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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Outright deception and lies in mainstream media reporting

Blogman's Notes: In the strange Ying / Yang - Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Hyde world of Mainstream business reporting (also applicable to most other categories of News Reporting); contradictory and opposing reports are released simultaneously leaving readers and viewers confused as to what is actually going on. For example, on the same day (June 14), two reports on Consumer Confidence / Consumer Sentiment appeared on Bloomberg and in Yahoo Finance. The Bloomberg report claimed that Consumer confidence rose for a fourth consecutive week whereas Yahoo Finance reported that Consumer sentiment has hit new lows. One report tells us that US consumers are all gung ho to go out there and shop till they drop whereas the other one claims that Consumers are scared! Which one is the accurate report, for they both can't be true at the same time? This type of contradictory, illogical, and easily disprovable reporting, and even outright lying is the norm in the mainstream media and the Government. So take all these polls and statistics, not with a grain of salt but a truckload of salt. People who do not question the mainstream media, which is the propaganda arm of the ruling elite are truly uninformed, mainly because they think that they have been informed by the mainstream media!
June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Consumer confidence in the U.S. climbed for the fourth straight week as more Americans said their personal finances were improving.
The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index rose to minus 36.4 in the week ended June 10, the highest level since late April, from minus 37.6 the prior period. Each of its three components -- the economy, finances and buying plans -- advanced.

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"It's more convincing evidence that the economy is stuck in low gear," said Joe Manimbo, a market analyst at Travelex Global Business Payments.
Other reports pointed to cooling factory activity in New York state this month, along with a drop in household confidence in the economy.
The fall in confidence poses a serious threat to President Barack Obama's chances of winning re-election in November. It could also lead consumers to cut back on spending, which would reduce economic growth.
"Consumers are scared," said Sharon Stark, managing director at Sterne Agee in Birmingham, Alabama.

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