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Monday, October 29, 2012

Suffer the Little Children part 3: Pedophilia at BBC investigation to expand

The officer, Cmdr. Peter Spindler, described Mr. Savile, who died last October at 84, as “undoubtedly” one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent British history, during a 50-year career as a self-styled pied piper for the young, the sick and the lonely. Commander Spindler said that in preliminary telephone interviews with 130 of the potential victims, 114 of them had accused Mr. Savile of criminal behavior ranging from “inappropriate touching” to rape. Of the 300 complainants, he said, all but 2 have been female.
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Savile Sexual Abuse Case Expands to Other Suspects - 
Hey Cmdr. Peter Spindler: If Mr. Savile was one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent history, how come he got away with it for 50 years? How come it has taken your police force this long to expose such horrific crimes? Were you just sleeping on the job or was it your job to cover up the crimes of the rich and powerful in Britain as has happened in Belgium and all over Europe? 

Links below to Previous articles on the topic of Pedophilia and Child Sex Abuse / Ritual murder by the Elite of this world (Royalty, Politicians, Corporate / Military leaders, Movie stars and such) that is anything but an aberration; it is very definitely the Norm among them. Most people have a hard time believing that such activities as portrayed in the Stanley Kubrick movie, Eyes Wide Shut are common practice amongst the very very rich and very very powerful people of this world, namely European Royalty, American Elites, and Vatican high ups.  Eyes Wide Shut glamorized the depraved activities of the rich and powerful; in reality the rituals extend far beyond just orgiastic sex with beautiful women: the real victims of the most powerful are innocent children, and the rituals do not always end with sex; murder or sacrifice is often the end of such demonic black mass rituals. The reason for prevalence for such evil against the most innocent of victims stems from the following FACT (whether anyone believes this fact or not is not important, it is a FACT, and will remain a FACT no matter what anyone believes!) The god of this world (not of the Earth or of Creation), just of the world that sits on the Earth is SATAN; it is he who gives wealth and power to those who worship him. The way He is worshiped is through infliction of pain (mostly of a sadomasochistic sexual kind, and the taking of lives): in other words, Satan is worshiped through ritual sex abuse and sacrifice; the more innocent the victims, the more wealth and power he showers upon the worshipers. Evidence that can fill libraries has been compiled throughout history that the elites of this world, more often than not, have been engaged ritualistically in pedophilia and ritual sacrifice / murders, right down to the present day. Jesus was offered the world by Satan, an offer he flatly refused! But it would appear that there is no shortage of people willing to take him up on his offer. That is who the Elites / Royalty / Presidents - Prime Ministers / Business big-wigs / Military leadership / Movie Stars / Rock Stars / Sports stars of this world truly are; worshipers of Satan. The higher up they are on the ladder of power, the more depraved, degenerate, demonic, and evil their worship becomes. Their deeds have been exposed throughout history yet, few if any, are ever brought to justice. Those who are so corrupted that they can hardly be called human share power with those who are equally corrupt; this is the reason why the Police investigating the perpetrators actually work to cover up the crimes; chiefs of Police, especially of National  agencies like the FBI and Scotland Yard are most likely themselves compromised as are their bosses. There will be little justice, if any, in this world for the victims but Justice they will find when their murderers and abusers are hauled before the Judgment of the Righteous Judge who can neither be bribed nor tempted nor blackmailed into denying Justice to the victims, and letting the criminals go free!  

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