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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Weather modification? Frequency pulses to control weather

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Congratulations, and many thanks to all involved in the past two years of discoveries ! Dozens of researchers contributing to the effort... r3zn8d, DAWdesign, tatoott1009, Bethanyhome7, WaronerrorDkos, the "Girls of Adepto 'er Perfectus" group, and many more from the research community. 2 years worth of study, and documentation.....Finally culminating in the proof needed to show anyone , that indeed our weather professionals are KNOWINGLY pulsing storms with high frequency from ground based stations (such as NEXRAD RADAR stations), to have an effect on the weather.

Full website post here -- with screenshots plus all the links

view the frequency pulses on climateviewer: (click on the hurricane sandy/irene options)
*Geo-engineering Frankenstorm — Hurricane Sandy weather modification proved*
Frequency manipulation of hurricanes.. finally documented in an easy to follow format.

In essence, what we have captured are NEXRAD RADAR pulses into Hurricanes Irene AND Sandy ( pulses formerly known as HAARP rings ) —-- additionally, multiple researchers recorded two large scale microwave events , manipulating the center of each storm ... this was done during BOTH Hurricanes (a year apart) as they passed north of the Bahamas.
During the same timeframe of the NEXRAD RADAR pulses seen above during each Hurricane... multiple people observed the appearance of large Microwave blasts into the center of the storms (Irene and Sandy) — the microwave bursts coming from downrange near the Arecibo radio observatory.
This year, Oct. 2012, right before the microwave blast into the center of Hurricane Sandy — we saw POSSIBLE TORNADOES be detected over Puerto Rico (where Arecibo is located — where the blast seems to come from)
For us to see TWO frequency pulse events like this occur .... one in 2011, one in 2012 .... BOTH hurricanes (Irene and Sandy) coming up the east coast — the chances of these large NEXRAD pulses from North Carolina , and microwave blasts from Arecibo — going into the center of each storm no less — the chances of that being some kind of an accident, or some kind of an anomaly are now reduced to ZERO. There is a 0 % chance of anything other than INTENTIONAL weather modification using a NEXRAD and a HAARP type facility in concert with one another. We've seen it happen each time now, as the Hurricanes pass north of the Bahamas , they are first pulsed with a NEXRAD RADAR Frequency Pulse from a station along the coast in North Carolina , then the Hurricanes are blasted with a high frequency microwave transmission from the huge array in Puerto Rico. The NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse happening each time ahead of the Hurricane ( something which I have called HAARP rings in the past) is a confirmation 100% that RADAR is being used in 'pulse mode' to have an effect on the weather directly. Each time the storm makes landfall just north of North Carolina. It would seem the storms are being pulled in to the ground based station by the NEXRAD RADAR pulse, and pushed/heated by the microwave burst.
It should not be shocking, if you have followed these events at all over the past 2 years of the "discovery process", that a high frequency pulse from a NEXRAD RADAR, and a microwave burst from a HAARP facility (Arecibo) would be used in conjunction with each other to influence the weather.
All of my past forecast confirmations -- RADAR Frequency Pulses -- followed by storms hitting the pulse epicenters (usually within 48-72 hours from the point of the pulse appearing on RADAR):————————-
Full post on the NEXRAD RADAR Frequency Pulses causing "heating" or "plasma" to occur in the atmosphere around the pulsing station:
Full post on HAARP and similar facilities around the world done by R3zn8d:

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