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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Economic News Update 05-20 / Coming Collapse, War and Police State

Today is Sunday May 20, 2012. This is Paul Sandhu with another brief Economic Collapse News update. The following are some of the stories that have made headlines over the past few days:
  • ·        Facebook IPO was a flop. People who thought that they would double their money overnight were shocked when stock went sideways and down rather than straight up as they expected. This is a good lesson for everyone of us to beware of everything that Wall Street and the Media hype. They create a frenzy to sucker people into losing money, and thereby making the insiders fabulously wealthy. All this hype, like with Apple, is another method of transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the elites. If you can’t understand the business model as to why some investment should make money, don’t get hyped into investing in it. I believe Facebook stock will go down a lot more yet, and will probably never be a good investment.
  • ·        Spain and Greece and Italy, and even Germany and England are seeing mass demonstrations against Austerity: Harsh Austerity is like demanding a hardcore addict to quit his heroin addiction cold turkey. All you end up doing is killing the patient. After getting nations addicted to the drug of massive debts, the bankers are now wanting them to quit cold turkey, it’s just can’t work. It will completely destroy the nations that are being austerrorized; but perhaps that’s the plan, to destroy the economies of individual nations, thereby decimating the Global Economy. Here’s a quote from one of the organizers of the Frankfurt, Germany protests: “We are in solidarity with the people of Greece and other European countries who are already gravely suffering from cuts across the board which threaten their very existence,'' organizer spokesman Roland Seuss said. I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. 
  •         The G-8 nations, minus Russia’s Putin, held a meeting in the US where it was announced that they will be balancing Austerity and Growth. That’s like saying that they will be trying to make omelets without cracking any eggs, or they will be trying to juggle while walking across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope, or they will be trying to skydive without using a parachute; I guess you get the picture. What it seems like is that more nations, including the US, are being targeted for Austerrorization. The gravy train has run out of gravy; watch as the millions that have been forced on to food stamps in the US are squeezed just like the Greeks are being squeezed. How long before we see desperate Americans committing suicide in Times Square as has happened in Greece and Italy? 
  • ·        Peace loving NATO, which only bombs nations back to the Stone Age as a last resort, is meeting in Chicago where mass protests are expected. A military organization generally meets in secret to discuss their business, so why has this meeting been heavily advertised along with draconian security procedures unless it’s a drill to train paramilitary police forces and the military to practice their tactics in the setting of a major American city? Just like the G-20 meetings that were held in Toronto 2 years ago were heavily advertised and the paramilitary police got to practice their Gestapo tactics, the choice of Chicago as the site for this meeting also seems to have been carefully selected to introduce more Police State policies, and to continue the militarization of police forces in the US and the developed world. They could easily have met on a military base somewhere that no protestor could have come within a 100 miles of, so I believe they want protestors, and protests as with the G-20 in Pittsburg and Toronto where they got to test sound canons and other exotic weaponry on their own citizens. Welcome to the Brave New World!
  • ·        Ireland’s banks are in need of more bailouts; the billions that they got haven’t made them sound, so billions more of taxpayers money is needed: The luck of the Irish certainly seems to have run out, after bailing out their banks, Anglo-Irish in particular, and throwing the Irish economy into a tailspin, the Irish Govt. will soon be required to give them billions. These banks are in the protection racket; if they don’t get their payments every few months, they threaten to blow up the country. The fact is that the country will blow up regardless, so why keep paying these shylocks? 
  • ·        This report is from Crumbling BRICs... And Why The Developed World Is Not "Taking Off" Either / The gist of this report is that data that is much hyped in the Media is self – reported; it is in China’s interest to report 9% growth but is that a realistic figure? Using peripheral data, this report concludes that the hottest economies in the world, the BRICS nations may themselves be suffering from a case of severe flu, and can hardly manage to keep their own fragile economies together let alone save the rest of the world. I have written on numerous occasions in the past that the economies of India and China, India in particular are a house of cards, more of an illusion than reality. So when the reality of their true condition can no longer be hidden, the shock waves will be felt around the world as they have already begun to be felt. 
  • ·        And finally this report form Russia Today: Going ballistic: Pakistan prepares nuclear-capable missile test / Pakistan will yet again test a ballistic missile by the end of the month, heating up the burgeoning arms race on the Indian subcontinent. Again I have contended that while everyone focuses on Israel / Iran / Middle East as far as potential war hot spots are concerned, in my estimation the India / Pakistan war scenario may be much more catastrophic since they are both Nuclear powers and have already fought 3 major wars and are constantly engaged in skirmishes that can develop into a war at any given moment.

In conclusion, as I mentioned in my last update, although I speak a lot about the Economy, I do it in the context of Biblical prophecy. The Economic System, in which we are all involved to a greater or lesser degree rules the lives of almost all humans on the planet. This System has been prophesied to come to a crashing end, and I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the System. This is not just another Recession or Depression; combined with all the other events that are transpiring in our world, what the world is staring at is nothing short of the end of the world as we know it. Yet the majority slumbers and sleeps, please take the red pill and open your eyes, the world is dramatically different than the fantasy world created by the System of entertainment and sports that people think is the real world.

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