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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More child sex abuse in high places: BBC chief denies cover-up over sexual abuse

Editor's Note: Since this site was started in 2009, I have posted dozens of articles and News reports on child sex abuse, pedophilia, and even child ritual sex-murders by people, predominantly men, in high positions of religion, politics and business. Rather than being an exception, this is the Norm at the very top of the pyramid of society. The average person has little understanding of the depravity and utterly diseased condition of the minds and souls of the very rich and powerful. Vatican religious Royalty, European Royalty and Elites in general are horrible mentally and spiritually diseased entities that are hardly fit to be called humanity. Yet the masses worship them as gods! So no wonder that such reports never cease; week after week, month after month, year after year more and more of these decrepit creatures are exposed yet nothing ever happens, everything is brushed under the rug because the highest authorities of Police and Military are equally sick. It's a sick sick world and I pray that the Righteous Holy God will soon judge the world and its sick inhabitants from whom even little infants are not safe, let alone children and teenagers!

Previous recent reports on this topic:

(Reuters) - The head of the BBC denied on Tuesday helping to cover up sexual abuse by one of its former stars but accepted the British broadcaster had been damaged by a scandal that has shaken public trust in a national institution.
George Entwistle, who was announced as the 90-year-old media organization's new boss in August, told hostile lawmakers that failures at the BBC had allowed Jimmy Savile, once one of Britain's top TV presenters, to prey on young girls for years. He added he could not rule out suggestions that a paedophile ring might have existed at the state-funded BBC during the height of Savile's fame in the 1970s and 80s. (and almost certainly still does! - Editor's comment)
But Entwistle rejected claims that BBC bosses had tried to hide allegations against Savile, who died last year, or suppressed an inquiry by one of their own news programs. "This is a gravely serious matter and one cannot look back at it with anything other than horror," Entwistle told parliament's Culture and Media Committee. "There is no question that ... the culture and practices of the BBC seemed to allow Jimmy Savile to do what he did, (which) will raise questions of trust for us and reputation for us." Police are investigating allegations that the eccentric, cigar-chomping Savile, who hosted prime-time children's shows on the BBC, abused girls as young as 12 over six decades, with some of the attacks taking place on BBC premises.

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