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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bank Bailouts favor the 1%, defraud the 99% | Video |

Sounding off against the Bankia bailout in Spain | Video |

Sounding off against the Bankia bailout in Spain. On Saturday small shareholders gather outside Bankia headquarters in Madrid decrying a bailout they say favored the rich SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) 68-YEAR-OLD PROTESTER, MANUEL, SAYING: "In this country only rich people get saved, those who steal a lot of money. If a man steals a piece of bread and sausage to feed his family, he goes to jail. And those who steal millions, like Bankia and all the other banks, are enjoying yachts, good houses, good meals, good clothes." Under the slogan "Face the Banks", a number of pensioners affected by the economic crisis stage regular protests in front of Madrid's Bankia headquarters. Saturday's protest in Madrid was one of more than 30 protests staged across the country. Deborah Lutterbeck, Reuters

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