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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Shortly after I posted this article, I came across these News Reports that confirm some of the predictions listed below:

As 2010 draws to a close, we are one year closer to the beginning of the end of the world. This article serves as a supplement to my continuing series of articles, Is this the End of the World? The predictions given below are not prophecies but rather reasoned probabilities of what to expect in 2011 in light of Biblical prophecy and current events.


For those in power, on top of the food chain, ‘Austerity’ will have little effect, but for the majority in developed countries, ‘Austerity’ is nothing short of a dramatic change from a middle class lifestyle of flat screen TVs and iPads to an impoverished class status, not knowing where the next meal will come from. For the already impoverished in the third world, ‘Austerity’ will lead to mass starvation where tens and hundreds of millions will not even be left with the pennies that they need to buy subsistence level nourishment. The time of ‘sorrows’ for the world is fast drawing near; 2011 will serve to hasten this process leading to the beginning of the end of the world. The following predictions are supported by evidence from mainstream news reports and other sources. Days of evil and darkness, of gloominess of the soul and spirit will soon engulf the world, only those who foresee the evil will be prepared; the majority of fools who think that the world will go back to ‘normal’ are in for very unpleasant and deadly surprises.

Proverbs 22:3 (King James Version) A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

The World has become interlinked commercially as never before in history. Furthermore no nation in the world uses sound money such as gold and silver any longer; all nations are now on the paper (fiat) money standard with nothing of value to support their currencies. The debt based monetary system that has now taken root in every nation in the world. The system is based on usury and since the borrower is a slave to the lender, the whole world has become enslaved to the ‘System of Usury’. The Bible tells us that the ‘Love of money is the root of all evil’, and over the past 40 years, since 1971, the whole world has turned whole heartedly to a money system that is based on nothing tangible, and therefore the level of debt in the world has reached levels never seen before in history. As the supply of money has increased worldwide, so has the love of money grown exponentially, and the stench of evil has touched the heavens themselves as a consequence. The complex subject of money creation by governments is a must learn subject for every citizen but is not taught in schools and colleges. The following links provided good information on this subject and will help those who want to understand the real causes of the economic malaise that is spreading like an unstoppable contagion across the planet.

The following 5 part video series is a good education for all people, families are encourage to watch with their children and teach them that debt is slavery, not freedom, and the present monetary system has been carefully designed to enslave all people, of all nations, colors, races and cultures. The present ‘Economic System’ based on faith in an intangible piece of paper called ‘Legal Tender’ is ungodly and brings death and misery to the majority while benefitting only the wicked few at the top. The woes of ‘Rich Men’, and the plagues and torments of Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots, the Great Whore (the system of Commerce) were prophesied long ago, and the day of fulfillment of such prophesies is now at hand. Like their harlot mother, lovers of money prostitute their souls and bodies for trinkets of worldly goods. Commercial gain is the opposite of spiritual wealth; seekers of worldly wealth declare themselves to be spiritually destitute harlots, and no surprise for they truly are the children of the Great Whore, Mystery, Babylon the Great.

5 Part video series explaining the present Monetary System
·         Money As Debt (1 of 5)
·         Money As Debt (2 of 5)
·         Money As Debt (3 of 5)
·         Money As Debt (4 of 5)
·         Money As Debt (5 of 5)

Despite media disinformation campaigns that the ‘Monetary System’ is not controlled by individuals or certain institutions, the opposite is true. The creation and distribution of money is the most carefully guarded secret in the world; even information such as that presented in the above videos may not paint the exact picture of how the process works, and whom it benefits. But make no mistake; there are individuals / organizations that control the money creation process of the entire world, of each and every country on the planet. There are people somewhere that know exactly how the process works, and how it spreads misery and destitution across the whole world. They deliberately formulate policies to increase poverty and destitution in the world, not to alleviate it. Even their humanitarian projects are carefully executed to have an appearance of philanthropy whereas their true purpose almost always results in genocide; just study the rate of genocide in regions where most of the humanitarian projects have gone on these past 60 years and see the evidence for yourself.  

It is the debt based monetary system that is in the process of being dismantled by design. The ongoing Economic Crisis that began at the end of 2007 is being managed at the highest levels to produce a desired result. That desired result is the decimation of the Middle Class, and extinction of most of the presently impoverished class across the globe. In essence the Middle Class would become the new impoverished class and the impoverished class would be eliminated, culled like cattle to be more specific. Some may argue that this is all happening by accident but none can argue that a result of the crisis is as previously stated; decimation of the Middle class in developed countries, and further destitution of the already wretchedly poor across the planet. If you don’t believe me look at what is happening in Haiti, even though they have supposedly been the beneficiaries of one of the largest aid packages the world has ever put together. Having studied the evidence provided by many men and women, more learned than myself, I have to conclude that that which is occurring right now is ‘Economic Sabotage’, a deliberate and planned takedown of the world economy. This would set the stage for further economic integration of the whole world, which will eventually lead to a political integration under the ‘man of sin’ in the days of the Antichrist beast

The following then are my predictions for 2011, which I believe will still be a time of ‘setting the stage’ for the beginning of the end of the world. As written in the series, ‘Is this the End of the World?’, I am of the opinion that the whole process of the end of the world as prophesied in the Bible may last upwards of 30 years. From a Biblical perspective, there will be a defined starting point for the end of the world as well as an exact time when the world (not the Earth) will have ended. The end of the world will have occurred when Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords returns to Earth and puts an end, once and for all, to the present money based Economic System. Though the starting point is not exactly defined, it can be estimated with a great degree of certainty by understanding the signs given to us in the Bible. It would appear that the unmistakeable sign that the end of the world has begun will be the collapse of the global economy plunging the world into an unprecedented depression, the likes of which has never been experienced by the world. The economic collapse will lead to warfare, famines, pandemics and other ‘distress of nations’ as prophesied by The Lord Jesus in the gospels. 

The complete collapse of the World Economy will most likely be signalled by the collapse of the US dollar. As countries worldwide, led by China, begin to dump the US dollar, it will lead to financial anarchy. For the first time in history the world will be without a reserve currency; for most of man’s commercial history, gold has served as an international currency, and silver as a national currency. Only since 1944 did the US dollar become the world’s reserve currency, and only since 1971 has the reserve currency been without any precious metal backing it whatsoever. This is what has led to the Supernova of debt now blowing up all over the world. This situation could only be made possible with a purely ‘fiat’ reserve currency, not with gold or silver based money. As economies worldwide continue to implode, expect the following to happen in 2011.
  • More Countries will be revealed as being insolvent: Iceland, Greece and Ireland have already been shown to be insolvent, on the verge of default without bailouts; this will be shown to be true for several American States as well, many of which have economies larger than most countries in the world. An implosion of the Greek economy would be comparable to a toe being stubbed whereas an implosion of California, which is the world’s 7th largest economy, would amount to a leg of the world economy being amputated.
  • Social unrest will spread worldwide: From Europe to Asia to Africa to the Americas, impoverished citizenry will become more and more agitated, and riots seen across Europe this year will become more violent, and civil wars may erupt in some nations. We could see the beginning of a summer of unrest, and a winter of discontent across the United States as well when it becomes apparent that the much advertised economic recovery was only an illusion. ANARCHY will be another buzzword for 2011.
  • Winds of war will continue to gather pace: I do not expect to see a full blown war in 2011 but again the conditions for a major war or wars will ripen next year. The perennial powder keg of The Middle East, the Koreas, and India / Pakistan are regions that are prime candidates for major catastrophic wars in the next few years. The odds of internal strife, even bloody civil wars are highest they have been in a century as nations self – destruct because of their past economic and political policies.
  • Energy prices and cost of living will rise, dramatically in some regions: Food and Energy will rise dramatically in price for most people worldwide. Oil may once again test its previous record highs; this may not necessarily be an issue of supply but also a product of loss of value in the US dollar. Even though this loss of value may not be reflected in the US dollar index, oil producers may lose faith in the dollar and thus demand a higher price to compensate for loss of value, real or perceived, of the US dollar. Nations may begin to trade oil in currencies other than the dollar. Inflation will also be experienced in hidden taxes passed to the citizenry in the form of higher costs of energy such as for natural gas, electricity and water. Governments will use other ingenious ways such as environmental fees, user fees for currently free services, road tolls, cuts to social security and such to impose direct and indirect taxation upon their citizens to force ‘Austerity’ upon them.
  • Cost of Food to soar: Food prices, due to both supply problems, and speculation in commodities markets, will rise across the board. This may prove to be catastrophic for the poorest people in the world who will bear the brunt of the inflation in prices of essential foods. Rampant Inflation in 2011 – Business Insider Article. Indian Inflation estimates for 2011.
  • Famines and food shortages will increase: Partly due to inflation and partly due to extreme weather conditions, food supply will drop leading to famines in certain regions, and severe food shortages in others. "
  • The following News report among others confirms the fact of the sharp increase in food and energy prices worldwide: “Things” are getting more expensive. That is a fact. Energy, metals, and the ‘softs’ (grains and cotton) are all headed higher both in the US and elsewhere across the world. In India food inflation is taking off like a plane off a runway, and China is not far behind. India’s annual food inflation went up again for another week on the back of rising prices of fruits, vegetables, and milk and stood at 9.46 percent for the week ending 4 December...The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has alerted developing countries about possible steep rises in food prices during 2011 but they have not warned citizens of the first world that even their access to food will be curtailed by a quick run-up in prices.
  • Extreme Weather conditions will continue to prevail: 2010 was one of the most active and catastrophic years for extreme weather this century. This trend will continue to prevail and perhaps escalate in 2011. The world may experience more major earthquakes like the Haiti quake of Jan. 2010, volcanoes, tsunamis, and powerful storms may also ravage parts of the globe. The probability of an escalation in the magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events is very high in 2011. 
  • The word ‘Pandemic’ will make become headline news once again: Currently under the radar, the word ‘Pandemic’ will become mainstream news once again. This past decade there have been 3 ‘Pandemic’ scares, each one more severe than the last, and effecting a greater part of the globe than before: SARS in 2003, Avian flu in 2007, and Swine flu in 2009. Complacency is a word that may best describe the spiritual condition of man. As each threat, real or orchestrated, has passed without causing much harm, people have become deluded into believing that such a doomsday scenario may never develop. Whatever the cause of a ‘Pandemic’ or ‘Pandemics’, the only thing for certain is that the real thing will sweep the planet one day in the future. While I do not believe 2011 is the year for a full blown worldwide Pandemic, there will likely be a bigger scare than that experienced in 2009 with the ‘Swine flu’. 
  • A major “Terrorist” attack somewhere in the world: There have been no 9-11 magnitude “Terrorist” attacks anywhere in the world since Sept. 11, 2001 although there have been several smaller scale ones in diverse locations such as Bali, London, Spain, and Mumbai. 2011 will mark the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and it is possible that there will one or more major attacks somewhere in the world in the coming year. The most likely locations would be major cities in the US or Western Europe. The word “Terrorist” has become almost synonymous with males of the Islamic religion but I believe that to be the result of a non – stop opinion shaping psychological operation by the mainstream media rather than fact. Real “Terrorists” do not belong to any one religion, nation or culture. Leaving aside the debate of who the real “Terrorists” are; the probability of one or more “Terrorist” attacks this coming year is higher than ever before.

·         UFO / ALIEN DISCLOSURE: For over 60 years now, masses have been conditioned to accept the possibility of the existence of ‘Alien’ intelligent life in the Universe, and the high probability of such intelligences making contact with man in the near future. While this is a fictionalized version of reality, the Bible does prove the existence of non – human powers and intelligences that have interacted with man from the very beginning. Besides Jehovah God the Creator, man’s existence has been shaped by other created beings, primarily the Devil and angelic beings. The so – called ‘aliens’ are almost without doubt the evil spirits and devils of the Bible. It is possible that 2011 will see some sort of admittance, if not outright disclosure, of such intelligences by government authorities.
  • In conclusion I would like to add that the life words for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ should be ‘WATCH and PRAY’. I would like to add a third one for the next year and years following: FAST.
  • Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

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  1. In ancient Norse myth Odin is the king of gods. I believe it to be one of the many guises of the prince of darkness. He ever patiently watches the horizon with his one eye looking for Ragnarök. This is the end of the world. His only clue is the Fimbulvinter, the long winter. It is described as 3 years of consecutive winter without a summer.

    Thanks again for your informative words.