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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stop buying unnecessary things and the Economic crisis will be over! The non-ownership perspective!

By gardener1   Follow   Fri, 6 Jul 2012, 1:26am   3,792 views   94 comments

What if people just live somewhere but don't buy it?
In the Bay Area, in retirement Mexico, where ever.
That's me. A boomer on the threshold of retirement who owns nothing now and intends to buy nothing in the future. Not car, not house, none of it. Anywhere.
What comes of your speculation then?
Why do I need to own stuff when I can rent it for a fraction of the price? In the US, in Ecuador, in China? Why would I sink my hard earned money into a speculative venture when all I really want to do is live? I can live well without *owning* stuff.
What if more people like me stop buying losing propositions like real estate; we rent, we quit driving around in money sucking cars (we take the bus) we completely opt out of the ownership system?~(I have)~where does that land all of your speculative economic theories?
What happens then?
You quaintly think there aren't more people like me? People who realize that owning stuff is indentured servitude?
I had a meeting today with a financial planner and laid out my thoughts. Move somewhere outside the US, live off the stipends of minimal SSI and small other money, and just....exist. He was flabbergasted. Apparently no other client had ever come into his office without big plans for starting a business overseas and buying a place and making it big, big, bigger. My plan was small, small, smaller. We are 60 something Americans getting ready to drop off the radar.
Anybody with an ounce of good sense can see that buying property ANYWHERE is a risk that need not be taken. You can rent a place to live anywhere in the world and be money ahead. Roof over your head, done.
You real estate fools yammering amongst yourselves have each other convinced that money invested is money earned in the right amount in the right place in the right times and: voila! You're rich!
Meanwhile I'm sneaking out the back door, keeping my mouth shut and my money to myself and out of the taxman's hands....because I rent everything! And when I'm done with it I give it back to the owner who is paying the freight.
I do not understand the American obsession with *ownership*. I'm into the much cheaper and more useful *usership*.
People, you have been philosophically and financially fleeced.

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  1. I am 32, live in europe (latvia). I have exactly the same phylosophy, and i must say life is much easier, because you always know you can "adjust" almost any part of your existance. i would add one thing, that also if you realy must buy something - consider used stuff. sure, there are things that you should own, but they should "work" for you every day, not lay in garage in dust.