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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Truth about China's miracle Economy - It ain't a miracle, it's a mirage!

There is a lot of lopsidedly-bullish analysis on China in the mainstream press and in the "blogosphere". Less so today than two years ago, but still enough to suggest that China's problems are not generally understood. To do our bit to counter-balance the aforementioned bullish analysis, here is a list of 14 reasons to be a China bear:

1) We regularly read that China's economy is growing at 8%/year or 9%/year or some other impressive-sounding rate. These are simply numbers that China's government concocts for public consumption; they don't reflect what's really happening. It's possible that right now China's economy is not growing at all and it's certain that a significant part of the growth of the past several years is a monetary illusion rather than something sustainable.

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