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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

▶ John Williams: Very Serious Trouble in this Next Year - Weaker Dollar and Hyperinflation - YouTube

Published on Oct 15, 2013 - John Williams of predicts, "You're going to have a dollar panic, but I can't give you the exact timing on that." Another potential problem is a credit downgrade of U.S. debt. Williams says, "If we get a downgrade here, that would accelerate the process of the dollar selling and moving us again into the early stages of hyperinflation." Williams says you can protect your wealth by holding hard assets. Williams goes on to say, "If your assets are denominated in dollars and Treasury bonds, those will become worthless in hyperinflation." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams.

Published on Oct 15, 2013
Violence in Brazil -- H7N9 in China -- Cleric's Okay Eating Dog Meat -- Israel Military Exercise -- 300,000 Protest GMO Food Prize -- Philippines EQ Video -- Fitch Threatens Downgrade -- M Flare -- QuakeWatch.

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