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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Social violence to increase as Dollar crashes: Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul interviewed on CNBC predicts continuing debasement of the dollar leading to its ultimate demise. As dollar crashes and inflation grows, societal breakdown will accelerate leading to much violence as seen in the UK, Greece, the Arab nations, India, China, Mexico, and even non – violent social unrest will greatly increase as seen in Israel. Paper currencies are destined to keep declining in value as the Federal Reserve continues to recklessly print more and more dollars. As stated in many of my previous posts, I believe the dollar which has been declining gradually will crash completely all of a sudden and without much warning. This will be a civilization ending event, the likes of which has never been experienced in history. By now it should be obvious to everyone that governments and central bankers have no solutions to the current crisis, or they have a private agenda that is the polar opposite of their stated public agenda. If they are actively working to destroy the dollar, which is the only logical conclusion that may be drawn from their actions, then nothing can be done to save it. So it is incumbent upon us to learn what the consequences of the collapse of the dollar will be and to prepare as best as we can for this catastrophic event. 

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