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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy a Katrina Redux: No Food. No Water. FEMA Efficiently Going Door-to-Door Condemning Homes

During The Pete Santilli Show, he takes a call from a woman in New Jersey who describes a very desparate situation on the ground in the northeast. FEMA is reportedly going door-to-door condemning homes, while residents affected by Hurricane Sandy are without food, water and the basic necessities of sustainance.  
“After Hurricane Katrina, you’d think the idiots running the US Government would pick up the phone and order truckloads of food and water for the northeast.  When Obama declared a ‘state of emergency’ 2 weeks ago, did anyone think about food and water, or were they too worried about ordering spray paint to condemn hurricane-ravaged homes?  How can FEMA be so efficient with gestapo condemnation controls, and so stupid to forget about taking care of human beings?”   – Pete Santilli, Host of The Pete Santilli Show

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