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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Breaking News May 22, 2011

56 people dead from mega dust storms and thunder in India / NEW DELHI: At least 56 people were killed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar when severe duststorm accompanying with rain and thundershowers lashed some parts of the...READ MORE

 Global systemic (Financial / Economic) crisis - Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 – Explosive fusion of world geopolitical dislocation and the global economic and financial crisis... READ MORE

FOOD TO GET MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IT IS ALREADY / By Blake Ellis May 19, 2011: 1:08 PM ET Track corn, wheat and other commodities by clicking on the chart. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Surging wheat and corn prices could hit the items in your grocery basket by mid-summer if planting conditions across the country don't improve. It's a case of two extremes: dry weather conditions in parts of the southern United States and in Europe have sparked fears of a supply crunch of wheat, while supplies of corn are being threatened by flooding and heavy rain in the Midwest. Wheat futures rose for a fourth consecutive session on Thursday, and prices are up more than 10% from a week ago. Corn futures were mixed...
CNN 2011-05-19

Global Commodity Prices: Soaring Population Growth and a Can't Miss Profit Play  / If you read the newly released United Nations report on global population trends, you can reach only one conclusion about the long-term outlook for global commodity prices.
They're going higher. Much higher. READ MORE

For years we have been warning that all signs are pointing towards a PERFECT STORM developing that will engulf this world in War, Climate disasters, Famines, and Deadly Pandemics. It would appear that the time of warnings is almost over, and this storm may well hit with full force before the end of this year. The time of preparations has almost run out, get ready now before it's too late!


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