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Monday, June 18, 2012

Egypt too headed for Civil war like neighboring Libya and Syria???

Egypt rivals claim presidency as army tightens grip | Reuters

A supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy kisses a picture of him during a celebration at Tahrir square in Cairo June 18, 2012. The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsy said on Monday after his group declared him winner in a presidential race that he would be a president for all Egyptians and said he would not 'seek revenge or settle scores.' REUTERS-Suhaib Salem

(Reuters) - Egypt's agonized passage from revolution to democracy was in limbo on Monday, as the Muslim Brotherhood claimed victory in a presidential election while the generals who took over from Hosni Mubarak decreed it was they who would keep power for now.
That drew a sharp rebuke from Washington, long the Egyptian military's financial sponsor. The Pentagon said it was "deeply concerned" and urged the army to hand over "full power" to civilians - but it made no mention of U.S. action if it did not.

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