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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Afghan heroin once marketed exclusively in Europe now devastating India's most fertile State

Editor's Note: This report is heart wrenching for me personally for Punjab is the land of my ancestors, and where I spent my early life through teenage years. Punjab, the most fertile region of India, and its most prosperous State, is being decimated by the plague of cheap heroin flooding in from Afghanistan. India as a whole is a wounded civilization, and I fear that much more pain and sorrow lie in its future. Please note that in this report it was pointed out that cultivation of poppies from which heroin is extracted has doubled since the US invasion of Afghanistan! So much for then UK PM Tony Blair's claim that they were going there to bomb the poppy fields and cut off all sources of income for the Taliban. Seems like the income of the Taliban and their strength has doubled since the invasion began. 

May God have mercy on the innocent women and children of the land of my kin that is being torn apart by powers and forces far beyond its borders! 

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