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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Economic Collapse & Other News June 11, 2011

  • In the News this week:
  •  Economy exploding, inflation rising, unemployment too
  • Fukushima still spewing radiation, contaminating the world
  • Wars, revolutions, uprisings, more and more by the day
  • Volcanoes erupting, Earth quaking and shaking, droughts here, floods there, wildfires raging 
  • Bugs and superbugs invading, and now a super fungus too
More this week:   
June 11, 2011KUWAIT CITY – Contrary to the claims of the Environment Public Authority (EPA), the Kuwait Society for Protection of Environment says fish are continuing to die in large numbers in the Arabian Gulf waters, reports Al-Mustaqbal daily. The society made the statement after studying the satellite images of dead fish found floating in Kuwaiti territorial waters a few days ago. Meanwhile, Kuwaiti expert and General Coordinator of the project on the impact of climate changes on Kuwaiti marine environment Dr Thamer Al-Rasheedi said test results showed a remarkable rise in temperature of sea waters compared to the previous years....
OK here's my theory on these fish kills and rising sea water temperatures. There has been a noticeable increase in volcanic activity lately. Volcanoes spew toxic gases into the atmosphere that can be deadly for humans and animals. Volcanoes, however, exist not just above ground but underwater as well. So if these land based volcanoes have been erupting more than ever, does it not stand to reason that the underwater ones are erupting as well and releasing deadly toxins into the waters that are killing millions of fish and marine life? The PTB hardly share any information on land based disasters, so even if they are aware of it, they would likely not share such information with the public. This is the only reasonable explanation I can think of for the dozens of marine deaths reported in the last few months from all parts of the planet. Any thoughts on other possible causes would be welcome. 

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