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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moderate Egypt becomes Saudi Arabia (Sharia + Military rule) - Pity the Egyptian people!

Blogman's Notes: As predicted here over a year ago in Feb. of 2011, this blogger did not expect a rosy end to the Egyptian spring that CNN, BBC and other mainstream networks were hailing as a victory for democracy and freedom. I had speculated at that time that in the end the Egyptian people would be worse off than they were under Mubarak, just as the Libyan people are much worse off than they were under Gaddafi. With the announced victory of the Muslim brotherhood with a narrow margin over the Military's candidate, it is obvious that the Muslim brotherhood will need to share power closely with the Military in order to stay in power. So what we will have in Egypt is not a democracy but the iron fisted rule of the Brotherhood with Military backing. This is the worst possible outcome for the Egyptian people who will not be free but more enslaved than ever before! Where is CNN now, and the BBC? Why are they not in Cairo stirring up the Egyptians to throw off their shackles and become truly free? 
Islamist Morsy wins Egyptian presidency with 52 percent | Reuters

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy celebrate in front of his picture at his headquarters in Cairo June 24, 2012. REUTERS-Suhaib Salem(Reuters) - Islamist Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood was declared Egypt's first democratic president on Sunday by the state election committee, which said he had defeated former general Ahmed Shafik with 51.7 percent of last weekend's run-off vote. He succeeds Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising. The military council which has ruled the biggest Arab nation since then has this month curbed the powers of the presidency, meaning the head of state will have to work closely with the army on a planned democratic constitution. Thousands of Brotherhood supporters burst into cheers on Cairo's Tahrir Square, waving national flags, setting off fireworks and chanting "Allahu Akbar!" or God is Great, greeting a dramatic victory, tempered by the army's continuing role.

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