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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Regime change being fomented in Syria? Prelude to WWIII

Who’s really behind the Arab Spring revolutions and for what purpose? As long as people are not starving, they will tolerate just about any type of oppression as experienced by people in some Arab countries like Syria and Egypt. So the possibility is very remote that all the people in the region would suddenly get up and start protesting for freedom and reform without any real instigation, and without any real leadership to incite them. The Arab and Moslem world is being incited from forces beyond their own borders to bring about a religious war between the West and Islam. Such a war has been planned for a very long time, and it would appear that the time for such a confrontation draws ever closer. This war will not be limited to the Arab world or just the Middle East; it will spread much further, and will certainly include India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and other major regional powers, especially Iran. It may also include Taiwan, Japan and The Koreas. And it goes without saying that The US and NATO will be in there like a dirty shirt. Such a mindset that there exist people who would actually work towards launching such a war that will kill hundreds of millions is beyond the comprehension of average people but the people who plan and execute such mass murder are anything but average. Trying to understand their minds would be like trying to understand the motivations of Hannibal Lector (from Silence of the Lambs) or the mind of a Stalin or Mao who killed tens of millions deliberately and without remorse. The leaders of the world are such people, more diabolical than Stalin, Hitler and Mao combined, and yes they will launch World War III whether there exists genuine reasons for such a war or not.  It will most likely begin in the next year or two at the latest.

From: RussiaToday  | Aug 2, 2011   

Bashar Assad's main headache now is the unseen coalition of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, which sees the Syrian regime as one of Iran's major Middle East partners. That's according to former Pentagon officer Michael Maloof, who gave his insight into the situation in the protest-torn country.

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