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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gunman kills five, self in Texas + Norway kiilngs- Manchurian Candidates?

80+ kids are killed in Norway, man in Texas kills 5 at birthday party, another shooting at a fair in Washington State that injures a number of people, what's up with people just going psycho and killing others in great numbers? In the case of the Norwegian killer(s), it is almost certain but will probably never be proven that the shooter(s) was a mind controlled trained Manchurian Candidate working for groups / organizations that we will never know about. 

The Latest 'Lone Nut'
By Michael Hoffman / 7-23-11
Reports that the culprit of the mass shooting at a Labor youth camp outside Oslo, who early indications show killed at least 84 people, was a blonde-haired Norwegian man, fit perfectly into the recent propaganda campaign to hype the "white Al-Qaeda" as the most deadly terror threat. Self-proclaimed security experts quoted by Reuters are already predicting the blame will "fall on both Islamists and right-wing extremists," in some form of alliance that led to a "hybrid assault," which in and of itself is a ludicrous notion but does serve to link anti-government sentiment amongst the host population with Muslim terrorism, which has been the goal all along. Read Article

Gunman kills five, self in Texas 
WASHINGTON, July 24, 2011 (AFP) - A gunman has killed five people during a birthday party at a roller skating rink in a Texas town before turning the gun on himself, police said.
The shooting in the town of Grand Prairie occurred late Saturday, after a fight broke out at a birthday party, said a police official who spoke on condition of anonymity.
The gunman killed five people and wounded four before shooting himself in the head. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, according to police.
Police say the shooter was one of the organizers of the party, which quickly got out of control when an argument erupted between two family members.
No other details were given, but the official said the incident was under investigation.
"We're going to assist the family and anybody else who attended to help them overcome this terrible situation," police spokesman John Brimmer told local media.
The wounded were treated at nearby hospitals, officials said without elaborating.
According to NBC television, the shooter was the father of the boy celebrating his 11th birthday.
"He was a friendly guy," Sen Nguyen, the father of one of the children who attended the party, told the TV network. "I don't believe it happened like this. He was a family man."
Nguyen said the gunman's wife and other family members were among those shot, the report said.
"There's just no cause for this," Aaron Feldt, a resident of Grand Prairie, told The Dallas Morning News newspaper, adding that children and adults were among the guests at the party.
Officials said later that the victims were all adults.
Grand Prairie is part of a large north Texas urban area that includes Dallas and Fort Worth.

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