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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Massive Missouri floods, Giant Arizona Fires; Super bug going Global?


    Iowa evacuations: Between 200 and 300 people have voluntarily left Modale, and more than 300 people were ordered to leave their homes on the south side of Hamburg, the Iowa Joint Information Center said Saturday. About 100 homes were vacated in Council Bluffs, but the number of residents affected was not known. Still rising: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported Saturday that the amount of water being released at Gavins Point Dam — the dam immediately upstream from Nebraska and Iowa — was 143,400 cubic feet per second. That was up from 140,100 cfs on Friday. Releases are scheduled to hit 150,000 cfs next week. Stress hotline: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring a hotline to assist Nebraskans stressed by flooding. The free confidential service can be reached by calling 800-464-0258.

    See below for videos on this fast developing disaster.
    The Corn belt is under assault and the already critical  World Food Crisis is sure to reach breaking point sometime this year. Can anyone else see the judgment of God beginning to be poured out upon the world and the US in particular? People may go to ballgames and sing, 'God bless America' all they want but God will not bless America when America has turned its back upon God and is teaching the rest of the world its ungodly ways. Corn that is desperately needed to feed the world has been diverted to be used for wasteful products like Ethanol; this is WICKEDNESS in God's eyes and the results are there for all to see. God will not bless America or the world, rather the days of His wrath upon America, and the world, are fast approaching. People, these are yet the days of God's warnings not His wrath. Can you imagine what His wrath will be like? No, you don't want to imagine that!

    A massive wildfire that has displaced as many as 11,000 people in eastern Arizona held steady in size on Thursday, and fire officials said they hoped weaker winds and cooler temperatures would help in their fight.

    But the Wallow Fire, which has charred at least 336,000 acres of thick, tinder-dry pine forest since erupting May 29, posed a new threat to power lines supplying electricity to Tucson, Arizona, some 200 miles to the southwest, and to El Paso, Texas, about 200 miles to the southeast. 

    Out of control: Arizona wildfire now the worst in state's history as blaze spreads to New Mexico

    The devastating wildfire sweeping through Arizona has become the worst ever in the state's history.
    The Wallow Fire has burned more than 600 square miles, 408,887 acres, and is now six per cent contained.
    At least 10,000 people have been displaced and more than 30 homes have been destroyed so far. Authorities said full containment is nowhere in sight, and power lines that supply much of West Texas and Southern New Mexico with electricity are also in jeopardy.

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