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Saturday, January 16, 2010

From 3D Avatar to the Triple 6 Beast


Rev. 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.


The recently released movie Avatar has become a mega blockbuster, having already grossed close to $1.5 billion, more perhaps because of the 3D effects of the film than the retelling of the oft repeated Pocahontas story. As an aside, I recently PANned Avatar in a review I wrote that can be found on my blog at and was also published on many other websites such as The review generated a fair deal of emotion, some folks agreed with me that this picture is carefully crafted propaganda better than any Goebbels could have dreamt up that promotes pantheism, nature worship, Gaia / ‘mother Earth‘ goddess theology and philosophy, while many others vehemently attacked me for not letting Hollywood tell me what I ought to think. The subject of this article is not the story of Avatar but rather the 3D technology that it has brought to the forefront which will soon become all the rage in movie theatres and in home TV sets. Even the new James Bond movie will apparently be filmed in 3D and it’s only a matter of time that almost all films will be projected in this medium, seems like 2D is going to go the way of the Dodo bird.

The medium is the message is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived / quoted from Though I had heard the phrase, ‘The medium is the message’ many a time it is only now that the truth of the phrase has sunk in as I witness the mesmerizing effects of Avatar, and media in general upon an unsuspecting audience. I always felt that one had to understand the message in order to be influenced by it but that I no longer believe to be the case. That many have been mesmerized by the movie is beyond doubt, headlines such as the one sampled below are being reported by CNN and other news outlets: 'Avatar' depression syndrome? People are reporting 'suicidal' feelings after seeing 'Avatar' because they miss the beauty of its hyper-realistic world... I never recall feeling suicidal after witnessing something beautiful such as the sun setting over the horizon of the ocean, on the contrary I felt more alive and valued life more than ever. Is it truly the perceived beauty of Pandora that is making people suicidal? Or is it the medium itself that embeds itself in the psyche of the viewer and arouses desired feelings and emotions in the audience; desired not necessarily by the audience but rather by the producers of the media? Are we witnessing the next phase of mass hypnotization using AV technologies that are becoming so realistic that the medium literally becomes the message?

As in Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda films, as well as those of the British and Americans during WWII, most viewers failed to realize that their opinions were being carefully crafted for them, that they were being manipulated, literally hypnotized into forming what they perceived to be their own beliefs. For example Nazis propagandized that the Jews were evil, and the Anglos propagandized that the Huns and the Japs were evil, and except for a very few who actually used their God given faculty of logic and reason, who actually questioned the message, the majority believed the propaganda. The success of Avatar, and I don’t mean financially, lies in the fact that the majority of viewers soak in its message without questioning for a moment the motives of the makers of the film. By failing to realize that they are not being presented with facts from which they (the viewers) can form their own opinions, the audience soak in like sponges the message that the medium presents to them. The medium then becomes the message because of the fact that it is the medium that entrances the viewers, that lulls their senses, and dulls their minds, literally transforms them into zombies. The subliminal message hidden in the medium is for listeners and viewers to follow the messengers, to not question the Solomonesque wisdom of the masters that have crafted the message. I watch with amazement as my own children and even adults, sit in front of a TV set and become instantly hypnotized, it’s like watching an episode of Dr. Who where the eyes of the viewers become black and white spirals with Twilight Zone music playing in the background. It does not matter what show is on the TV, their pupils become dilated, and a powerful magnet seems to connect them to the screen. I sometimes think I can see little Martian antennas on top of their heads constantly sucking mindless drivel and immoral filth from the airwaves into their brains. No wonder (A)musement (being unthinking) is what the majority live for in these uncertain times.

3D media that will soon be followed by totally realistic yet ‘Virtual Reality’ Holographic technology is a big step in the direction of the medium becoming the absolute message. The medium that is already a vortex of sorts will suck people into a carefully crafted world that will appear so real that the real world will be perceived to be fake, as for example in the case of the PANdora loving viewers of Avatar for whom the Earth seems so depressing that they have contemplated suicide. 3D technologies I believe will be far more powerful mass indoctrination tools employed by the powers that be to further self imprison the masses whose minds are already imprisoned more than they will ever realize. The insidiousness of the medium is beyond anything Orwell could visualize. In this soon coming post Orwellian world it is the masses that will become their own jailers, they will not require constant supervision as Winston Smith did in ‘1984’, once sucked into the vortex of the medium they will fight to the death to keep themselves imprisoned, mentally and spiritually. As at the present time, little will they realize that THEIR BELIEFS are not necessarily their own but those of their hidden puppeteer masters, those of the wizards behind the screen who are working to further their self interests not yours or mine. It is beyond dispute that such technologies are rapidly advancing, well beyond the R&D stage and into the marketing stages already. 3D is coming to a living room near you screams this headline, so be fully aware that this is not science fiction, most Sci-Fi stems from Sci-Fact not the other way around. Is all of this innocent harmless entertainment, simple amusement, or is it opening Pandora’s box further with ever greater evils being unleashed upon the Earth?

Some years back I wrote an article on the much debated topic of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ as mentioned in Rev. 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads... In this article I had theorized that the IMAGE OF THE BEAST would most likely be a holographic projection, the following is a quote from the article, However this ‘Image’ has certain properties that make it seemingly omnipresent so the more logical conclusion is that the ‘Image’ is holographic in nature, being that it is worshiped by all who have the mark of the beast all over the Earth, it is more reasonable to conclude that it is literally a TV image, three dimensional though it may be”. I find it most interesting to see the introduction on a consumer level of such 3D technologies that will make possible that which was prophesied some 2000 years ago.

Although many ‘prophecy’ preachers have made small and large fortunes peddling the ‘End of the world’ is upon us fears, as is being done by the 2012 hype, I have long contended that there are too many events yet to happen that preclude the possibility of Jesus returning to Earth anytime in the next decade or so, and it may be much longer than that yet. However I do watch with interest political, economic, religious and technological developments in our world that are true fulfilments of biblical prophecy for we have been admonished by Jesus to ‘watch and pray.’ One of the developments that must take place is not just the introduction of 3D TV but of virtual reality holographic TVs on a mass scale. Television as we presently know it may not be the correct device to advance this technology where it needs to get to for the virtual world to become as real as if not seemingly more real than the real world. It is possible that the microchip Mark of the Beast ( will itself be a projection device that will project images or create a virtual reality directly upon the brains of those implanted with the chip. So a person would not necessarily need to sit in front of a TV as we presently need to do. Seems like it will be Gen. X’s dream come true, watch TV, rather be a participant in TV even when miles away from a TV set, this Brave New World is only a few short years away. The miniaturization of technologies is advancing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with all the developments in this field. The following BBC video ( on You Tube shows just how small things such as commercial grade video cameras have become; the camera in this video weighs only 28 grams. So it is only a matter of time before microchip or even nanochip sized TVs and cameras become mainstream.

In conclusion I will say that the these new 3D technologies go far beyond the well documented fact of hidden subliminal messages in TV programs and ads that convey the real covert message to the subconscious, even as the overt message is being played to the conscious mind. A corny 1980’s B movie by John Carpenter titled ‘They Live’ is well worth watching to understand the power of media on the subconscious mind, and how media shapes the world we inhabit. The whole movie is actually available on Google video at These new generation of technologies are a vortex into which the viewer will get sucked and become an active participant in the medium itself. Far from being an escape from reality these technologies will create a new reality for the unsuspecting but willing participant. If black and white Nazi propaganda films could transform millions of ordinary Germans into bloodthirsty Gestapo who could kill without conscience, how much more can the controllers of such technologies bend the wills of the masses to their own nefarious and evil purposes? To act without conscience is the ultimate goal of these new Avatars, anyone with a conscience will recognize the Beast when he comes and not worship him as the Beast will demand. But those whose conscience is dulled daily through constant indoctrination via audio, video and print media will hail the enemy of God as god and will follow him to perdition. Separating truth from lies, accurately distinguishing between good and evil is not an intellectual exercise but a spiritual responsibility. It is the only way to safeguard our souls in this world in which there are (media) sharks everywhere waiting to tear us apart. Don’t believe anything you read till you have done your own research and established the veracity of the information being presented. This admonition applies very much to this article you are reading, believe it only if you can satisfy yourself that what I write is the truth. Do not be sucked into the medium, pay close attention to the message!


  1. Hey Deshpal,

    Satan is a very slick customer. I hope believers in Jesus Christ don't get caught up into "physical" manifestations - i.e. the mark of the beast only being a chip, etc. That probably is/will be a part of the beast system but not in totality - remember Rev.13 says "they would receive a mark in the hand (physical) OR in their forehead (spiritual)" and "...they cannot buy or sell unless they had the mark, OR the name of the beast, OR the number of his name".

    Remember first and foremost that this is a SPIRITUAL war against SPIRITUAL powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world and SPIRITUAL wickedness in HIGH places.

    Those that focus too much on any horizontal meaning will lose sight of our Lord Jesus (if they ever really had Him in sight to begin with).

    Case in point: why would Christians care about having gold or silver when the Bible says they will cast their gold and silver into the streets (Eze 7:19). Let's not kid ourselves...God says it was/is/shall be IT IS's a trick of's not real...Stay lined up according to the law and the prophets only.

    Jesus doesn't care one iota about the things of this world - gold, silver, America...anything!

    He's after his lost sheep and that is it! Only those that hear His voice will make it in.


  2. Musion Eyeliner Showreels
    On 070707 Al Gore appeared as a 3D Hologramm in Tokyos (Live Earth).
    Prince Charles followed him somehow later on an alternate energy summit in the United Arab Emirates.

    Remember those 2 guys!