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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wizards of Hollywood Part 2

 The reason 'The Illuminati' produce movies and TV programs with predictive elements is that these movies serve as 'petitions' and 'prayers' to their gods, whom they are invoking through the movie to bring to pass that which is being displayed on film. So the movies themselves are intercessory prayers to Satan to transform fiction into fact, to bring to pass events that he has planned. A lot of Hollywood scripts are inspired by other - worldly forces and intelligences, evil spirits to be precise. This is generally true of Hollywood and even of the so – called NEWS media that serve to deceive the masses rather than illuminate them. 'The Illuminati' think of themselves as enlightened ones, and work to keep all others (the general public) in darkness. So media as a whole is satanic, inspired by Satan and his evil subordinate spirits. This is the reason why there are many predictive elements in films whose significance may not even be apparent to the film makers themselves, such as the numerous 9 – 11 references in pre Sept. 11, 2001 movies and TV shows. However the spirit or the invisible intelligence that inspired the writer / producer / director to create that show is well aware of the significance of that which will be depicted in the program.

Because movies have a wide audience, the audience themselves, without being aware of it, give their consent to the content of the movie because they do not understand that they are being involved in an occult ritual, some of which are very overt, such as the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, and some not so overt such as the TV series 'Jericho' that depict multiple nuclear bombs going off in the US. ‘Harry Potter’ movies portray occult rituals as such, as witchcraft and wizardry, whereas a show like Jericho does not. In either form the same purpose is being served of invoking evil powers and empowering them to fulfill their evil purposes.
So satanic powers are invoked through these movies / TV shows to create in real life that which is first shown on celluloid as fiction. The uninformed public becomes ministers of Satan without even being aware of it. Some people may find this to be an extreme view but what I say is true; I do not wish to elaborate on this in detail here but nonetheless it is a fact that whether a person understands it or not, all people in this world serve either God or Satan. And movies are a ritual that involve masses of people; the more people that are entertained by the movie, the more successful the ritual is, and greater will be the success of the real agenda behind the movie. 

Even mindless TV programs such as Sitcoms are a ritual, they act as a sedative to keep the masses in a hypnotic state, so that they do not question the meaningless lives that they live as ‘Consumers’. Not only do they not question their existence merely for the sake of consuming, they oppose those of us who try to bring them real illumination, bring them knowledge of reality, to help them escape from the make – believe world that has been carefully crafted for them. In olden times before movies, music and pageantry used to serve the same purpose of hypnotizing and sedating the masses to desensitize them to evil. As the hypnotic beat of drums mounted, the assembly of people would become sedated to evil and give their willing consent to the horrific deeds of the priests that were conducting the ritual, such as that of human sacrifice. So too in the present time, the high priests of Satan, the wizards of evil create mindless Sitcoms, Talk shows, Reality shows and even the News to keep people A-MUSED (not thinking for themselves), to keep them swinging to the constant beat of media inspired (dis) information drums that are beating nonstop all around them.

These people are unaware that the drummers have an agenda that is harmful to those whose consent they deceptively seek; so in truth the masses are their own worst enemies, they empower the very powers that are constantly working to deceive, defraud and destroy them. From that perspective the whole world is one big ritual designed to keep people sedated to the evil that permeates the very atmosphere around them. Other than hallucinogenic drugs, Movies and other Audio – Visual media are the most powerful mediums used by Satan to deceive people into giving their consent to his will, to literally accept him as their god. Music is a powerful tool in the arsenal of Satan, and therefore it is no surprise that Satanists like Lady Gaga and other ministers of his are given much wealth and exposure in this world.

Satan uses his ministers, the so – called ‘Illuminati’ to reveal his plans through the media and get as many people as possible to give their consent so that the ritual depicted in the movie will be played out flawlessly in real life. This is the real reason why there are so many predictive TV shows and movies out there. In the case of 9 – 11 which was a major ritual, literally hundreds of programs and movies referenced it well before its execution. This is just one website that documents the numerous instances of references to 9 -11 well before Sept. 11, 2001.

Here’s an example from the above website:
Film: Independence Day (1996)
Time: 00:45:33 (Special Edition) 00:41:22 (Theatrical Version)
Scene: As Air Force 1 evacuates the President and his family, Jeff Goldblum sets a laptop up to watch the countdown. When the camera cuts to a close-up one of the ticks is 9:11:01.

 So the ‘Illuminati’ produce these programs not just to brag but to invoke the very powers that reveal these plans to them in the first place.  God has given authority to man in the physical world, and for spirits to work their evil in the physical realm, they need man’s consent. Satan’s evil instructions are transmitted to the ‘Illuminati’, who are the human power brokers in the physical world, and the ‘Illuminati’ in turn transmit them to the masses, and since the masses do not resist evil, as they are commanded to do by God, but rather consent to it, evil works never come to an end in this world.

In closing it might be useful to clarify who exactly is the ‘Illuminati’. The ‘Illuminati’ is a club so sorts of the rich and powerful; it is not just one organization but a group of organizations such as European Royalty, Secret societies, predominantly Catholic ones such as The Jesuits, The Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus etc. Other secret societies such as The Freemasons are all part of the ‘Illuminati’. Media / Multinational Corporations / Military / Academia / Organized religion are all tentacles of the octopus that is the ‘Illuminati’. Whatever their perceived differences, all these organizations serve the same master, whose name is Satan. Foolish people do not understand that in creation, the visible spectrum is infinitely small compared to the invisible spectrum; therefore they think that Satan is a Hollywood or religious superstitious myth. To hide the reality of his existence, Satan has Hollywood and organized religion depict him as a monstrous creature with horns munching on people like a wild beast. But in reality, if Satan were a corporeal being, He would look the President dressed in designer suits with silk ties and Italian leather shoes, or he would look like a movie star or a rock star or an athlete over whom the masses would fawn, or he would look like the Pope dressed in robes and jewelry before whom the masses would bow and do homage, or he would dress like Royalty wearing crowns and sitting on thrones, Satan would look like rich and powerful and influential people, whatever their title. Satan is all of these people, for he sits in them and controls them to do his will much as a video game player controls the characters in the game to do his bidding. However there is One that is much higher than Satan, The Most High God who in turn controls Satan absolutely. Though Satan would have his subjects believe that he is an independent powerful being, independent of God, in truth he is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of God even as Satan’s subjects are puppets in his hand. So the puppets of Satan are the ‘Illuminati’, and it can be said that in the final analysis, Satan is the ‘Illuminati’.

In the above picture you will notice a portion of the spectrum marked VISIBLE towards the right middle of the diagram. Notice how small this is in comparison to the total spectrum. There is way more in this Universe that is Invisible than that which is Visible. Spirits of all kinds, including God are in the Invisible Spectrum, and therefore not visible with our physical eyes.

Those of us who understand what is going on in this world do not give our consent to the invocations spelled out in the movies and TV show but we educate ourselves, become aware of the agenda of Satan as fulfilled through his human agents, the so - called 'Illuminati'. I am not suggesting that people stop watching movies or TV, actually they should stop watching it if they only watch it for entertainment or just for mainstream News. But if they watch it for educational purposes, to learn about this world and how it operates, then there is much that can be learnt from movies and programs. In my experience Science – Fiction TV / movies have the greatest elements of predictive programming and also reveal a great deal about the true nature of creation, and of life beyond the planet Earth. However it is only possible to understand the hidden truths in these programs if one is well versed in the Bible. If you have not studied The Bible (and I don’t mean a cursory reading but studied it as one would for a P.H.D. degree), then first take the next couple of years and study scripture, then and only then it may be profitable to learn from TV shows and movies.

I hope this article clarifies the reasons why the ‘Illuminati’ consider it important to produce predictive programming movies and TV shows that reveal their plans long before the plans are executed.

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