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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wizards of Hollywood

Hollywood has an uncanny knack for giving fictional accounts of events that become fact and transpire in the real world, as if the world was being run by Hollywood. The following examples startlingly prove how accurate Hollywood has been in predicting major events, 9-11 in particular. In the case of 9-11, there are 100’s of unmistakable references in movies and TV programs that aired years and months in advance of the actual event. The most startling example of predictive programming through Hollywood may be seen in the pilot episode of the TV series, ‘The Lone Gunmen’, produced by Chris Carter of ‘The X – Files’ fame. In the pilot episode the storyline was about a plane being flown into the World Trade Towers and the way it was filmed, it could well have been a News Report from CNN on 9-11. The only difference is that the episode aired in March 2001. The following clip is about 10 minutes long but well worth watching in its entirety or you can fast forward past the halfway mark to see the part where the plane is shown heading right towards the World Trade Towers and narrowly missing hitting it because in the TV show, the heroes saved the day but not sadly in real life.

The end of the movie ‘Fight Club’ that was released in 1999, also showed buildings that looked uncannily like the World Trade Towers being demolished almost exactly as happened on 9-11.

2011 has been the year of Extreme Weather so far and there is no reason to believe that weather / climate catastrophes will not continue to increase; so I wanted to bring my viewers’ attention to a made for TV movie titled, 10.5 Apocalypse. This movie is actually part 2 of an earlier movie titled 10.5; 10.5 being the magnitude of the earthquake that literally shook the earth to its foundations. The following dialogue is from Apocalypse 10.5 at about 38 minutes into the movie when the lead geologist, Dr. Hill briefs the President on what was causing the climate catastrophes that began with the earthquake in Seattle. What’s more than interesting, what’s actually astounding about this dialogue is the fact that the things that were predicted to happen in the movie have now moved from the realm of fiction into fact. 

Dr. Hill: “As the plates continue to move we could see an escalating series of events:
  • ·         Quakes
  • ·         Volcanoes
  • ·         Massive sinkholes
  • ·         Gaseous explosions
  • ·         Flooding
  • ·         Rapid weather change
  • ·         And other anomalies”
President: This sounds more like the coming of the Apocalypse than a scientific conclusion.
For all intents and purposes, Mr. President that is exactly what it could turn out to be.

The following two clips are from the movie, the first one shows a massive sinkhole forming; later in the movie a sinkhole swallows Las Vegas.  I believe that such as event or events will indeed transpire in real life where a major city or more will be swallowed up by a sinkhole or series of sinkholes as are appearing in Quebec and northeast US. In yesterday’s report I included a story about a large area in upstate NY being literally sucked into the ground. Will we soon be witnessing events on the scale depicted in this movie? I pray that we do not but I am afraid that we will. 

Fast forward to about the 7 minute mark to hear the dialogue quoted above, along with some excellent visualization. Later on at 80 minute mark into the movie, Dr. Hill predicts the North American being split into half with a new sea forming from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico. The New Madrid Fault has been speculated by many to generate a quake of sufficient magnitude to actually tear the continent in half and cause to happen that which was shown to happen in this file. Life imitating art? Or artists being inspired by powers greater than what they themselves may understand?

In conclusion I am not suggesting that Hollywood has been overrun with prophets of The Most High God; on the contrary Hollywood is a cesspool of iniquity that would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush. However many movie-makers such as Steven Spielberg, Chris Carter and many others have links with the Military / Intelligence, which have links with sources of information that can with some degree of predict events that will transpire in the future. So a lot of programs are not pure fiction; they are fictionalized accounts of future facts. I understand how and why such shows and movies are made, and though only the writer or producer or a handful of people associated with the program or movie are aware of the real nature of that which is portrayed as fiction, yet the fact remains that there are people that are aware of future events, perhaps because they have a hand in planning and executing such events or they receive information from people and powers that know what’s coming and where. In a future entry I will address the subject of the WIZARDS of Hollywood and of Mainstream Media and what magic they perform through movies and TV and why? In the meantime do not be surprised to see events such as those depicted in disaster and Sci-Fi movies become reality in our times.

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  1. Why is it typical of the Illuminati warning the public ahead of time of events to come? Why would they bother doing that? You'd think being so evil they would keep things secret to come as a surprise!? Diana