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Friday, May 1, 2009

‘Charitable Giving’: An Oxymoron

O what a feel good story of people in India so hungry for the Word of God that they forget about their bodily hunger! Poppycock I say! This brief entry will address the issue of charitable giving or giving money to so – called charities, especially so – called Christian charities like World Vision and Compassion International. Have you recently seen a picture on TV of a suffering child in Africa, Asia or Latin America? Have you ever sponsored a child in one of these countries? So do you think that these ‘charities’ are really helping those less blessed than us? Understanding human nature and the greed that motivates the majority of the populace, philanthropy is anything but love for fellow man. Bill Gates gave $100 million to help vaccinate people in Africa; do we really believe that he did so because he loves Africans so much? Or perhaps he did it because he gets a nice tax write off, and his pals in the Pharma business make a neat profit while furthering the agenda of depopulation through contaminated vaccines. Sadly, it is not beyond the darkness of the human heart to use even innocent children for profit, for mere monetary gain. I see so many beautiful kids on sites such as that of Compassion and I recall Jesus' words: Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Yet these very businesses, (let’s call them for what they really are), indeed forbid little children from getting anywhere near Jesus Christ. If you go to the Compassion website you will see pictures of beautiful kids, the question I ask is why only beautiful kids? If you visit India you will see such horribly deformed and malnourished kids right on the side of the streets that you will find it hard to believe that such horror and destitution cane be found anywhere in this world. If you go to Compassion International’s website and browse through the photos you will find page after page of perfect looking healthy kids nothing like what you will find in reality in India or Africa, . The movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ gives a more accurate picture of the slums of India and even that movie was somewhat sanitized. What’s going on here is a marketing of children, all beautifully packaged, ready for you to take home. Better still – you don’t even have to take them home just send in your money!

Most of these 'charitable' organizations such as World Vision and Compassion are CIA fronts bringing death and despair to 3rd world nations in the name of God. They do some seemingly good works but the majority of funds they collect are used for nefarious purposes including human trafficking. I read an urgent plea for funds from an Indian pastor who claimed that Hindus or Communists came and massacred his congregation right in church because they were Christians. The thought occurred to me that if the congregation was destroyed because they were Christians, should the killers not have started with the pastor? How then did he escape to go run around western countries collecting funds to supposedly help the downtrodden back home? I understand enough of the human heart and the evil that resides in it to give money to any charitable organization. When the time comes we will have our own group to share everything with as they did in the book of Acts. I can still see the picture of an Indian child who was worshipping God with such reverence on his face that only a child can display and his picture was being used by Compassion to raise money, have these folks no fear of God to use innocent children to satisfy their greed? The money changers of today have indeed made our Father's house a den of iniquity rather than a house of prayer.

The story linked to above is an obvious fund raising ploy; Orissa is one of the poorest regions of India and it is unlikely that people on the verge of starvation will be requesting bibles over food. So this feel good story that is put out is only meant to raise money; O look at these great people of faith in Orissa, they have no food but all they care about is The Word of God! We need to send them audio bibles urgently; so please send us money! $1 a day is all we ask for but if you can give $10 a day God will bless you ten times more!

One question I ask people is why is there still poverty in 3rd world nations? The UN has been around for over 60 years, World Vision and other such organizations have been collecting money for decades. Billions of dollars have flowed into these organizations that are supposedly helping the 3rd world countries. After 50+ years and billions of dollars how come there is still no clean drinking water in Africa? How come there is still no infrastructure to help natives become self sufficient? Should these nations not have at least become 2nd world nations by now if not achieved 1st world status? The reason they are not is that much more of the money collected is used on guns and for inciting people to kill each other than for providing clean drinking water, medicine or building infrastructure. Have you ever wondered that in permanently starving regions of Africa there never is a shortage of guns? That’s where your money really goes; from your pocket to World Vision to a gun manufacturer in The States from where guns not food is shipped to a destitute country in Africa or Asia. ‘The Constant Gardner’, ‘Blood Diamond’, and ‘Lord of War’ are movies that explore this topic of guns and pharmaceuticals for the 3rd world, particularly African countries rather than food and clean drinking water. They fail to make the connection of the funding that comes from ‘charitable organizations’ for this death dealing merchandise but are nonetheless relevant movies. Enough said! Save your money - it will be needed to help those really in need and the time comes when you will find them very close to home not in a far off African country.

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