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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Sinkholes

Extreme Weather News

From Extinction Protocol blog:

June 7, 2011CHILE – Flames reach up to the heavens as lightning flashes criss-cross the sky. These extraordinary images show the full force of Mother Nature as a Chilean volcano erupts for the first time in 50 years. Ash has been thrown six miles up into the sky and the South American government has ordered the evacuation of thousands of residents. Winds fanned the ash toward neighboring Argentina, darkening the sky in the ski resort city of San Carlos de Bariloche, in the centre of the country, and its airport has also been closed. The eruption in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain, about 575 miles south of the capital, Santiago, also prompted authorities to close a busy border crossing into Argentina. It was not immediately clear which of the chain’s four volcanoes had erupted because of ash cover and weather conditions.

The FATHER of ‘Mother Nature’ is God; so though the cause of such events is assigned to everyone but the Creator of all things, the fact of the matter is that it is God and God alone that is in control of all of the Processes of His Creation. Proverbs 8 and other scriptures clearly prove that all of the mechanisms of the planet have been carefully designed and controlled by their Creator. Just as in a building like a hospital, the maintenance department runs all processes and exercises complete control over HVAC, Electricity, Water and any other mechanisms that make the building function, so too it is with the Earth. The Earth is like a building in which nothing happens randomly; so as we witness the destruction of the planet as never before in history, we should look to Him who alone controls Nature, not to Nature that is but a servant of the Most High God. Volcanoes are chimneys that have been designed and placed by God on Earth to serve the purpose of venting pressures that build up inside the Earth due to various reasons, most often Seismic activity.
Does this not look a Nuclear mushroom cloud? I wonder what transpires inside the earth to cause such an explosion? Yet foolish man thinks he is in control of creation - LOL!

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — There are no reports of injuries so far, but more than 3,500 people have evacuated their homes near an erupting volcano in southern Chile.
Authorities say a rift more than six miles long and three miles across was torn in the earth's crust about 2½ miles from the peak originally thought to be erupting. The violent eruption sent smoke and ash billowing into the sky.
About 600 people were evacuated when the first alert went up and hundreds more left their homes after the eruption began.
Wind carried ash across the Andes to an Argentine tourist town, which had to close its airport. Officials in the town warned residents to take precautions against a possible prolonged ashfall.
The eruption is nearly 620 miles south of Chile's national capital, Santiago
This is not the power of 'mother nature'; this is the Power of God who made nature

In one of my updates last week, I had reported on sinkholes opening up in Quebec city endangering residential neighborhoods, and also of a Montreal family whose property was swallowed up while they were in the house (they were all killed.) Due to increased seismic activity of greater magnitude, and flooding and droughts that upset the water table balance of the planet, the earth is literally being torn apart; this will result in increased volcanic activity and in increased sudden appearance of Sinkholes. So it is not surprising to hear of 6 mile wide rifts appearing near sites of recent earthquakes and volcanic activity or of a whole neighborhood slowly sinking into the ground due to heavy flooding in the area. Tragic as it will be, be not surprised to hear of a moderate size town being swallowed into the earth.
Numbers 16:30
But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.

New York state geologist Andrew Kozlowski says hundreds of thousands of tons of rock and earth have been destabilized.
"The area that's moving, that's impacted, is 82 acres," he says. "Eighty-two acres of land mass on the side of the mountain is physically moving. It's the largest landslide in the state's history."
More homes and businesses sit at the bottom of the slide. It's oozing slowly, Kozlowski says, no faster than three feet per day. But it's so big that scientists have been arriving from all over the country to study it.
"We still have very little in terms of subsurface information to understand the depth and the actual extent in the subsurface of how wide this event is," Kozlowski says.

The above story is intriguing but tragic, and is but a pre – cursor to much bigger SINKHOLE events that are going to result from seismic activity and rebalancing of the water table of the Earth. Whole communities and cities being swallowed into the ground will not be Hollywood fiction any longer. Although I have expected to see such things for a while, it still amazes me that what I have read about in the Bible, and also seen visually depicted in movies is coming to pass right before our eyes. The following clip is from a very highly recommended made for TV movie, 10.5 Apocalypse. This whole movie is on You Tube and I would highly recommend watching it to see how all of the following elements come together as a result of mega earthquake activity. Link to movie 10.5 Apocalypse.

·         Earthquakes begin a chain reaction that results in
·         Volcanic activity
·         Massive Sinkhole Activity
·         San Andreas Fault and the reshaping of the geography of southern California
·         New Madrid Fault and the reshaping of the geography of the central United States
·         Nuclear disaster resulting from Earthquake activity

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