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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Was massive Russian flooding caused by weather warfare - HAARP? Russians certainly think so!

As authorities struggle with the aftermath of a massive flood which killed over 150 in Russia’s south, conspiracy theories on the deluge’s nature are popping up all over the Internet, provoking heated debates and forcing officials to respond.  But the situation in the epicenter of the tragedy – the small town of Krymsk – developed in a different manner. The town virtually went under water in a matter of 10-15 minutes, according to local witnesses. The local media even used the words  “wave” and “tsunami” to describe the torrent of water that swept through the town.  
A tsunami of rumors quickly hit the Russian blogosphere, with many accusing the local authorities of being behind the devastating flood in Krymsk.  Read More: 

Massive flooding in the Krasnodar region in Russia’s south has left more than 150 dead while the death toll continues to rise (image from, 13:30102 comments

153 killed as tsunami-like flood hits southern Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

At least 153 people have been killed in a devastating flood in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region. It's the worst of its kind in nearly a century, and the death toll continues to rise.
Russian flood
Situation in Krymsk (photo from Margarita Khmelevskaya's Vkontakte page 07:2918 comments

Post-apocalyptic Krymsk: Russia’s southern city destroyed by flood (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The devastating waters caught most of Krymsk by surprise, with the southern Russian town suffering the brunt of the death and destruction. Cars and buildings were swept away by the deluge as the nearby Adagum River turned into a roaring nightmare.
Russian flood
(Image from 05:469 comments

Major flooding in southern Russia devastates thousands

The worst flooding in decades in southern Russia's Krasnodar Region, near the Black Sea, has killed at least 153 people and damaged over 5,000 homes. Authorities have pledged to help survivors and compensate them for lost houses and belongings.
Russian flood

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