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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

War of words escalates between rivals as China threatens to cripple Japanese Economy with Economic sanctions

China may introduce economic measures to cripple Japan in order to gain the upper hand in a territorial row. Following violent anti-Japanese protests and increasingly bellicose rhetoric, Beijing could employ sanctions to subdue its neighbor.
State newspaper China Daily wrote that China should take “strong countermeasures” in light of the “ridiculous” Japanese nationalization of the isles, called the Diaoyu by the Chinese.
The paper suggests that while open war should a last resort the country should be pursuing sanctions to respond to what it sees as Japanese “provocation.”
Citing the freeze on banana imports when the Philippines contested the Huangyan Islands in April, the publication said “it is important for China to devise a sanction plan against Japan that would cause minimum loss to Chinese enterprises.”
“Japanese companies earn huge profits from their exports to China. That means China is in a lot better position to afford a loss in exports,” wrote Jin Baisong from the Chinese Academy of International Trade. In this way he stipulated that China could deal a heavy blow to the Japanese economy without doing significant damage to its own.

“Japan should reconsider its financial health. In other words, with Japan's national debt at stake… And China can use it to find ways to impose sanctions on Japan in the most effective manner,”
 said the article.
Demonstrators shout slogans as they march with Chinese national flags and banners near the Japanese consulate during a protest on the 81st anniversary of Japan's invasion of China, in Shanghai September 18, 2012. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)18.09, 14:2627 comments

Anti-Japanese fury erupts in China on invasion anniversary (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The 81st anniversary of Imperial Japan's invasion of China has sparked a fresh wave of anti-Japanese protests. Relations between the Asian nations deteriorated after Japanese activists landed on disputed islands in the midst of a territorial row.
Chinese demonstrators set fire to a Japanese national flag during a protest. (AFP photo)18.09, 14:224 comments

China-Japan island row could hurt 'more than 2011 earthquake'

As the territorial dispute between China and Japan is gathering pace, analysts warn it could hurt trade relationships and bring Japanese producers more losses than the earthquake in 2011.
F-60 fifth generation fighter jet. (Image from, 14:0536 comments

Two models of Chinese 5th-Gen fighter in works (PHOTOS)

The Chinese military has leaked first photos of a brand new lightweight fighter with external characteristics that allow the jet fifth-generation attribution. Some pictures suggest it could be used on future Chinese aircraft carriers.
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (2nd L) watches factory workers while visiting the small and midium-sized factories in Tokyo.(AFP Photo / Jiji Press)17.09, 17:492 comments

Japanese firms close plants in China ahead of new protests

Major Japanese producers have announced factory shutdowns and shop closings in China in the days before a possible fresh round of anti-Japanese protests over a territorial dispute.
(AFP Photo / Mark Ralston)17.09, 13:3248 comments

US wades into China-Japan island dispute with missile defense deal

A territorial dispute between China and Japan could spark a “violent conflict,” US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. The US also inked a missile defense deal with Tokyo likely to anger Beijing, while mass anti-Japanese protests grip China.

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