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Friday, July 27, 2012

Spooky: Media photos of alleged Colorado Shooter James Holmes Do Not Match

By Mort Amsel: The guy shown all over the media immediately after the shooting and the guy seen in court…   are not the same guys. So who are these guys?

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  1. While the idea that these two images may be different individuals is certainly worth exploring, there's no need to jump the gun...
    The individual on the left giving a large, forced smile that widens the nostrils while the other aspects of his facial features remain the same.
    The ears are the best place to start and although taken from slightly different angles, in both images they look the same.
    The area just below the chin also seems consistent along with the Adam's apple.
    While the eyebrows seem thinner on the right image they seem to follow the same arch.
    The eyes do seem to be brown in the right image but this could be the reflected light...hard to tell.
    And whoever the guy is, he is certainly under mind control and if he (most probably) has MPD then this would increase the "plastic" qualities of the face.
    (May I recommend, as an exersise, the August 2009 Italian edition of WIRED magazine in which two forensic scientists were commissioned by the magazine to analyze photos of Paul McCartney before and after 1966. The scientists thought it would be a lark, but were surprised when they found themselves looking at two different people, before and after.)