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Friday, January 7, 2011


Dear Readers: I am busy getting some equipment and software organized for future updates. I plan on doing more Video / Audio updates rather than just written articles. In the meantime I will post some news reports that are relevant to the  ongoing series, Is this the end of the World? In my understanding of Biblical prophecy, I have come to the conclusion that the end of the world as we know must begin with a complete collapse of our present economic system. Therefore most of these News Reports will detail the oncoming 'Economic Catastrophe' that is forever changing our world as never before in history. At this time in history the stage is being set for the fulfillment of Bible prophecies such as that of the mark of the beast heralding a one world government and a one world economy. I hope to start a You Tube channel soon to do frequent video updates. Stay tuned....

Powerful signs of growing troubles for the world 

Congressman Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul acknowledge that the US is bankrupt

The New Madrid Seismic Fault - is the largest fault in North America coming awake?

Masses of Birds and Fish dying all across the world

2010 ends with extreme weather and 2011 begins the same way

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