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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ominous “mushroom cloud” hovers over Beijing skies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Video and photos of an unusual glowing multi-colored ”mushroom cloud” hanging over Beijing skyline scared internet users who couldn’t make out what it was. An unusual sight lit up Beijing skyline – a huge glowing mushroom cloud hung over the city around 7 pm local time. It covered several miles and stayed in the air for about an hour, gradually taking the shape of an atomic bomb explosion. It then gave way to more surprises – a further spectacle of lightning strikes lit up the evening skies, making the site even more ominous. But instead of being a danger to residents or marking imminent the Apocalypse, predicted by the Mayan calendar, the phenomenon was reported to be completely harmless.It is thought to have been a giant cumulonimbus cloud – a vertical tower which is typically associated with thunderstorms.Chinese authorities however advised residents of Beijing to stay inside on Monday on account of the green, yellow and orange "mushroom cloud," according to Agence France-Presse. Many have expressed shock that a formation so similar to that of the after effects of an atomic bomb could appear over their city.
An image from video posted on YouTube by DDSDTV user on Jun 16, 2012An image from video posted on YouTube by DDSDTV user on Jun 16, 2012
Storm clouds can be seen behind the China World building in Beijing (Reuters / David Gray)

08.10.2009, 17:0516 comments

“UFO halo” in the sky baffles Muscovites

Millions of residents in Moscow witnessed a strange bright ring-shaped cloud hanging over the city’s western districts on Wednesday.
23.10.2009, 12:29

Sunshine on a cloudy day in Moscow?

Ambitious Moscow scientists have tested a device to battle bad weather in the Russian capital, in order to keep the city moving through the winter.
Green clouds over Moscow spark range of theories // Video YouTube26.04, 20:1251 comments

Green clouds over Moscow spark disaster fears (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Mysterious green clouds have been spotted over the Russian capital, sparking fears of a chemical disaster and even some doomsday theories.
09.03.2010, 22:435 comments

Southern Russia overwhelmed with purple snow

The very morning following the widely celebrated Woman's Day - people in Southern Russia could not believe their eyes when they found purple snow piled on city streets.
Image by Facebook user JR Hott, Panhadale Helicopters09.02, 18:3413 comments

Surf not to be mist: 'Cloud tsunami' envelops Florida city (PHOTOS)

A misty “tsunami” has hit the coastline of Panama City, Florida, USA. A helicopter pilot managed to capture rare phenomenon and has posted breathtaking photos on Facebook.

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