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Monday, May 3, 2010

What is the Real Matrix – Part 6: The Macro Matrix

                                                        Series Conclusion 
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*** Please note that these articles provide a Biblical perspective on the idea of the ‘Matrix’ as an alternate reality, an idea that has gone mainstream as a result of The Matrix movie trilogy. This is a multi part series based strictly on the first movie titled ‘The Matrix’. The other two films in the trilogy also had some interesting symbolism and ideology that will be explored separately at a later time.

The Hive Mind of The Borg

In part 4 and part 5 of this series, it was proven that on a micro level or on the level of individuals the Matrix is a Belief System that keeps the minds of the masses enslaved through voluntary submission to ideologies that few attempt to understand. The entire purpose of existence is reduced to (1) Economic advancement and (2) defense of tradition and religion handed down from previous generations even when such traditions and religion are harmful to the mental and spiritual welfare of the individual. A societal construct based on a Borg mentality or Hive mind is the world that the majority inhabit and believe to be the real world. A Hive Mind is a must for unquestioning acceptance of authority, Economic (the boss), Political (government leaders) and Religious (leaders of religion). The hive mind is growing exponentially these days in order to fulfill the prophesied ‘One Mind’ of the whole world united against God that precedes the return of Jesus Christ to this planet. O yes, He is returning, whether a single person on the earth believes it or not is of little consequence.
Revelation 17:13: These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

The hive mind has to be cultivated and how far it has progressed in this age of technology can be seen from ads such as this one from the UK.
A Borg mentality is not from God and there is an in built aversion to such a Huxleyian nightmarish lifestyle, an aversion built by God Himself into our person. Therefore such mentalities have to be enforced; enforced by those who set themselves up as authorities. Human authorities are all self – serving, and not at all concerned with the welfare of the individual; this may seem like a blanket statement but the evidence of past history and of modern times allows no other conclusion to be drawn. For the purpose of enforcing the hive mind, there are written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken threats or consequences that keep the individual fearful and therefore a compliant, if not willing, part of the System.  People uphold the System not because they are firm believers in it but rather because they are fearful of the consequences if they oppose it. These consequences can be deadly as evidenced in part 5, so the fears are real not just imaginary in many cases.
The Third Heaven

So who is the author, the architect of this Matrix, this System that keeps people bound to it for their whole life as if they had been permanently glued to it? In the movie, the architects of the Matrix were sentient machines. I question the movie’s premise of ‘Sentient Machines’, machines that were ‘Conscious’, and therefore became the opponents of mankind. I doubt very much that any machine can be made sentient or conscious such as the computer HAL in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, at least not by man. How the machines became sentient and conscious is not explained in the film or in other movies such as ‘Blade Runner’.  The origins of Sentience is not the subject of this article but I would contend that only God has the power and knowledge to create ‘Conscious’ beings, beings that have a Soul’, but I will leave that discussion for another time.
Nonetheless it is true that there exist intelligences that permeate not only our planet but the entire Universe. This concept is well illustrated in the Bible that there are at least Three Heavens that have varying degrees of power and energies, intelligences and minds working within them. These heavens may co – exist in the same physical space but in different dimensions. The following boundaries assigned to the first two ‘heavens’ are somewhat arbitrary. The Third Heaven as in the abode of Jehovah God (literally JEHOVAH ELOHIM) exists beyond the bounds of the physical Universe. As an aside, the Bible teaches that there are many ‘Elohim’ (gods) that are identified by their personal names such as Baal, Molech, Diana (queen of heaven), Jupiter, Mercury and many others that are mentioned in the Bible itself. Mythologies are filled with the names of millions more, it is nearly impossible to record the appellations or titles of the gods or the elohim of all nations and cultures. Jehovah Elohim or the LORD God is unique in that He is the Creator of all, including the other elohim. Everyone, whether gods or man, are His creation and subservient to Him, and exist to serve His purposes. There is only one Jehovah (who is Jesus Christ in his incarnated form) and must not be confused with Buddha or Shiva or Mohammed or any other being.
The Three ‘Heavens’ identified in the Bible may be differentiated and defined as follows:
·         The First Heaven is the space immediately surrounding the earth and may be limited to the boundaries of the Solar System. This realm is somewhat unique in that it is here that mortal man interfaces both with God (good) and the devil (evil). This is the realm of Satan and his subordinate spirits.
·         The space surrounding the Solar System stretching to the boundaries of the material Universe would be classified as the Second Heaven. As discussed in Part 2, this could be classified as the Angelic realm from which the Universe of matter is controlled and managed. Angels are not limited to this realm but have access to both the first and third heavens.
·         The Third Heaven is a Celestial city, not necessarily made of matter, which exists beyond the boundaries of the material Universe. This is the abode of Jehovah God who is Jesus Christ in visible form. He is identified as ‘The Most High God’, the Creator of all things (in contrast to creatures that are called gods who inhabit the realm of the first heaven.

Prince of the power of the Air (Cyberspace?)
The Real Matrix is a technological construct of the First Heaven which also has many mythological names such as Mount Olympus, Elysian Fields, Hyperborea, Valhalla, Avalon, Devaloka, Swarag, and too many others to catalogue here. Such places are all identified as the abode of the gods from which supernatural beings interact with mortals. Mythologically speaking these so – called ‘gods’ are anthropomorphic beings with greater strength and superior technologies, yet like man they too are mortals, many of them are killed or hurt by other gods in such legends. They seem to be flesh and blood just like man, not necessarily angelic or spirit beings. There seem to be a lot of jealousies and power struggles that go on between these ‘gods’. They are created beings and extensive genealogies exist that tabulate their lineage and ancestry, and therefore their corporeal nature, at least as far as their origin is concerned. It is almost certain that they are no longer flesh and blood but continue to exist as disembodied spirits in another dimension, namely the first heaven.
These ‘gods’ of mythology are the elohim of the Bible; just like ‘man’ is a word that identifies the species of man but personal names identify individuals, so too is ‘elohim’ a word that identifies the species as ‘gods’ but personal names indentify individual elohim. The prince of these gods identified in mythology as Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Indra and many other names is identified in the Bible as ‘the prince of the power of the air’ (Ephesians 2:2), and is none other than the Biblical Satan. There are other rulers or princes that are subordinate to Satan such The Prince of Persia, which incidentally is also the title of a soon to be released Hollywood movie. Satan is headquartered somewhere above the earth from which he rules his kingdom. The word ‘Air’ as used in Ephesians 2:2 means Atmosphere and was defined by the Greeks as follows: Air, the celestial air surrounding the earth. The Greeks believed it to be the substance that filled the space between the earth and moon... Essentially Satan rules the atmosphere, not so much as relating to the body but rather the mind. As described in part 3 of this series there exists an invisible network of intelligent energy that surrounds our planet much like a glass dome around a greenhouse. Just because this network is intelligent does not mean it’s good, on the contrary it is a network of absolute unadulterated evil that contaminates our atmosphere much as radio waves now fill our airwaves. I would contend that Satan’s network also consists of radio waves of a different frequency than say the frequency used to transmit cell phone signals. Nonetheless it a transmission network that transmits intelligent information directly into the minds of people without them being aware of it.
Therefore Satan is the author, the architect of the Real Matrix, a construct that keeps people’s minds focused on the physical plane and the dimension of the first heaven only, unable to see the dimensions beyond where God the Creator dwells in the Light that no man can approach unto, the dimension where ‘Immortality’ has truly been brought to light. If no man can approach the light where immortality is available, how can man find immortality? That question will be answered later but suffice it is to say that ‘gods’ that are themselves mortal can hardly offer immortality to man.
1 Timothy 6:16: Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.
Devas or sentient programs?
The Satanic hierarchy is a well defined one and as previously discussed in part 3 of this series and in the article titled ‘2012: Year of the Dragon???’ there are four levels to this hierarchy as identified in the New Testament book of Colossians. Colossians 3:16: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him... The four levels are:
  1. Thrones (kingdoms), 2. Dominions (lordships), 3. Principalities (ruled by princes), 4. Powers (numen).
In this final segment of the series I will concentrate on the first category of ‘Thrones’ focusing particularly on the kingdom of Satan himself. His is the macro power that enslaves minds corporately, that creates the hive mentality to produce borgs, that exist to serve their unseen master from Mount Olympus rather than the Living God who created them, who alone gives them breath without which they cannot even survive.
“In the (error laden – my belief) teachings of Theosophy, Devas are regarded as living either in the atmospheres of the planets of the solar system (Planetary Angels) or inside the Sun (Solar Angels) (presumably other planetary systems and stars have their own angels) and they help to guide the operation of the processes of nature such as the process of evolution and the growth of plants; their appearance is reputedly like colored flames about the size of a human. It is believed by Theosophists that devas can be observed when the third eye is activated”.

The preceding quote is from a Wikipedia article of Theosophy, Mme. Helena Blavatsky’s westernized version of ancient Hinduism that spawned Nazism and continues to influence the influential elite of our times. I quoted from this article to prove that since ancient times people’s minds have been kept focused on the powers that dwell in the unseen dimension of the planet’s atmosphere, which the Greeks believed to be Mt. Olympus, a place close to the surface of the earth. In other cultures similar beliefs were prevalent such as Valhalla of Norse mythology, and Devaloka of Hindu mythology. This belief is also to be found in all tribal cultures. Could the first heaven exist only in cyberspace and is cyberspace a dimension of physical space? I believe there is strong evidence to suggest that Satan’s kingdom is a technological construct that consists of sentient programs called ‘daemons’ in technical lingo. The choice of that name by computer programmers and the proliferation of satanic terminology and symbolism in the cyber world is too wide ranging to allow for the possibility of all this being just a coincidence.
The word ‘devas’ in Mme. Blavatsky’s philosophies is the Hindu words for gods. According to theosophists who pattern their ideology on the millennia old philosophies of the Hindus, these devas or gods or elohim reside in the atmospheres of the planets of the solar system. If a dimension of the ‘atmospheres’ is cyberspace, a technological construct, then the Matrix being a computer generated program is more than probable. Biblically speaking the Theosophists understanding of ‘intelligent’ beings inhabiting a dimension of our atmosphere is not entirely incorrect with the caveat that the headquarters of evil are almost certainly close to the surface of the Earth not the other planets. The ‘devas’ that Mme. Blavatsky speaks so highly of are to be avoided like the plague, being as they are ancient evil beings that have plagued mankind since man was formed on the earth. What has not been understood these past 3000 plus years is that these creatures, whether called devas or gods or elohim or more appropriately devils, these creature use advanced technology to weave their web of deceit, the Matrix that has been carefully crafted for the masses to blind them from the truth.
“It is asserted by Theosophists that all of the above mentioned beings possess etheric bodies that are composed of etheric matter, a type of matter finer and more pure that is composed of smaller particles than ordinary physical plane matter. This contention of theosophists is a scientific one; Satan and his countless subordinate spirits made of etheric matter are able to inhabit the same space as man but in another dimension (cyberspace), and therefore they manage to remain invisible. There exist dimensions of technology, computer technologies that are far more sophisticated than hardwired computers; this fact is becoming easier to understand as we graduate from CRT to LCD to 3D to holographic displays. These technologies will strip the cloak of invisibility and reveal to man the wizards behind the curtain that have wrought wanton destruction and brought untold misery to the world for eons. Yet the world will not see them for who they really are; for even when the cloak has been removed, the mask will remain and people will continue to worship them as benevolent gods, do homage to them and seek their blessings. Asking Satan for blessings is like wading into the water to ask a crocodile for food...
The Cyber kingdom of the first heaven
Satan’s kingdom is very sophisticated, far more technologically advanced than any of man’s edifices or man’s technologies. Think not of Satan’s messengers as little red creatures with horns and pointy trident tails; rather think of them as scientists in lab coats working in level 4 and 5 Bio labs constructed of steel and glass. Scientists that employ advanced computer technologies that do not require hard wired hardware. Picture the virtual computer monitors and keyboards that are popping up in popular entertainment and science fiction such as in the movie Avatar. The day is not far off when the hardware will appear in the ether in front of us, as if by magic. However as discussed in the article, The Technology of Magic, there really is no magic, just advanced technology. Much like a computer, people too have something like an IP address, a unique identifier that makes it possible for their mind to be  controlled by an external power with the knowledge of how to access it. Using such advanced hypnotic and hypnotizing technologies, Satan and his scientists can target individuals and groups of people with their sophisticated mind conditioning programs. This is how they have kept mankind in submission by blinding their minds to the truth of the dimensions that lie beyond the visible heavens, where God dwells in pure Light that needs no sun or moon or stars to shine, the Light that is God.
These satanic ethereal scientists have highly advanced ‘ethereal’ communications based control and command centres from which they run the world. The communication is based on direct interfacing with humans; for the past 3500 years or so, after the tower of Babel, direct communication was limited to the ‘Elites’, both royalty and priesthood. The priesthood was the main conduit through which the will of the satanic ‘devas’ was transmitted to the royalty that then passed edicts that brutally and totally controlled the lives of the masses. The Elites are first and foremost a priesthood of Satan, who confers on them worldly wealth and power as he attempted to do with Jesus. The following scriptures reveal the fact that worldly power and riches are conferred by Satan on those who bow down to him and worship him which Jesus refused unhesitatingly because He was well acquainted with Heavenly eternal riches and could never be tempted with earthly trinkets that the world considers to be wealth.
Luke 4: 5 – 7:  5. And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 7. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

The principle of worldly power originating from Satan is also confirmed by mythology and history. The following quote is from a Wikipedia article on Daemon (alternately spelled Demon): “After the time of Plato, in the Hellenistic ruler-cult that began with Alexander himself, it was not the ruler but his guiding daemon that was venerated, for in Hellenistic times, the daimon was external to the man whom it inspired and guided, who was "possessed" by this motivating spirit. Similarly, the first-century Romans began by venerating the genius of Augustus, a distinction that blurred in time. The word ‘Genius’ which has an entirely different connotation nowadays, originally had a different meaning and etymology. In Ancient Rome, the genius was the guiding or "tutelary" spirit of a person, or even of an entire gens, the plural of which was 'genii’.” It is not without reason that computer programs that run in the background, most often without direct knowledge of the users are called DAEMONS, they are technical entities, the technical aspects of whose influence on human affairs is only now becoming obvious as we gain better understanding of technology. It is not without reason that very intelligent or perceived intelligent people like Einstein are called GENIUS, they all have a genie, a spirit, and intelligence that are not native to them but enter them from outside. How does this happen? In computer parlance, the man and his daemon interface through the medium of language, a program or code that may or not be verbal.
Runes and other symbols as computer codes
Contrary to popular belief, when priests of darkness engage in occult rituals as for example the Masonic rituals shown in the new Sherlock Holmes movie, it is not the person that is invoking the devil to do his bidding; rather it is the devil using the person to interface with the world of matter to have flesh and blood do his bidding. This is the reason why the occult worlds, both ancient and modern, were big on symbols, for these symbols are computer keys that unlock dimensional gateways as shown in the Matrix movie. In a very literal sense the ether all around us is a massive computer program with many back doors into dimensions that are not accessible to the average person. Just as Neo entered through a back door to see the oracle, and needed the key master (the symbolist) to provide the appropriate computer key strokes, the correct combination of letters and / or numbers to get to the Architect, so too in our world does Satan train wizards, sorcerers, shamans, magicians, astrologers and nowadays computer geeks with the knowledge of occult language such as runes to use them to interface with the natural world. Being a disembodied spirit, Satan uses corporeal creatures, primarily man but even animals to do his evil bidding. This is the reason why in almost all cultures, ancient and modern, permanent marking (tattooing), and / or painting of the body, particularly the face is so prevalent, the body itself becomes like a keyboard that Satanic spirits use to interface with the natural world. This interfacing of man and spirit is being taken to a whole new level through the medium of online video games. A whole new breed of TECHNO – SORCERERS is being trained; this movement was given a major push through the movie Avatar in which a human interfaces with a machine and becomes a daemon.  The definition of Avatar as it relates to the field of role playing video games is too vast a subject too be addressed here but will be discussed in detail in the near future. A recent bestseller work of fiction titled Daemon by author Daniel Suarez is a real eye opener on this subject.
To further gain a visual perspective of the technological aspects of Satan’s kingdom, take a look at the following trailer for the TV program, V: the series. The premise of this series is that a race of reptilians arrive on Earth and portray themselves as beneficiaries of mankind. Man does not see them in their true form as hideous serpentine, dragon, lizard like creatures out to mercilessly devour mankind. No, they disguise themselves as smartly dressed humans exuding knowledge and power. They arrive in massive spacecraft that are marvels of technology and hover over all the major cities of the world from where they plan to enslave and rule mankind. This is actually not far from the truth with the exception that the ‘reptilians’ whose head is Satan have been on earth even longer than man. These spaceships are not going to arrive from Alpha Centauri or any other constellation; they are already here except they are cloaked to the human eye. Large spacecraft like structures sit above every major city in the world from which sophisticated instructions are transmitted to the surface through the human interfaces, mostly the rich and powerful people of the world. In exchange for providing these human subjects wealth and power, Satan gets what he wants which is blood, lots of it. This is why violence never ceases on the planet. Not just individual violence but corporate violence, whether between nations, or between factions in nations or by governments against citizens. The price for power has to be paid and that price is blood. War is a very unproductive and costly activity, even for the victors; so in reality there are no winners in war except the small minority of elites who increase their power and wealth through war, even at the expense of the lives of millions of their own countrymen. And yes we ought not to forget the other beneficiary, Satan, who drinks the rivers of blood that is shed as a result of war. If man truly was in control, don’t you think we would have figured it out by now that war is the most unprofitable activity on the planet? Like the V spaceships, Satan has his castles hovering overhead, and it may well be the shape and size of these craft that we see in Sci-fi movies and TV programs.
The DarkNet (fiction or the Real World?)
In the days to come the human – devil interfacing will become much more simplified as technologies arrive that humans will interface with directly; they are already here not just mainstream yet. The internet is a web, a honeycomb of millions of computers worldwide linked in cyberspace. Satan’s web which is far more pervasive is the DARKNET. The computers in this darknet are humans themselves, and the programs that drive them are the daemons, far greater in number than there are people on the planet. The web of this DarkNet will cast its shadow longer and wider than at any time in the past, and the result will be loss of life on an unimaginable scale. Rest assured that there will be very sophisticated technologies that are being employed and that will be employed to bring about the mass culling of humanity. It is only because man is being given these technologies that originate with the dark lord that we are now becoming aware of how the Matrix has controlled and governed mankind and this world for thousands of years. It is not without reason that Satan is called the god of this world. He is the god because he controls the governments of this world by absolutely controlling their leaders as detailed in this series. Man’s leaders in the highest positions of power and wealth are not only aware of the god of the world; they actively curry his favour for the material benefits he bestows upon them. The rest of humanity is controlled more subtly by enforcing the hive mind / Borg mentality upon them.
In conclusion to this series I would like to encourage readers that though the DarkNet of technological wizardry works tirelessly to keep man’s mind blinded to higher truth, to literally keep him Earthbound, the good news is that the Most High of his own will reaches down to the lowest and weakest among us to give them a position of honour and immortality through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is not restricted to the first heaven, He is the Maker of all creation and is far far above all other creatures, He draws us as individuals to trust and believe in Him, and He demonstrated His love for us by giving His own life. No wizard, sorcerer, shaman, astrologer, pundit, guru or deva or tech genius can take us where He dwells, only He can.
Ephesians 1:21: (Jesus has risen) Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:
2 Timothy 1: 9-10: Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, 10. But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel...
Jeremiah 10:11: Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.
May the Ancient of Days, The Alpha and Omega, He that inhabits Eternity, Jehovah the Self – Existent one who alone is Messiah and Saviour free us all from the web and the webmasters of the dark lord of cyberspace. I understand that this subject will be new to most readers and therefore I request that you take time to digest this information and do some research on it. Role playing online games that generate ‘Avatars’ for players are far too real to not have basis in reality. I will be writing more on this subject of The Technology of Reality in the days and months ahead.
This concludes the ‘What is the real Matrix’ series but it goes without saying that we have only begun to scratch the surface where the role of technology, past and present, in shaping reality is concerned.


  1. Exceptional content which explains why the so called leaders of nations and states act in ways inexplicable to the average citizen. Your post explains why they ram legislation that no one wants through the system and why ordinary persons elected to office in D.C. basically all change their stripes once the get there. I know you have read about the layout of D.C. as an occult center for concentrating power and that would make it fall under the powers(numen) aspect where a daemon or genius assigns itself to the elect(ed) and guides their minds and actions 24/7/365.
    Concerning the interface of man and machine for enhanced operating explains the trans-humanist movement as well and sheds light on the emphasis of the U.S. turning toward bio-weapons as opposed to nukes. DOS as an operating system may stand for Daemon Operating System then under the Dark Net cloaked system.
    Thanks again for the elucidation. I always leave with more to ponder than I started with after reading your writings.

  2. All legislative buildings for the Senate, Congress, Parliament etc. are temples, and are designed in this fashion. And the same goes for Cathedrals and other occult power centered places. This is where the invisible ruling prince of the nation or state sits in the body of the human subject. That is the reason why there is no logic in the way governments conduct the affairs of state, almost always in a manner hurtful to their own citizens. The handling of the current (manufactured) economic crisis is proof positive that man is in control of nothing on this planet. Looking for human solutions is futile, so as always I beseech all to look at the Most High God.

  3. Well written, informative beyond anything i've read before.
    Dr.Chuck Missler and Dr. Robert D. Luginbill
    are guys i listen to and read, and you are right there with them!! In some aspects even better!
    I am now a regular here after finding your sight just a few days ago!
    Continue to write, please!