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Friday, November 6, 2009

The History of Creation - Foreword

The subject of The History of Creation is so vast that it is nearly impossible to touch upon every aspect of it let alone cover it in detail. This topic of The History of Creation begins before the beginning of time and leads us to the age when there will be time no more. If all the libraries in the world were filled with books just on this topic alone it would cover only a fraction of the actual events that have transpired since the beginning of creation. However the subject is of vital importance for only by understanding our own origins can we become capable of understanding the purpose of our existence. Having researched and studied the subject of origins for over a quarter of a century, I have come to the conclusion that though there are a lot of theories, religious, scientific, and philosophical, that attempt to explain how we got here, all of them fall short in offering a truly satisfactory explanation that would be both chronological as well as logical. Over the course of years I have dismissed most of these theories for a lack of evidence, direct or circumstantial. The exception has been the Biblical account of creation by God, namely Jehovah, the Great I Am, The Self – Existent One but not in the manner in which it is generally taught in religious circles. The Bible is a unique book for unlike any other book, religious or secular it covers the entire History of Creation, not just of man but of all created things, it is a record of the history of Time itself from the very distant past to the infinite future. Thus it is a history not so much of the creation but of the Creator; as such it is the history of God. Therefore the study of The History of Creation inevitably leads to the knowledge of The Creator and it is in the understanding of our Creator that we understand the purpose of our own existence.

11Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. (Revelation 4:11, King James Version)

In the modern era, the so – called era of Science, it is a common assumption that man is alone in the Universe, or at the very least we are unaware of any other intelligent beings out there in the Cosmos. Historically speaking such a point of view is the exception rather than the norm. Both Biblical scriptures and mythological legends are filled with the details of man’s interaction with other worldly beings, be He the God of the Bible or gods of various religious mythologies such as Saturn of the Greeks and Brahma of the Hindus. The legends of natives and aboriginal people of all continents testify to the fact that man is not alone; neither has been Earth’s sole intelligent inhabitant since the beginning of the planet. As a matter of fact both Biblical and mythological evidence would prove that man is a very late arrival on Earth, and is probably the least intelligent of those beings that have inhabited the planet since its creation. In the light of such overwhelming evidence of man having had interaction with non-terrestrial intelligent beings, is it fair to conclude that the ancient and modern records of such interaction are mere fairy tales? It is only when we lay aside the unproven theory of ‘Random Beginnings’ of not only the Universe but also of intelligent life that we can arrive at the true understanding of our origins. An examination of history with an unbiased mind will lead to the inevitable conclusion that there is nothing random about man’s existence or of the Cosmos. The historical record, both religious and secular, whether written on paper or on stone, cries out loudly that order has preceded origins. Such order did not arise out of chaos as suggested by theories such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ of the origins of the Universe. Many mythological accounts also seem to suggest chaos having preceded order but the Biblical record and historical evidence, geological and archaeological would prove otherwise. Even though there is much evidence of chaos having followed order more than once in bygone ages, the same evidence would prove that first came order and then came chaos not the other way round. Rather than proving evolution from a lower to higher form, if anything history proves the opposite; it proves a devolution or degeneration of man from a higher intelligence endowed with great scientific and technological knowledge to a primitive creature that in some instances was not much better than the beasts amongst which he dwelt.

When viewed through the lens of our current scientific knowledge and technological advancements the Biblical as well as other mythological accounts can be clearly seen as evidence that high technology has been employed on Earth and in The Cosmos stretching as far back in time as one can possibly go. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is filled with records of the use of high technology by superior intelligences, mainly Jehovah God, but also by Satan, a highly intelligent reptilian creature, as well as by angels and evil spirits. For instance the narrative of the formation of man from the dust of the ground does not seem farfetched when it is understood as a scientific technological process. Since a man’s body is comprised of elements found in the earth, mainly water, a higher being with advanced genetic and technical knowledge could conceivably combine these elements to form a body which is exactly how Adam the first man was formed according to the Biblical narrative. Why should it seem strange that there may exist in this Universe an intelligence, or intelligences that can make organic machines such as the human body? Man’s current knowledge of genetics is advanced enough to clone animals, even humans, and even to create hybrids by combining genes of different species. Man is on the verge of playing God by creating in his laboratories various life forms by the application of his recently acquired scientific and technical knowledge. Why then could not God, whose knowledge is infinitely higher than that of man not have created man through his knowledge of genetics and biology?

The Bible is also filled with stories of man’s interaction with unearthly intelligences beginning with Jehovah God, followed by Satan, also with angels and evil spirits, and even with extra terrestrial humans that the Bible identifies as ‘sons of God’. It also is a very scientific and technological book when we understand that it records the use of high technologies; technologies that make modern man’s greatest inventions appear primitive by comparison. For example, the story of the sword that turned every which way and guarded the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden after the fall of man becomes much more believable when it is viewed as an application of technology. The flaming sword that turned every which way was most likely a force field of some sort that prevented access into the Garden (Genesis 3:24). Jacob’s ladder or rather the ladder that Jacob saw upon which angels were ascending into Heaven and descending down to Earth was almost certainly a portal or a gateway leading into another dimension not normally visible to corporeal man. This Biblical record reminds me very much of the ladder like rungs in the Stargate movie and TV series used for transportation by ‘beaming’ technology much like that used in the Star Trek TV series and films (Genesis 28:12). Cherubs in the Bible are almost certainly some kind of ‘living’ machines that operate on electricity. The detailed description of these creatures in the book of Ezekiel precludes any interpretation that would portray them as chubby little babies with wings or even as men with wings. Their bodies are almost certainly made of some sort of clear metal and powered by something fiery like electricity; their movements are accompanied by flashes of lightning that are clearly visible running up and down their bodies (Ezekiel 1:13). Even wizards in mythology such as Merlin had staff weapons that discharged powerful currents and lightning flashes; such staff weapons when understood as technological machinery become a lot more believable rather than as mere inexplicable magic. The popular illusion is that the Bible is an unscientific work and will be disproven by ‘Science’; the fact of the matter is that ‘Real Science’ has much catching up to do with the Bible and in the end ‘Real Science’ will never disprove the Bible, rather it will prove everything written in it to be the truth. I use the term ‘Real Science’ because much that passes for ‘Science’ in our world miserably fails the test of empirical evidence and is nothing more than severely biased theories of credentialed academics. Just as the majority of ‘Scientific Knowledge’ of previous generations has been proven to be false, so too will most of today’s accepted ‘Scientific Facts’ be proven to be fanciful fiction by coming generations.

It is safe to conclude that there are reams of historical evidence on paper and stone that prove that man has had a supernatural origin and since the beginning has been in contact with intelligences, both good and evil, that are not of his species. The understanding of the purpose of our existence is intimately tied to our belief of how we came into existence. If we believe that everything happened randomly then there is no real purpose except to survive; ‘survival of the fittest’ is then an appropriate motto indeed for those who hold such beliefs. However if we believe, as evidence loudly screams, that we are a product of a higher intelligence then it behooves us to understand the purpose for which such an advanced intelligence has created us. I contend that not only is it possible to know Him who has created us, that is Jehovah God, but we can also understand the purpose for which we have been created. It is only in understanding and knowing this purpose that we can true peace, joy and contentment in our existence. Throughout this work Biblical, mythological and historical evidence will be presented to prove that we are anything but a product of random chance.

Besides scriptural and mythological evidence, there is sufficient geological evidence available to prove that modern man has not built nor could have built everything that exists on the Earth today! For example, at the ancient site of Baalbek in Lebanon there are to be found the largest worked stones on the face of the planet. These massive stones measure some 68x14x14 feet and possibly weigh 1500 tons. We do not know their exact weight because even today we do not have the technology to weigh such massive stones. Even with modern machinery and technology it is not possible to cut stones of such gigantic dimensions let alone move them for miles and place them with such precision in the building of such a massive structure. You Tube has some very interesting videos that show structures, temples, and buildings that were almost certainly not built by modern man, some now underwater in our seas. You may view one of the videos of such anomalous structures below and will find many more videos on this page - It is a distinct possibility that places such as the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, the underwater city off the coast of Japan, and other ‘Giant’ structures in South America were built using extra terrestrial technologies, or possibly technologies that are Earthly in origin but now lost to modern man, or rather just now being recovered by modern man. It is also a distinct possibility that structures of such magnitude were built by ‘Giants’ for ‘Giants’.

The following video presents some great information on how man has for a long long time been in touch with other worldly intelligences, and has had access to technologies that were used in creating structures that could not possibly be created by modern man let alone primitive stone age cultures. While I disagree with the presenter’s conclusions as to the annunaki being the source of our origins, the video nonetheless is a great collection of historical anomalies found all across the planet that can never be explained by the ‘evolutionary’ hypothesis of our origins.

The following is another short video on some very interesting structures found on Earth and under Sea. The existence of such structures can never be explained by evolutionary and origins by random chance theories. Therefore this evidence that is literally carved in stone leaves only one possible explanation for the existence of such structures; that is of higher technology having been employed on Earth in the past at a time when men with leopard skins and big clubs were supposedly running around eating raw flesh, at least that is what the academics would have us believe!

One important matter that needs to be addressed when studying The History of Creation is the age of the Universe and of the Earth. The estimates of this age range from about 6000 years to billions of years. Only God knows the exact age of the Cosmos and particularly of the Earth but the evidence of history would suggest that both the Earth and the existence of intelligent life upon it date back far more than 6000 years. Biblically speaking scriptures such as Ephesians 3:5 and Colossians 1:26 speak of bygone ages such as the age in which evil was birthed in the Universe through Lucifer and the angels that sinned (2 Peter 2:4). To accurately date the Biblical record of creation we need to carefully study the Genesis account and determine if the Bible really teaches that the Earth and the Cosmos are only 6000 years old. There are several interpretations of the Biblical account of Creation as recorded in the book of Genesis, the most common one being that God created everything in six literal days dating back about 6000 years. However there is a lesser known theory called THE GAP THEORY that proves that there is a gap of indeterminate length of time between the original creation of The Heaven and The Earth as recorded in Genesis 1:1 and the time at which The Earth became ‘Without Form’ and ‘Void’ as recorded in  Genesis 1:2 and Jeremiah 4:23. The Gap Theory more than adequately answers questions such as that of the ‘Origins of Evil’ that are difficult if not impossible to answer based on a literal six day / 6000 year interpretation of the history of creation. This theory will be examined in much greater detail to prove that the Bible dates the origins of the Cosmos and the Earth to a much earlier time than a mere 6000 years ago.

The work that I have undertaken here by the grace of God is to present a chronological, and I believe accurate History of Creation based on Biblical scriptures, mythological and historical writings as well as archaeological and geological evidence. Man’s supernatural origins, his higher intellect in the beginning and very early use of high technology will be examined in greater detail throughout the pages that follow. I pray and hope that readers will critically examine the presented evidence that proves not only the ‘How’ but more importantly the ‘Why’ of our creation.

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