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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Israelis protest for regime change for 3 weeks now. No CNN coverage!

Protests that began over 3 weeks ago in Israel are continuing and getting bigger all the time. Yet American and Western media refuses to report on it. I hope folks are beginning to understand that international media is a propaganda machine that reports on matters considered expedient by the ‘powers that be’ on matters that serves the agenda of the PTB. Due to the internet, average folks like myself now have access to non-mainstream media reporting but even that is limited. So if you depend on CNN to be the most trusted name in News, you are being spoon fed carefully crafted fiction and melodrama such as the recent Debt ceiling debate in the US. If you want real News you need alternative sources such as this blog and numerous other websites, many of which are linked on my sites for something approaching Real News. I do not believe there is any 100% unbiased reporting of events anywhere in the world, so having an analytical mind to critically evaluate all information is a must. Do not trust me or anyone else until you have confirmed for yourself the veracity of the information being presented. It is impossible to confirm every aspect of every report but understanding the big picture of what is going on in our world, helps one logically decide what to believe and what not to believe.

The unrest in Israel is an example of what the Economic policies, rather the Economic agenda of the ruling elites of the world is doing to Middle Class people everywhere in the world; it is crushing them, and as they climb down the ladder, they will in turn crush the already impoverished who are currently below them. The elites call it ‘AUSTERITY’ but the real consequence is ‘POVERTY’ for the formerly stable Middle Class. The Middle Class will not take it lying down, and the elites will not give in, so the real consequence will be ‘ANARCHY’.


From: RussiaToday  | Aug 2, 2011  

Bashar Assad's main headache now is the unseen coalition of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, which sees the Syrian regime as one of Iran's major Middle East partners. That's according to former Pentagon officer Michael Maloof, who gave his insight into the situation in the protest-torn country.

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