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Friday, September 30, 2011

Greece shaping up to a tragedy of mythic proportions

The Greek  debt drama is playing out like a true Greek Tragedy; like Oedipus the Greeks are facing ruin through Austerity foisted upon them by their creditor masters based in continental Europe. I believe that Greece, or rather the Greek people are being used as guinea pigs in a micro Socio-Economic experiment which will see a macro implementation across the developed world in the very near future. What has become apparent is the fact that governments can only function on a constant rollover of current debt while adding more debt to existing debt. This is a wholly unsustainable model that must catastrophically fail at some time. It is also a wealth redistribution model in which wealth is redistributed in society, primarily from the Middle Class to the already wealthy class. It is a model which is hastening the return of Feudalism through Fascism - a few controlling all the resources and the many living in destitute impoverished conditions as they have through most of history. This is how the game is being played in Greece and we should pay heed to what is happening there for it will soon repeat across the developed world, even in the US.

  • The Government borrows money from private sources, largely from private multinational banks by selling them bonds which are in facts IOUs on which the government pays interest.
  • The Government wastes a large percentage of this money on unproductive projects, the biggest one being Defense spending. Defense spending is a true oxymoron, for in most cases there are very few countries that are truly in danger of being invaded, so Defense spending is really a cover for Military spending, most of which literally goes up in smoke and impoverishes a nation rather than enrich it.
  • Governments also waste money by hiring too many people to do unproductive jobs; by creating a bureaucracy that adds nothing to the nation but takes plenty out of it. 
  • The Government also wastes money on many other unproductive and costly programs such as Social Security, Guaranteed pensions, Medicare etc. which seem to be good ideas on the surface but become albatrosses around the necks of citizens since the cost of these programs are far greater than the amounts Governments can raise through taxes. So to keep the facade of Socialism alive, Governments keep borrowing as long as they are able to borrow, indebting the citizenry for generations in many cases.
  • Private banks too keep on lending to dead beat customers as long as they are governments because they know that in the end their bad loans will be paid off one way or the other; even by other governments who are themselves indebted to the same banks.
  • So Banks literally run the world by keeping governments in debt. This is a carefully guarded yet open secret that PRIVATE institutions, meaning a group of private people wield incredible amounts of power because they lend to governments, and therefore they are the government. This is the reason why no government will go after banks; they are given free rein to the detriment of the majority of people in the world.

Getting back to Greece: The Geek Government should just default as should the US and Canada and UK and every nation that is in debt to private banking institutions. Against the might of the majority, what could a small group of Private bankers do? Sadly this will never happen! So the Greek Government is desperately trying to squeeze blood out of a rock, to lay heavy burdens on their citizens in the form of increased taxation, reduced benefits, reduced pensions or no pensions at all. They are also selling off State assets for pennies on the dollar, assets that belong to the Greek people and their children. The Greek government is doing this to pay off fraudulent debts which little benefited the Greek people or the nation. However the Greek government understands the power of the bankers; they know that if they do not comply there will be nasty consequences, Greece will be isolated, cut off from funding that it needs to function and will rapidly descend into Anarchy. I believe that is the intended goal of this experiment, to eventually allow Greece to default, for Anarchy to reign in that nation and for eventual declaration of Martial Law that will crush the masses that are rising up in protest of these Draconian policies that are being enforced upon them by the international banking community.

However, this end will be arrived at in stages: There is another game that is afoot at the same time. The international banksters from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, Credit Agricole, UBS, Credit Suisse, the FED, BOE, and all Central banks plus the IMF, the World Bank, and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) are great grand masters in the game of international finance. By definition a banker is a creditor and therefore bankers must keep on loaning money to stay in business, this is just as true of Central banks as it is for Commercial banks like Bank of America. If no loans are made, they go out of business. The business of lending to governments is the most profitable part of their business and banks who are big enough to do so, lend without concern for the ability of the borrower governments to pay the loans back. As an example, if Greece does not pay back the loans, the bankers will force Germany to pay or France to pay or the whole Eurozone to pay, as in the present case. So the bankers always manage to pass their bad debts off to citizens, not necessarily of the country that signed on the dotted line for the loans in the first place but of any country that is able to pay them. So not only are the Greeks being impoverished in this case, so are the Germans and the French and the Finns and the Swedes and so on and so forth. This is the real reason why Greece has not been allowed to default until now, everyone knows it is going to happen, but by delaying as long as possible many other nations will be forced to bear their burden as we presently see happening with Germany.

This begs the question, who do politicians, such as Angela Merkel of Germany truly work for? If she had the best interests of German people at heart, she would tell the EU to go take a hike and take Greece along with it. She would not guarantee the loans of other nations that the German people had no part in incurring nor did the Germans benefit from it. However there is a major drama that is made out of these inevitable failures that the sky will fall if Greece is allowed to default whereas no such thing will happen. The Sun will still rise, the rivers will still flow, the grass will still grow, factories will still be standing, people will still need to eat, to wear clothes, to drive cars; essentially life will go on if the whole world decided to default all at once. It would greatly reduce the wealth and power of the bankers but for the majority it would be a great emancipation from their tyranny. However I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this to happen; too many, almost all of the people in positions of power in government, industry, media, education, military etc. are beholden to the bankers and will defend their sorry hides even at the expense of destroying billions of Middle Class and poor people in this world. And that I'm afraid is the only logical conclusion to this insane debt saga that has overtaken our world on a scale never before seen in history, a catastrophe of Biblical proportions that will drown billions is debt and death. 

From a historical perspective, the greater the amount of debt that was needed to be reset, the greater the number of people that became victims, that suffered and died at the hands of governments working on behalf of the bankers. Since the amount of debt in the system is now approaching infinity (the amounts are so huge, they may as well be infinite), the resolution of the problem will also be catastrophic for the masses. What can we expect to see as nation after nation defaults because repayment of such astronomical debts is a mathematical impossibility?
  • Social unrest as populations rise up in protest of forced ‘Austerity’ policies
  • Descent into Anarchy as governments fall and law and order fails
  • Declarations of Martial law or invasions by neighboring nations to supposedly restore law and order
  • Introduction of a ‘New and Improved’ Economic / Banking system that will be supposedly more egalitarian than the present one, and will ensure that such Economic crises are not repeated in the future. However since it will be set up by the very same bankers that have brought us the present Economic Crisis, we can be certain that certain members of this new Economic order, namely the bankers; will be much more equal than the rest of us
  • Introduction of a ‘New and Improved’ political order as is being proposed in Europe by creating a ‘United States of Europe’; this order too will be more egalitarian, theoretically anyhow but in reality 
I’m sure you can see where this will lead to in the end.

If you can’t let me spell it out for you: The end goal of the present Economic crisis is to bring in a totalitarian worldwide government that is in absolute control of every aspect of your life. They will control you absolutely because they will control you economically; without their mark you will not be allowed to buy or sell! That is where this is all heading, the politicians pretend to be bumbling Keytsone Cops but in reality they are cold calculating Shylocks, who want not just a pound of flesh off you, they want to suck you dry like bloodthirsty vampires. Greece is only the beginning and as Greece is Austerrified and terrorized by the international banking / ruling elite, expect the same to come to your nation in the near future; there is no way to avoid this outcome unless you can somehow muster a greater military force than the US / NATO which is the enforcement arm of the ruling Mafia based in London, Zurich, New York and other major banking centers of the world. 1984 / Brave New World Order is almost here, people who think that they are still in Kansas are in for a very rude awakening, the Wizards of high finance will keep waving their magic wands and the Middle Class will keep on vanishing, sadly it will be with a degree of violence few can visualize at the present time. Believe and prepare! Or don’t! The choice is yours to make.

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