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Sunday, March 28, 2010

MONKEY BUSINESS: Evolutionary Conditioning

The question of Creation / Origins 

The extent to which we have been conditioned as being products of ‘evolution’ is unbelievable. Whether we claim that we believe in ‘EVOLUTION’ or not our thinking is clouded by this theory more than we realize. If mankind originated as a result of evolution then it is quite possible that we are alone in the Universe, or that intelligent life that may similarly have evolved in other parts of the galaxies may know nothing about us as we know nothing about them. This conditioning that we (meaning mankind) originated as a result of some random unpredictable / unexplainable events has been constantly reinforced since birth, particularly amongst those born from the twentieth century onwards. This ‘Evolutionary Conditioning’ leads us to believe that everything that exists or rather everything that man has developed on this planet has been created by his intelligence alone. Since we discount the possibility that we might be products of a higher intelligence, the only other alternative that remains is for us to believe that it is our intelligence alone that controls life on Earth. Even those of us who believe in God conduct our lives in a manner that is more suitable to evolutionary thinking. This conditioning is constantly reinforced by schools, institutions of higher learning, pop culture, TV and movies. Most ‘Sci-Fi’ shows / movies such as Star Trek, Star Gate etc. are all based on the ‘Theory of Evolution’ as far as our origins are concerned. The possibility that ‘intelligences’ other than man’s own may have guided the destiny of our planet in the past and may continue to do so in the present is portrayed to be the domain of religious ‘kooks’ or that of fringe elements of society such as some in the UFO / Alien / ET movement.

However even those in the ET movement that advocate this possibility that some ET intelligence, or intelligences, has influenced our development on the planet take for granted that we originated as a random ‘evolutionary’ event rather than having been planned, designed and perfectly formed from the beginning. Zechariah Sitchin, for example, contends that ET’s called Annunaki from a distant planet visited man in the past and genetically tinkered with the ‘hominid’ type creatures that then inhabited the planet and changed them to ‘Homo Sapiens’. However he assumes that the hominids that inhabited that then inhabited Earth were a product of natural evolution so his mind too has been conditioned by the ‘Theory of Evolution’.

Biblically speaking, from the very beginning mankind has been shown to be a product of two opposite intelligent influences, that of God and the serpent or the devil. Biblically there is only one being in the entire Universe that is self–intelligent, that being God the creator of all things. The very word LOGOS, which is how God is defined in John 1:1, ‘In the beginning was the Word (Logos) means INTELLIGENCE. All of the other intelligent creatures in the Universe such as ‘angels’ and ‘mankind have been given their intelligence, they were created as intelligent beings and did not develop their own intelligence. So in a manner of speaking the intelligence of all creatures unlike that of the creator is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has limits that have been placed upon it by Him who has made us intelligent beings and therefore the intelligence of any of the creatures (created beings as opposed to the Creator) is not infinite like that of God. Other than God there are three primary types of intelligent beings in the Universe, the first kind are ‘Angels’ that are classified as ‘spirit beings’ not flesh and blood creatures. The second types are flesh and blood corporeal beings such as mankind. And the third type are also ‘spirit’ beings that we call devils or demons. I believe in all cases there is a wide variation in the shape, size and specially the degree of intelligence that each individual variety of ‘spirit’ being and ‘corporeal’ being possesses. All angels for example are not 7 feet tall and do not have wings just as all corporeal intelligent creatures are not shaped like man.

The entire UFO / alien / crop circle phenomenon is based upon the Theory of Evolution. Thus it becomes easy to hypothesize that ‘alien’ beings who are not familiar with our civilization are visiting our planet in order to study us or even to do experimentation upon us to learn more about us or to use crop circles etc. to warn us of impending doom.  The problem with this hypotheses is that there is documented evidence that these so – called ‘Aliens’ have been visiting planet Earth for millennia. With their advanced technology that makes it possible for them to travel across galaxies, I seriously doubt that it would take them thousands of years to understand the physiology and psychology of man. European colonizers of Asia, Africa and the Americas took less than a generation to understand the language, the customs and the physiology of the native peoples that they conquered, and this was done without computers and any knowledge of genetics. So if these ‘Aliens’ were truly what Steven Spielberg etal. would have us believe, then by now our encounters should not just have been of the "Third Kind", they should have been of every imaginable kind, they should have already colonized the earth and there was precious little that man could have done about it. Being aware of man’s rather limited intellectual capabilities I do not believe they would be so dumb as to try and give us messages through crop circles, I’m sure they could communicate with us in all human languages. If one believes in evolution, then any such hypotheses’ become believable, otherwise it is not possible to be thus misled.

Nowhere in the Bible do we find that God created vast empty areas of ‘Space’. Everything He created was meant to be used by His creatures, intelligent ones in particular. Scriptures such as Hebrews 11:3 tell us that God created more than one world, so it is not all surprising that there exists, or there may have existed in the past, other intelligent life out there. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God…The Bible also tells us that God created visible and invisible dimensions in which dwell both visible (corporeal) intelligent beings and invisible (sprit) beings. Colossians 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him.

So these theories that ‘We’ (meaning modern mostly 20th century man) have finally evolved enough to create technologies that will take us to the stars is ludicrous. No one suggests that the planets may already have been inhabited with technologically advanced civilizations even within our own solar system well before Adam ever appeared on Earth. That there never has been any ‘evolving’ in any part of the universe, degeneration perhaps but not evolution. Intelligent creatures were endowed with knowledge by their Creator to be capable of establishing advanced technological civilizations right from the beginning. The whole idea of ‘us’ developing the technology and going out into the empty wilderness of Moon / Mars to establish bases is preposterous. I am certain that Mars has or has had a much more advanced civilization than we do and if there are bases on the Moon it is far more likely that they were built by the ‘Martians’ of ‘Venusians’ or some race other than man, possibly built a long time before man was formed on earth. Technology was made available to man in the 20th century to fulfill God’s ‘last days’ purposes; technology was not created by man in the 20th century. Prophetic scriptures, particularly in the book of Revelation, reveal the use of advanced technology in the ‘last days’ which is the real reason for explosive growth of technology in these times, not because of an inexplicable burst of evolutionary growth in man’s intellect. The ‘Elite’ rulers, the ‘powers that be’ on this planet have had access to advanced technologies throughout history, not because of their intellectual prowess but because of their association with occult powers, the so – called ‘Aliens’. Why these ‘Aliens would choose to stay ‘hidden’ is the real question and I will answer that in another article at some point in the future.

Because of our ‘evolutionary conditioning’ we buy into this empty space, Is there anybody out there (?) garbage without questioning it. The Bible tells us that the Universe is teeming with life, intelligent life at that and it has been almost from the beginning. As witnessed on Earth time and time again, mankind does not ‘evolve’ into higher forms of intelligence but rather ‘degenerates’ into a lower ‘animal’ like state. The same might be true in other parts of the solar system and the galaxies but no civilization, including man’s, ever evolved from a lower to higher state. This is also the agenda behind the UFO / alien abduction / crop circle hysteria that is sweeping the planet. If we are evolutionary beings then these ‘alien’ experimentation stories might actually be true because ‘they’ may not actually know much about us since we might have ‘evolved’ differently. However if ‘Intelligent’ Life was created and spread across the Universe uniformly rather than randomly as is commonly taught then all ‘Intelligences’ out there know about us already. If evolution is a myth and we are not the only intelligent creatures in the Universe, nor the only ‘Humans’ in the galaxies, then our existence should not be a mystery to others out there. These so – called ‘aliens’ do exist but who they really are is certainly not what they claim to be. They certainly did not discover Earth recently and make secret ‘treaties’ with some governments particularly the US government as many claim.

Mankind alone, of all the intelligent creatures in the Universe, is a species for most of whom the reality of the Universe is a mystery. There is good reason why this is so that but I will not digress on to that topic at present. However it is a fact that most of the information sources on the planet today have an evolutionary bias; this regrettably is a fatalistic viewpoint that provides no hope or purpose for our existence. One can continue to allow the fog of ‘evolutionary’ conditioning to cloud one’s mind or one can embark on a journey into the truth by assuming the opposite of everything we have been taught to be true. When we embark on this journey by questioning all we have been conditioned to believe, only then may we become aware that we have been made monkeys of for most of our lives, for we surely did not come from monkeys.


  1. You know Paul, I find it utterly amazing that the rational mind can even accept the notion of evolution. I mean look at just the statistical odds against it, and it's ridiculously impossible!
    How can the complexity in life have "evolved"? IT CAN'T!

    This world truly is blinded to the truth. Common sense alone argues for an intelligence, governing and creating the universe.

    I'm always reminded of that scripture that says: Always learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth, pretty much sums up the state of academia and their half-baked theories.

  2. I agree Dissident, their are some who refuse to acknowledge certain truths which interrupt their belief. However the ignorance can go both ways... I've met a couple Christians who refuse to believe in dinosaurs despite very large fossilized bones being found on the surface of this planet. Rejecting contrary ideas with ridicule is typically the default for these individuals.

  3. I would really love to read your biblical theories on "Aliens" the universe, other planets and their origins and civilizations, and what "the lie" Paul wrote about at the end really is.
    How it all comes together.
    I personally think the anti-christ, or pseudo christ will be much more like Kal-El(superman) than alot of folks realize. I am not saying he will wear a cape and have an "S" on his chest, but he will not just be some slime ball politician from Chicago, thats for sure.
    This guy is going to be much more "other wordly", but human in appearance all at the same time. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  4. I am posting a series titled Prehistoric Civilizations that will address the subject of origins of all things including so called aliens and life on other planets. Lots more to come.