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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anti-US protests rage on, Clinton pledges ‘aggressive steps’ to protect embassies

Palestinians and Pakistanis voiced their fury in the latest wave of violent protests against an infamous anti-Muslim film. In response to the rising tensions Hillary Clinton promised aggressive steps to ensure the safety of US embassies.
Politic, religious and trade organizations swarmed in Pakistan’s commercial hub, Karachi, to condemn the US-made film Innocence of the Muslims, which they view as blasphemous.
At different points throughout the city around 2000 Muslim activists clashed with police and blocked roads with burning tires. They yelled anti-US slogans and burned the US flag and an effigy of President Barack Obama. Police blocked activists from arrived at the US consulate in the center of the city.
While in the city of Peshawar in the country’s tumultuous northern region armored vehicles and police in riot gear were deployed to block demonstrators from gaining access to the US embassy.
"We used teargas shells and lobbed gas grenades because the protesters were trying to come closer to the sensitive area,"senior police officer Imtiaz Khan told AFP.
Close to the Afghan border in the city of Chaman over 1,500 members of a pro-Taliban religious organization marched the streets, amid cries of "Down with America”“Hang the filmmakers” and “Long Live the Taliban!”

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