is already issuing warnings of potential catastrophes. 6th Plague: “The great river Euphrates and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared.” (Revelation 16:12) According to this Bloomberg report, the Euphrates River began drying up in the year 2009- right around the same time western countries were devastated by the Economic Crash of 2008-2009, and economic power shifted from the West to the rising powers of the East- mainly Russia and China. “And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.” Revelation 16:21. Hail from super-cell storm systems is getting larger and now the 100 lb balls of ice described as destroying the Earth in the Book of Revelation doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched anymore. In July 23, 2010, some of the largest hailstones ever seen fell in Vivian South Dakota from a super-cell storm system that produced violent outbreaks of tornadoes. The SD hailstones were measured at more than 8 inches in diameter and left craters in the ground. (Above) This week, that record was shattered by a monster hailstone almost one and half times that size which fell during a violent thunderstorm that struck Norman, Oklahoma. The day all hell breaks loose on Earth may be closer than any of us realize.  -The Extinction Protocol
 Earth’s energy barriers all eroding: The scope and magnitude of the crisis at hand is only now becoming apparent to the casual observer. Perhaps the clearest sign yet of an imminent extinction event on Earth is the same one depicted by the four angels standing on the four corners of the Earth preventing the winds of strife from blowing on the Earth. “Holding the winds” is easily translated as regulating the forces of energy that if unleashed could destroy our planet. This ‘letting go’ or ‘breaking down’ of the barriers which regulate the energies which maintains life on our planet will plunge Earth’s inhabitants into an unprecedented crisis and struggle for survival. To be even more specific; the breaking down of the barriers which regulate energy flow is at the heart of the destructive changing sweeping across our world. The ‘jet-stream’ is now rabid and is engaged in erratic swings across the globe. The jet-stream separates warm air from polar air. When cold and warm air collides; turbulent tornadic weather is the result. The planet’s ever-weakening magnetic field protects Earth from being seared by ionized forces from the Sun. It is growing weaker- declining by as much as 10% over the last 150 years. Similarly, the Sun’s heliosphere which protects the solar system from cosmic ray inundation has weakened by 25% in the last decade. La Niña, El Niño, The Thermohaline Circulation (Ocean conveyor belt) are all energy-regulators in the world’s oceans and all appear to be in a state of flux. Mantle, which caps magmatic pressures, also appears to becoming more kinetic, unstable, and seismically volatile. A pole-shift is a loss of equilibrium and the force of balance. “The Earth shall reel to and from like a drunkard..and it shall fall, and not rise again.” Isaiah 24:20. In my eyes, the Bible has sufficiently vindicated itself both scientifically and as a book of divine prophecy that appears to be in march-lock-and step with forecasting the earthchanges now unfolding across our planet. –The Extinction Protocol

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Occupy Canada - The Protest movement gathers steam

From Russia Today -

Mass arrests: Over 700 Canadian protesters detained in police crackdown (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published: 24 May, 2012, 18:39
Montreal police watch protesters on May 23, 2012 during a demonstration against student tuition hikes (AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)

TAGS: CrimeProtestLawEducationPolice
Over 700 students have been arrested in Canada during the latest night of rallies against tuition fee hikes and the adoption of controversial bill that is widely seen as a tool to limit freedom of speech, association and assembly.
Police in Montreal dispersed unsanctioned protests and arrested 518 demonstrators on Wednesday night. The arrests were also made in Quebec City, where some 170 were detained, and in Sherbrooke. There were no reports of injuries or casualties.
Police used kettling tactics to encircle the protesters and contain them within a small space. People reportedly threw projectiles such as fireworks and bottles at officers, forcing them to carry out extensive arrests.
Most of those detained have already been released. Some face $1,000 fines.
For over 14 weeks, Canada has been facing the most sustained student demonstration in its history. The protest on Wednesday started as a peaceful march of thousands, just like the majority of previous rallies.
In order to give the police another non-lethal means of pressure on protesters, Quebec’s legislative assembly adopted a bill that introduces enormous fines of $24,000 to $122,000 against unions and student organizations which do not stop their members from protesting. Individuals found guilty of organizing a protest now face a fine of some $34,000. 
On Tuesday, the movement marked the 100th day of demonstrations against the tuition hikes of around $250 per year with a massive rally in Montreal. Over 120 people were detained following the event.
Demonstrators match on May 23, 2012 as they protest student tuition hikes.(AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)
Demonstrators match on May 23, 2012 as they protest student tuition hikes.(AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)
Demonstrators match on May 23, 2012 as they protest student tuition hikes (AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)
Demonstrators match on May 23, 2012 as they protest student tuition hikes (AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)
Montreal police march during a protest against student tuition hikes on the 100th day of Quebec′s student strikes, in downtown Montreal May 22, 2012 (AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)
Montreal police march during a protest against student tuition hikes on the 100th day of Quebec's student strikes, in downtown Montreal May 22, 2012 (AFP Photo / Andre Tremblay)

Friday, May 25, 2012

100 % Probability of Global Recession in 2013: Marc Faber


Marc Faber Sees 100% Probability Of Global Recession In 2013

Tyler Durden's picture

From around two minutes into this CNBC clip, Marc Faber brings the conversation back into sharp focus. Noting that "whenever everybody focuses on just one thing - Greece and Europe in this case - there are other things that are far more important - such as a meaningful slowdown in India and China - going on that are being ignored". But remaining on the topic of Europe, Faber consistently opines that the next event risk will be the Greek exit - even though Faber suspects strongly that Germany will cave to Eurobonds eventually - as he comments that the longer the delay of a restructuring/default/exit/euro-bonds takes the higher the probability of a gigantic systemic failure. This subject brings up (at around 3:30) an interesting perspective that the European market would be oddly relieved (not plunging 50%) if Greek exited the Euro as there would be some clarity (though Faber adds that bank and insurance stocks would likely be crushed). At five minutes in though, Faber ramps up the rhetoric noting that while stock indices are not performing terribly, there are many economically sensitive (and luxury) stocks that are down very significantly - which suggests to him that the huge asset price run of the last decades in come to an end prompting the question of the day from CNBC's Cramer-stand-in "You're not looking for a recession in the US are you?" Faber, in his calm, thoughtful way responds, "I think we will have a global recession late this year, early next year", to which a stunned Wapner asks for odds (surely 30%, 50%?) of this recession - "100% certainty" comes the reply to leave Wapner throwing in the towel on any positive spin as Faber suggests the only 'investment' in this case is 'Cash USD' and investors must own some gold.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here’s the REAL DEAL NO BS Situation with Europe (Warning What Follows is EXTREMELY BAD)

Here’s the REAL DEAL NO BS Situation with Europe (Warning What Follows is EXTREMELY BAD)

Economic Collapse Update May 24, 2012

Economic Collapse Update May 24, 2012 - Zombie Collapse close to death

Transcript of video report:

Hello: This is Paul Sandhu with another Economic Collapse News Update on Wed. May 24, 2012. Today I want to reference a few reports that will prove to us once again, and hopefully for all time, that the world is in the midst of an unprecedented Economic catastrophe not just another crisis. For the longest time the MSM was telling us that the BRICS nations would save the day for the Global Economy. Most analysts who were not on the payroll of the banksters / gangsters that run the world warned that the emperor had no clothes, especially in regards to India. Now as facts fast overtake the fiction of CNBC, Bloomberg, the WSJ and others, it turns out that these nations are on the precipice themselves; it is highly doubtful that they will be able to save their own hides let alone that of America and Europe. How shameful it is that the world has come to this stage where the wealthiest and most developed nations of the world have to look for handouts from two of the most destitute nations on Earth, China and India. Yes they both have shiny new glass and steel towers in Shanghai and Mumbai but the majority of people in these countries do not earn enough to afford two subsistence level meals a day let alone 3 square meals. Everyone thinks of some sub-Saharan nations in Africa as the most destitute in the world but the fact is that India has the largest percentage of malnourished people, especially malnourished children, in the world. A country that cannot even afford to feed half its population is supposed to save the world? Hundreds of millions of people in China are similarly poverty stricken and destitute; yet the media paints China as the next Economic / military power in the world. Pull all the Western corporations out of China and India, and these nations will not only be third world, they will be fifth or sixth world. These obvious truths continue to elude the MSM, and therefore the majority of people that watch CNN, CNBC etc. remain forever ignorant, believing media hype like the Facebook IPO rather than studying for themselves and becoming educated in facts, not in media fictions.

Let me begin with this report on India from The Economic Times:

HP to lay off 27,000 employees - business is booming!

From The Wall Street Journal

Hewlett-Packard’s fiscal second-quarter earnings, and official word of a big restructuring program, just hit the Tape.
The company topped estimates on both the top and bottom line. H-P earned 80 cents a share, or 98 cents a share, non-GAAP, on sales of $30. 69 billion. The Street consensus was for earnings of 74 cents a share, 91 cents, non-GAAP, on sales of $29.926 billion.
But the numbers were down from a year ago, when the company earned $1.05 a share, or $1.24, non-GAAP, on sales of $31.63 billion.
Looking ahead, H-P said it estimates non-GAAP 3Q EPS is going to be between 94c and 97c, which was below the Street’s $1.02 EPS expectations. But the company also raised its outlook for the year up to non-GAAP EPS of $4.05 to $4.10, above analysts’ expectations of $4.03. Originally, H-P said it expected better than $4.
Shares are up in late trading, gaining 6.1% to $22.36, in part on a big restructuring plan the company announced, which includes laying off 27,000 employees. That, of course, means costs will go way down, which the Street always loves. It’s far less welcome to the 27,000 being let go, or the ones left behind, for that matter, who have to pick up the slack.
The program will save the company $3-$3.5 billion in fiscal 2014.
H-P says moves “are necessary to improve execution and to fund the long-term health of the company.” H-P will turn its focus on cloud computing, big data analytics and security — areas where many other tech giants are also aiming. One thing that definitely would help the company’s long-term health is steady leadership at the top.
The company’s stock has been on a mostly downward trek from $54.60 in April 2010, four months before CEO Mark Hurd left.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Israeli minister warns, "Deal or no deal, Iran may be bombed"

Blogman's Notes:

What a world we live in, where people are ready to bomb other people, and inflict all manner of pain and torture upon them for no valid reason. And we call ourselves civilized! No, man is evil at heart and the evidence of the evil is all around us. And yet people take issue with the rightful observation of God their Creator that there is none righteous, none that does good! If people were basically good at heart, this world would more closely resemble Paradise than the hell it is for the vast majority of humans. Sadly, things are only going to get a whole lot worse, not better. Prepare yourself accordingly! By the sounds of it, Iran is damned if it does abide by the Nuclear watchdog requirements and bombed if it doesn't. O where is justice and equity in this world - seems like there is none!
Isaiah 59:4None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.
From RussiaToday

A military strike against Iranian facilities is not out of the question, even though Tehran has reached agreement on a probe with the UN’s nuclear watchdog, says Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
The official was referring to a deal announced on Tuesday by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Barak called it an Iranian ploy to fend off international pressure.
The minister told Army Radio that "a nuclear Iran is intolerable and no options should be taken off the table," referring to the use of force.
He said the only way Israel could see Iran develop its civilian nuclear industry is if it shuts down all of its uranium enrichment sites and uses imported fuel.
The comments came as Iranian nuclear negotiators are meeting the P5+1 group in Baghdad on Wednesday. They are to discuss the conflict over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which the West suspects of being a clandestine attempt to build an atomic weapon. Iran insists its pursuits are purely civilian.
"Dragging things out, in our eyes, is problematic, so conversations between the West and Iran must occur more frequently. North Korea also negotiated with the West but in the end tested nuclear weapons," Barak pointed out.
Last week US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said the Pentagon has a plan for a military strike on Iran, and may carry it out if ordered.
"It would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically and through the use of pressure than to use military force," he said.
Possible use of force against Iran has been discussed by Israel and its western allies for months. Israel insists on the right to strike when and if it sees fit, saying it will not ask for anyone’s consent. There is fear that if such an attack happens, Iran would retaliate at any forces it sees as enemies, which could result in a major regional war

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Recovery Is an Illusion - interview with John Williams of Shadow Stats

John Williams, author of the newsletter, shines light on his interpretations of the GDP, CPI, unemployment and other government statistics in this exclusive Gold Report interview from the recent Recovery Reality Check conference. Highlights include what the money supply measures tell him and why QE3 will be a hard sell.

Read More

JPM, Facebook, Gold … And The Potential of A Titanic Financial Market Event

JPM, Facebook, Gold … And The Potential of A Titanic Financial Market Event / Well analysed article by Bill Murphy of Le Metropole Cafe

JP Morgan:The reason for this rare, extra commentary over a weekend is to focus on a couple of points which really stand out in their particular significance and are worth pondering in terms of what is coming down the road for financial markets.

The first is what we jumped all over on PLANET GATA from the get-go about the JP Morgan hedge trade flap gone wrong. It made NO sense from the very beginning to any of us that such a commotion was made over a $2 billion loss on a trade, for whatever reason, when they had just reported yearly gains of $18 billion. Clearly, Mr. Dimon’s public pronouncement, that caught the attention of the entire investment world, was only paving the way for future announcements that will be much more dramatic. All he was doing when he inferred the losses MIGHT get worse was protecting himself, as best he could, by going on the record....

Facebook: It was another Wall Street bailout — but this time the banks had to cough up the cash. Facebook’s underwriters propped up the social-network’s trading debut yesterday, as the shares threatened to crash through the initial public offering price of $38. The banks working on the massive $16 billion IPO, including Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, did their duty by buying up large blocks of Facebook stock toward the end of the day to support the price.
Facebook shares opened up 11 percent at $42.05, and traded as high as $45, before running out of steam, disappointing investors hoping for a big first-day pop. The shares closed up just 0.6 percent at $38.23.
Without the bank bailout, Facebook’s IPO would have been a loser on the day, Wall Street insiders said.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Economic News Update 05-20 / Coming Collapse, War and Police State

Today is Sunday May 20, 2012. This is Paul Sandhu with another brief Economic Collapse News update. The following are some of the stories that have made headlines over the past few days:
  • ·        Facebook IPO was a flop. People who thought that they would double their money overnight were shocked when stock went sideways and down rather than straight up as they expected. This is a good lesson for everyone of us to beware of everything that Wall Street and the Media hype. They create a frenzy to sucker people into losing money, and thereby making the insiders fabulously wealthy. All this hype, like with Apple, is another method of transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the elites. If you can’t understand the business model as to why some investment should make money, don’t get hyped into investing in it. I believe Facebook stock will go down a lot more yet, and will probably never be a good investment.
  • ·        Spain and Greece and Italy, and even Germany and England are seeing mass demonstrations against Austerity: Harsh Austerity is like demanding a hardcore addict to quit his heroin addiction cold turkey. All you end up doing is killing the patient. After getting nations addicted to the drug of massive debts, the bankers are now wanting them to quit cold turkey, it’s just can’t work. It will completely destroy the nations that are being austerrorized; but perhaps that’s the plan, to destroy the economies of individual nations, thereby decimating the Global Economy. Here’s a quote from one of the organizers of the Frankfurt, Germany protests: “We are in solidarity with the people of Greece and other European countries who are already gravely suffering from cuts across the board which threaten their very existence,'' organizer spokesman Roland Seuss said. I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. 
  •         The G-8 nations, minus Russia’s Putin, held a meeting in the US where it was announced that they will be balancing Austerity and Growth. That’s like saying that they will be trying to make omelets without cracking any eggs, or they will be trying to juggle while walking across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope, or they will be trying to skydive without using a parachute; I guess you get the picture. What it seems like is that more nations, including the US, are being targeted for Austerrorization. The gravy train has run out of gravy; watch as the millions that have been forced on to food stamps in the US are squeezed just like the Greeks are being squeezed. How long before we see desperate Americans committing suicide in Times Square as has happened in Greece and Italy? 
  • ·        Peace loving NATO, which only bombs nations back to the Stone Age as a last resort, is meeting in Chicago where mass protests are expected. A military organization generally meets in secret to discuss their business, so why has this meeting been heavily advertised along with draconian security procedures unless it’s a drill to train paramilitary police forces and the military to practice their tactics in the setting of a major American city? Just like the G-20 meetings that were held in Toronto 2 years ago were heavily advertised and the paramilitary police got to practice their Gestapo tactics, the choice of Chicago as the site for this meeting also seems to have been carefully selected to introduce more Police State policies, and to continue the militarization of police forces in the US and the developed world. They could easily have met on a military base somewhere that no protestor could have come within a 100 miles of, so I believe they want protestors, and protests as with the G-20 in Pittsburg and Toronto where they got to test sound canons and other exotic weaponry on their own citizens. Welcome to the Brave New World!
  • ·        Ireland’s banks are in need of more bailouts; the billions that they got haven’t made them sound, so billions more of taxpayers money is needed: The luck of the Irish certainly seems to have run out, after bailing out their banks, Anglo-Irish in particular, and throwing the Irish economy into a tailspin, the Irish Govt. will soon be required to give them billions. These banks are in the protection racket; if they don’t get their payments every few months, they threaten to blow up the country. The fact is that the country will blow up regardless, so why keep paying these shylocks? 
  • ·        This report is from Crumbling BRICs... And Why The Developed World Is Not "Taking Off" Either / The gist of this report is that data that is much hyped in the Media is self – reported; it is in China’s interest to report 9% growth but is that a realistic figure? Using peripheral data, this report concludes that the hottest economies in the world, the BRICS nations may themselves be suffering from a case of severe flu, and can hardly manage to keep their own fragile economies together let alone save the rest of the world. I have written on numerous occasions in the past that the economies of India and China, India in particular are a house of cards, more of an illusion than reality. So when the reality of their true condition can no longer be hidden, the shock waves will be felt around the world as they have already begun to be felt. 
  • ·        And finally this report form Russia Today: Going ballistic: Pakistan prepares nuclear-capable missile test / Pakistan will yet again test a ballistic missile by the end of the month, heating up the burgeoning arms race on the Indian subcontinent. Again I have contended that while everyone focuses on Israel / Iran / Middle East as far as potential war hot spots are concerned, in my estimation the India / Pakistan war scenario may be much more catastrophic since they are both Nuclear powers and have already fought 3 major wars and are constantly engaged in skirmishes that can develop into a war at any given moment.

In conclusion, as I mentioned in my last update, although I speak a lot about the Economy, I do it in the context of Biblical prophecy. The Economic System, in which we are all involved to a greater or lesser degree rules the lives of almost all humans on the planet. This System has been prophesied to come to a crashing end, and I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the System. This is not just another Recession or Depression; combined with all the other events that are transpiring in our world, what the world is staring at is nothing short of the end of the world as we know it. Yet the majority slumbers and sleeps, please take the red pill and open your eyes, the world is dramatically different than the fantasy world created by the System of entertainment and sports that people think is the real world.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Economic Collapse News Video Update - May 17, 2012

Economic Collapse News Update – May 17, 2012

Since I have started to do more frequent updates, I figured the simplest way would be to find one source that lists daily News Reports on the Economic / Political front and offer my commentary on these reports. is an excellent site that compiles a great deal of information on these subjects, so for the most part I will take their headlines and add my two cents worth to them. Links to the reports are included in the description and the full transcript is posted on my blog at

·       As ZH warned last week, JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50% (NYT) – in my last report I suggested that there was an ulterior motive to this announcement of losses by JPM. A $2 billion loss for JPM is a drop in the bucket that could easily have been covered up but a $20 billion or $200 billion loss is another story. I think this is only the beginning of this saga, and this story is sure to get much more interesting over the coming weeks and months. The summer of 2012 will be very hot; the heat is being turned up on all matters Economic, all across the world, and by winter of 2012 expect many nations and Middle Class people to have been burnt to a crisp when they thought that all they would get is a nice suntan.  
·       Spanish recession bites, may be prolonged (Reuters)Spain is in a Depression not Recession, and yes it will be prolonged, for decades if not longer!
·       Obama Lunch With Boehner Ends With Standoff Over Budget (Bloomberg)Remember the Debt Ceiling drama form a year ago? Well, it seems that that was just the introductory act; the real play will be staged closer towards election time. I would look for Obama to lose this election and President Romney to introduce harsh austerity to America. Of course this will be done to bring America back to Economic health, except it will not! Just as the heat will be turned up over the summer, the winter chill will be severe, especially if Austerrorized Americans may no longer be able to afford to heat their homes.
·       Hilsenrath: Fed Minutes Reflect Wariness About Recovery's Strength (WSJ) – Well no kidding! The Fed knows very well that all it has been doing through QE 1 and 2 and Operation Twist is to dance around the problem even as the problem keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Unless Bernanke is the biggest fool that ever lived (being an ex-Princeton professor, he may well be); but in reality he has to know to true state of the Economy and how close we are to a total implosion of the US and Global Economy. So is it any surprise that the Fed is expressing wariness at the strength of the recovery? What are they smoking there at the Fed to even suggest there has been anything close to resembling a recovery?
·       N. Korea Ship Seizes Chinese Boats for Ransom, Global Times Says (Bloomberg) / this seems to be another one of those ‘Propaganda’ stories put out there to serve the plans of the elitist warmongering Global cabal. North Korea could no more take on China than a newborn could take on Hulk Hogan.  It is more likely that the moon is made out of cheese than N. Korea is a threat to anyone; not even to S. Korea or Japan, let alone the US or Europe. N. Korea was intentionally created to be the boogeyman in that region, and the corrupt leaders of that country certainly play their part in maintaining that illusion.
·       Greece Plans for June 17 Vote Under Caretaker Government (Bloomberg) / The rejection of the German Austerity plan by Greeks is another manufactured crisis. Greece and the Greek people are the sacrificial lambs to fulfill the plans of the Powers that be to completely collapse the Global Economy. Collapse Europe, and the Global Economy collapses. Collapse Europe and the US together, and it will be a collapse from which there never can be a recovery. A collapse that will result in major wars, revolutions, civil wars, and God only knows all the consequences that will be the result of such a collapse. However all the evidence points to the fact that the elites are not busy working to prevent the collapse but rather to cause the collapse. Greece just happens to be a convenient scapegoat to engineer such a collapse.
·       Hollande turns to experience to fill French posts (FT) / Just as Obama brought real change to the American Economic model by appointing Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 era bureaucrats (I’m being facetious); so too will Mgr. Hollande bring real change to Europe by keeping the same Sarkozy era bureaucrats and following the same policies. He is already comfortably in bed with Angela Merkel of Germany, so all we have in France is a little taller Sarkozy. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!
·       ECB Stops Loans to Some Greek Banks as Draghi Talks Exit (Bloomberg) / Greek banks are being massacred as Greeks withdraw their money from these banks by the billions (as they should.) Now the ECB is cutting off funding for these banks, ensuring that many of them are going to fail! As mentioned in the previous Greece story, that nation is being squeezed hard. Only problem is that have already given away all the Feta they had, and the olive trees have already been picked bare, so what are the Greeks supposed to do, give their first-borns to the EU?
·       Spain Urges EU to Provide More Support (WSJ) / wasn’t it just 3 weeks ago that the Spanish President declared that Spain would not need bailouts? Yeah right! And I have beachfront property in Arizona if anyone’s interested!
·       Fed’s Bullard Says Labor Policy Is Key to Cut Joblessness (Bloomberg) / how many more policies do we need to cut joblessness? Do any of the policymakers even understand that it is their policies that cause joblessness in the first place? Actual I’m quite certain that they do understand it; they say one thing but they do the exact opposite. They keep talking about how they want a recovery, how they want more jobs, more prosperity but anyone that has been keeping track understands clearly that their policies have only exacerbated the problems. Since even Princeton profs can’t be that stupid, we have to conclude that whatever the real consequences, such as joblessness, rampant inflation and loss of sovereignty that are being felt by people across the Globe are the consequences that are intended to be the result of such policies. It is all being done by design! You are the target if you are not one of the .1%; and just because you may feel secure today in America or Australia or Germany or one of the other regions of the world that have not yet been decimated, just wait, your turn is sure to come, and it may be coming sooner than you think!

Till next time this is Paul Sandhu. Remember, Life is not the Economy but most of us have lived life as if it was the Economy; it is high time for us to disengage from the Rat Race. In order to do that we have to have a clear understanding of what is happening in the Economic / Political realm of the world we live in; I hope these updates are helpful in gaining better understanding of our world than that which the mainstream media provides.