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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why The Economy Must Collapse - ZIRP (0 percent interest rate policy) explained

Blogman's Notes: 

The following excellent interview with investor Jim Rogers explains the totally unprecedented ZIRP or Zero Percent Interest Rate policy that is destroying the savings of people across the Globe. These policies are insane yet the most powerful Financial authority in the world, the US Federal Reserve has embarked on such a policy for the foreseeable future. This will surely lead to high inflation and possibly hyperinflation and the death of the US dollar as the world's Reserve currency. Were it not for US military might and control of Global banking, most nations would already have abandoned the US dollar as many are now doing openly. This insanity, though perhaps not insane from the perspective of the policymakers who may just desire such a result, will surely result in a collapse of the Global Economy on a scale never seen in history. Though many people are expecting geophysical catastrophes that will destroy the world in 2012, the real catastrophe that may end the world as we know it in 2012 may be the collapse of the US dollar, leading to a collapse of the Global Economy...stay tuned, this is sure to be an year for the history books as far as Economic upheaval is concerned!
ZIRP explained: Russia Today TV interview with billionaire investor Jim Rogers

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