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Monday, March 29, 2010

Technology of Magic Radio interview on Think or be eaten Radio

Title: The Technology of Magic
Topics covered - UFO's, Secret Technologies and more...

Please note that I am no 'expert' on UFOLOGY but it is a subject of some interest to me as the Bible clearly indicates that there will be much 'Supernatural' activity on the surface of the planet, in the heavens above the earth, and even in the seas and oceans on an ever increasing scale that will parallel advances in technology in our world. Therefore I try to learn as much as possible on the subject. Reader and listener comments are welcomed. 

Though most people are aware of UFO meaning Unidentified Flying Object, few outside of 'Alternative' information circles are familiar with UUO, meaning Unidentified Underwater Object. There are reports of UUOs being seen rising out of the seas and oceans all across the globe, especially in the middle of oceans far from land. Our planet is still a very mysterious place and it is foolish, even asinine to believe that we know everything that exists on the surface and in the interior of the Earth. It is wise to assume that we know much less than we have been led to believe by our controlled information dissemination systems, mainly public education and media. It would be correct to identify these as INDOCTRINATION systems rather than INFORMATION systems. Who controls these systems and to what end is a topic that has been covered in some of its aspects on this blog and will continue to be covered in the days ahead.

Alternative view of UFOLOGY / Please note I do not vouch for the validity of the information presented in the following video. It is up to each one of us to view and review, to critically analyse the information presented and draw our own conclusions.

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