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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway Massacre Update

I believe this story is a major one with very serious implications for the whole world. I will present my opinion on the story behind the story in the coming days. Whoever or whatever organization perpetrated this tragedy, it is heart breaking to hear of so many young victims, over 80 at last count. What is also troubling about this story is that the media is pointing the finger at 'White Extremist' individuals or groups as the terrorists while also mentioning Al-Qaida and Pakistan in the same breath. Seems like before long everyone will be a terrorist! And how one man managed to kill 80 people is also a mystery for which no reasonable explanations have been offered so far.

Scores killed in twin attacks on Norway 

At least 87 people have been killed in two attacks in Norway.
A gunman dressed in police uniform opened fire at a youth camp on Utoya island, killing at least 80 people, hours after a bomb killed seven people in the government district in the capital Oslo.
"The updated knowledge we are sitting on now is at least 80," police chief Oystein Maeland said of the attack in Utoya.
"We can't guarantee that [number] won't increase somewhat," he added, saying that some of the wounded were badly injured.
Maeland said the attack in Utoya, located outside Oslo, had reached "catastrophic dimensions".
A 32-year-old Norwegian has been arrested after the shooting incident on Friday; police also linked him to the Oslo bombing.

Norway's public broadcaster, NRK, named the bombing and shooting suspect as Anders Breivik.
The TV2 televison station reported, without disclosing its sources, that the detained man had links to right-wing extremism. He was described as tall and blond.
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