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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Euthanasia (assisted Suicide) now legal in Canada

Blogman's Notes: Legalized Euthanasia gives the State the right to decide who lives and who dies. This is a very dangerous ruling that will be used in the future to deny health care to terminally ill patients. Soylent Green is fast becoming reality in the Western world where human life still has some value left. In the movie Euthanasia is depicted as a serene alternative to dreary life, and beautiful State run Euthanasia centers seem so non-threatening. But it is the stated goal of the insane elites that run this world to eliminate all the weak and old members of society so that they do not become a burden, rather so that no public monies have to be spent on their welfare. Such rulings as the one in Canada yesterday open the door to this Darwinian horror world that will become reality in the not too distant future. Watch how the MSM spins this story as a big victory for individual rights whereas all these rulings do is to legalize State sanctioned murder!
VANCOUVER - A B.C. woman whose health is in dramatic decline is now eligible for a legal physician-assisted suicide after a B.C. Supreme Court judge struck down parts of Canada's law banning the practice.

But Gloria Taylor's plight is the exception in the pivotal ruling by Justice Lynn Smith, who has suspended her decision for a year to give Parliament a chance to change the laws and bring them in line with the Constitution.
Taylor, who has Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS, joined the legal action last year saying she wanted the right to die with dignity and with the help of a doctor.
"She will be permitted to seek — and her physician will be permitted to proceed with — physician-assisted death under specified conditions," Smith said of Taylor in her ruling.
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