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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK Riots: Instigated Anarchy (problem) to implement Martial Law (solution)

The Guardian UK and other media sources are reporting that London police were asked to stand down as the UK riots began spreading. There are even reports that gangs of youths were paid to riot. What is apparent is that these riots were not spontaneous and the response to the looting, rioting and killing by the police was way too mooted, which had to have happened by design. The riots began as a small protest about the killing of an unarmed man by London police. The police made no attempt to communicate with the leaders of the protests but allowed frustration to build among the protestors. Later on it would appear that gangs of youths were allowed to roam without restraint, looting, burning and killing. The fact that these riots were allowed to go on for four days let alone four hours reveals that the authorities desired ANARCHY on a mass scale for their own nefarious purposes. This idea may seem strange to many readers that governments desire a state of ANARCHY to spawn in their nations or regions of their nations, but this is a time tested tactic that allows governments to expand their powers greatly at the expense of the liberty of the nation’s citizens.

By allowing these riots in UK to spread far beyond the boundaries of the original protest and by not limiting them to London but allowing them to spread to other major cities the authorities deliberately allowed this easily resolved problem to become into an exponentially bigger problem of ANARCHY that now requires a military solution according to many powerful people in UK including MPs. So there we have it:

1.       Create a problem: In this case a state of ANARCHY that should never have arisen.
2.       Provide a solution: O the big bad rioters need a strong response, bring in the Army; impose absolute control (Martial Law) even at the expense of citizens’ rights. 

The bigger picture to keep in view is that the world economy is in shambles and getting worse by the day. The Powers that Be are well aware that the Austerity being forcibly imposed on their citizens are going to create unprecedented unrest as already in Greece, Spain and other nations of the world. As the implosion of the Global Economy accelerates, so too will social unrest; and when populations rise up because of genuine grievances, governments will be ready to meet them with an iron fist. 

The reasoning will go something like this: Remember the riots of Aug. 2011; we cannot allow that to happen again, so at the first sign of trouble, not just heavily armed police but the military will be let loose on the streets of London and Chicago and L.A. and Rio de Janeiro and ….So will arrive absolute totalitarian Martial Law to the world in the name of keeping the world safe. 

  • ·         Problem created – Solution found!
  • ·         Bye Bye liberty! Hello Police State!

GUARDIAN UK / London riots: how did the Metropolitan police lose control of the capital? / The Met's public order unit CO11 left bruised, exhausted and, for second night running, out-manoeuvred by rioters and looting…

The contagion that saw looting spread across a 10-mile stretch of London in the early hours of Monday poses obvious resource issues. Analysts argued the Met suffered from a combination of bad luck, poor intelligence and overstretched forces. But there may be more long-standing and tactical reasons for its failure to quell the violence. In Tottenham on Saturday police were accused of failing to open dialogue with protesters who had gathered outside the police station following the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan.

"Years ago there would have been a lot of dialogue," said David Gilbertson, formerly a Metropolitan police division chief superintendent at Tottenham. "We would have gone out of our way to ensure that the organisers of a protest group would have been brought into a station like that even if others were stood outside." It took hours for police to change from regular uniforms to riot gear, and even longer for them to begin almost half-hearted attempts at preventing looting.

Is it not the police’s job to prevent theft, robberies and looting of any kind, so why the HALF – HEARTED ATTEMPTS AT PREVENTING LOOTING? Could the answer be that the police were ordered to let the rioting and looting get out of control so that a predetermined solution (troops in the streets) and other draconian measures that are sure to come out of these UK riots of August 2011?

“The police have been outnumbered so far. The point has come when we have to call in the armed forces. What we see know is chaos and chaotic criminality across the whole of London,” the member of the European Parliament for London said. “What we should do in my view is pull our troops back from pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where we should never have been in the first place and put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush the criminal insurrection,” added Batten.

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