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Saturday, October 1, 2011

'IMF bailouts way to one world govt, Greeks sick of Eurocrat orders'

Anthony Wile, the founder and chief editor of The Daily Bell, believes that whether Greece decides to leave the euro zone comes down to the people, who are getting frustrated and are no longer willing to take the shots being called by others from the outside.
RT's Kevin Owen asked Wile, "Have the Greeks had enough of being told what to do?"
Wile's response: "Well, if I was Greek I certainly would feel like I'd had enough to do with the whole charade that's been going on. These austerity cuts are much deeper than people realize.  These are cuts that are reaching into people's homes and lives. And people, when faced with the uncertainty of where they are going to get their next meal, or where they are going to get a job – when jobs don't exist – and a future that's just plain bleak, and they see an outside group of people who have no cultural identity in line with theirs calling the shots as to how they're going to live and the policies they're going to live underneath of, they often times turn to violence and this is nothing new in history.
"It is up to the Greek people themselves to determine what austerity measures will be implemented," he said. "They certainly don't want to be taking orders from people sitting in Brussels and the IMF."
Wile believes the eurozone as a whole is based upon a false premise that central planning works.
"The more you remove the power for decision-making away from the individual, the less effective the decision-making is and the more dysfunction you are going to have within your economy and within your political and social structures," Wile said.

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